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Unity 3D American Football Game - Axis Football League 2014

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Play a top American football game, and immerse yourself in one of the most in-depth football games on the web! If you enjoy football tactics, and think you could one day make a great coach, then you need to knuckle down to some dedicated practice. Axis Football League 2014 is an amazingly-detailed, interactive 3D football game where you play against the computer, and test your game management skills in either once-off quick matches or in an NFL-style season campaign.

This is no little-league football challenge – There are almost 50 different types of plays on the offense and defense side - which means that you can alter your gameplan to suit a dynamite quarterback, a dominant running game, a high-intensity defensive line, and more! Switch up your play action with short QB passes, long ‘Hail Mary’s’, or trust your running backs with gaining those all-important first downs.

This authentic virtual sports game features really good 3D graphics that make you feel part of the action while the incredibly-detailed play book could have been taken from the secret tactics manual of any top College or NFL team! Super-fast reactions with quick mouse-clicking and keyboard tapping skills are absolutely essential when the ball is in play, but your in-game management strategy is equally important. Remember, you play the multiple roles of the head coach, offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, and special teams manager of your team. All of the "awesome" tactics must come from you. Now, have you got the steel to steer your team to ultimate glory?

How to Play: Note: This game requires Unity Web Player to play, and may take longer to load than other football games on this site (depending on the speed of your computer / internet connection).

Choose between two distinct game modes where you play against the computer: Quick Match, or Season Mode. In Quick Match, you play a once-off game, while in Season Mode, you enter a grueling 12-game season with the top 8 in the league qualifying for the playoffs. Select from 32 different teams which are similarly named to favorite NFL franchises (e.g. Denver Stallions, Miami Orcas etc.). After you decide on your team, you can pick the difficulty level: Rookie, Pro, All-Star, or Hall of Fame. Whether you are in Quick Match or Season Mode, all matches last for 2 five-minute halves, with 1 minute periods of overtime if the game is tied.

When the game begins, control your players using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Before a play, you can choose your tactics from the wide variety of plays in your blue ‘play book’. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, click on the play category from the list at the top of the play book, and then choose the specific formation you want your side to be in.

On the offensive side, running / rushing plays are outlined in red, while passing plays are outlined in purple. Once you break into formation, click Spacebar to snap the ball into action. If it’s a running play, simply use the Arrow Keys to try and gain as many yards as you can. If you have chosen a passing play, aim using your mouse cursor, and Left Click to throw the pass. Press Spacebar for a temporary speed burst. For defensive plays, Left Click to change the player that you control. When kicking the ball (field goal, kick off, or punt), press Spacebar when the arrow meter is at the desired power level, and then press Spacebar again to determine the direction of the kick. See you in the trenches!

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