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Hosting Games for over 12 Years: Learn4Good Games Area lists online sports games for children and Big Kids to enjoy for free. Play football, soccer, baseball, basketball, golf games, tennis, snowboarding, skateboarding, pool, darts, bowling, curling, air hockey games and more, with your family and school friends. Enjoy the indoor action but don't forget to play outdoor team sports with your buddies!

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Rugby Down Hero

Rugby Down Hero is a hardcore game where you have to clear through levels while avoiding enemies. Take them down if needed, or simply avoid them by moving around. Get three energy drinks to perform an attack and eliminate enemies in front of you.

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Backflip Dive 3D

Backflip Dive 3D: In this fun and addicting diving game, help the character to complete as many flips as possible in the wide array of environments you are placed in. Can you defy the laws of physics and squeeze in that extra flip, or is it just the fear factor thats holding you back? Have fun and fulfill your backflip dreams now!

Complete as many flips as possible and land safely. You can tuck in as well to speed your flips up! This will require a fast hand on the mouse, plus good timing skills. You must time the flip to ensure that you do not flip too much and do not land safely! However, ensure that you flip enough times to complete the mission and get a high score!

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Pill Soccer

Experience some hazardous soccer shenanigans in Pill Soccer! Play against a friend or test your luck and skill against other actual players online. Earn gems by winning games which you can later use to buy new outfits, soccer balls or save up to unlock the wonderous tournament games! Stop waiting, get your soccer shoes on and come play Pill Soccer.

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Rugby Ball Mayhem

Run like crazy, get the ball, defend your team and get the touchdown all in Football Mayhem.

Nothing beats a quick game of football, and in this little game, it’s no different. Your aim is to grab the ball and run like heck to the other side to get the touchdown. Just be sure to dodge the opposing team, they’ve got quick fingers and will grab that ball right out of your hand. But don’t despair just yet, you can tackle them right back and grab it out from under them. Your team is right beside you, and if you drop the ball (so to speak) they’ll pick it up and race to the end of the field like no body’s business. Just be sure to tackle the incoming players!

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Soccer Random

Lace up your boots for an incredibly tricky and addicting soccer skills challenge! Soccer Random is a fun yet difficult soccer ball game in which you can play against the CPU or you can play with a friend in two player mode! In this game you have to score goals by kicking the ball into the opponent's net! Easier said than done! Enjoy!

The aim of this game is to score 5 goals faster than your opponent which will mean you win the game! To master this tricky game, you have to exhibit superb control, expert timing, a steady hand, and above all - fast reactions. This is a good activity to exercise hand-eye coordination skills as you try to carefully follow the path of the ball all over the screen. Ok football King or Queen, we hope to see some fancy talent on show. Have we found a new soccer football superstar?

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Boxing Stars

See what it takes to become a champion boxer in Boxing Stars, the ultimate underdog to champion boxing game! In Boxing Stars, you will pick from one of three different fighters and raise them up from competing in underground matches to eventually playing in clubs, and finally in real tournaments and championship matches. Earn money by winning matches and knocking out your opponents, later using this money to upgrade your boxer to make them stronger and to gain entry into club matches.

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Basketball io

Basketball io is a slam dunk! Score points against your opponents and keep them from doing the same in this fun game!

Are you the best player on the court? The game is simple enough, you simply have to grab the ball and dunk it, right? But be careful of the other team stealing the ball! If they do, take it back by force! There are no fouls in this street game, so go ahead and take it back when you can. Stylishly slam dunk for a point and keep your score higher than the other team to get the win! Complete with multiple characters, ball styles, and courts to unlock, this is a great game for anyone who wants to be the best on the basketball court!

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Basketball Kings 2024

Step onto the court and prepare to dominate in Basketball Kings 2024. This immersive basketball simulation game offers a thrilling experience that will have you on the edge of your seat. Enter one of the four dynamic basketball courts and outshine everyone with your skills. Zero-in on the hoop, take your shot, and watch as the ball soars through the air. With each high score, unlock new balls and discover which one you play best with. Will you rise to the challenge and become the king of the court?

Not only does Basketball Kings 2024 offer an adrenaline-pumping experience, but it also serves as a platform to enhance your skills. The game encourages the development of strategic thinking as you plan your shots and aim for the highest score. It also sharpens your motor skills as you navigate the court and take control of the ball. The fast-paced nature of the game promotes quick decision-making and improves your reaction time. So, while you're having fun, you're also training your brain and refining your motor skills.

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Super Baseball

Super Baseball brings the excitement to you! Play as a batter and try and hit as many home runs as possible. You will feel the buzz of a sweet connection as you watch your ball go flying high into the sky, with a roar from the crowd too. Compete against other players as you try and beat their score, and rank up and gain xp as you play too! Have fun and good luck!

The aim of the game is to beat the score set by your opponent. Your shots are ranked by their connection, for example 'okay' 'good' 'great' and 'home run'. The better the shot the more points you earn! This game is all about timing of your mouse click. Judge the speed of the ball coming towards you and swing just at the right time to get the perfect connection. You are able to use the timer at the centre of the screen. It will decrease in size and you must wait until it gets into the sweet spot and then start swinging! Enjoy!

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Wheelie Bike 2

Wheelie Bike 2 is a game that demands your complete focus and patience as your reflexes and timing are put to the test as you try to maintain a constant wheelie. See how far you can go and how many points you can earn without losing control and falling over. As soon as the wheelie is broken, it's game over. A simple game that should provide some entertainment while you're waiting in line or in the car.

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Pill Volley

Pill Volley is turning up the heat; the only question is, do you have what it takes to handle it? Pill Volley is an insane rapid-fire take on volleyball, where all players are replaced with little Pill people figures. Compete against dozens of skilled sportsmen and climb up the rankings in league mode or enter and compete in tournament mode for some serious price money. Use the money you earn to unlock other character skins and different volleyballs. You can even play with friends in two-player mode if you want. Pill Volley is a great casual game that both kids and adults can relax with.

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Penalty Shootout: Euro Cup

Penalty Shootout Euro Cup is a fun and challenging soccer game where you have to score more penalties than your opponent to win. You will kick the ball to score a penalty or defend against the opponent to avoid them scoring.

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Immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of Dodgeball, a dynamic water sport game that offers a variety of engaging game modes. Whether you're participating in a thrilling match, wrestling against your opponent in the water, or embarking on a career mode journey, Dodgeball promises a unique and captivating gaming experience. Customize your player and dive into the action!

Playing Dodgeball is not just about fun and excitement, it's also a fantastic way to enhance your cognitive and motor skills. The game demands quick thinking, strategic planning, and sharp reflexes, helping you to improve your decision-making abilities and hand-eye coordination. Whether you're dodging a ball or aiming for a goal in the soccer mode, you'll find your agility and precision constantly tested and improved.

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Pool And Ball Mania

Pool and Ball Mania is a skill and strategy-based, pocket billiards (pool) game for older kids, teens and grown-ups. Good hand-eye coordination and an excellent understanding of the laws of physics, motion and geometry are essential. You can choose to play as 1 player against the computer, and try and reach the top of leader board, or you can play as 2 players - against a friend or family member. Show us what you’ve got!

The aim of this game is to pot all of your balls and then the final black ball before your opponent! This game is similar to the classic 8 Ball Pool game so if you are an expert at that, you should be destined for success here too! This game will take good accuracy with the mouse, and delicate use of the power function. Too much power will cause the ball to bounce out of the pocket, and too little will result in your shot falling short! Enjoy!

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Return Man Football

Return Man Football:  This American football game will have you playing for hours as you feel the buzz and the thrill of scoring a touchdown! The simple interface enables fans of all ages to play and have a go, so what are you waiting for? Come and see if you can make it in the NFL!

The aim of the game is to score a touchdown. To do this, you must avoid the oncoming defenders who take no prisoners. Try and trick them into leaving holes in their defensive line which you can then expose. Play with a strategy and a game plan. Having a good strategy is key, as without one, you'll struggle to break down the defensive shape. Try feinting to create space to run into!

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Classic Bowling

Fancy yourself as a brilliant bowling Kingpin? If so, smash a strike, salvage a spare, and score as close to a ‘Perfect Game’ as possible in this tricky interactive bowling simulation game - playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC. Classic Bowling is an easy-to-play yet challenging, ten pin bowling game where your task is to score as highly as you can in standard 10-frame bowling. Adjust your bowler's lane position, shot power and curve action, and figure out the best way to smash into the pins with precision accuracy!

Skills required: Just like with bowling in real life, this is a game of very fine margins. Accurate and tactful mouse clicking / keyboard control / finger tapping reaction skills, depending on the device you choose to play with, are vitally important. Smart strategy, good concentration and timing skills are also key as you seek to score high with each shot.

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Table Tennis Pro

Table Tennis Pro is a very challenging online table tennis game where you take on the computer in a fast-paced version of this classic indoor Olympic sport. Compete against opponents from all over the world (AI opponents) in an epic table tennis tournament, designed to sort the pros from the amateurs! The question is – are you a Ping-Pong prodigy, destined for greatness? Well, it’s time to pick up your paddle, and show them who is the true master of the art!

The aim of this game is to become a table tennis pro! This all-action indoor sport activity is a good match for fans of table tennis or any high-octane racket sport. Your quick reactions will be thoroughly tested, as you have to move your table tennis bat around the screen at lightning speed. Accuracy and timing are also extremely important, as your hard-hitting computer opponents are very tough to beat. Hand-eye coordination abilities are also vital for a successful run at the title. Keep your eye on the ball at all times - and take the first step toward becoming the awe-inspiring Legend of Table Tennis. Good luck out there on the floor!

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Ski Jump Challenge

Embrace the thrill of winter sports with Ski Jump Challenge, a game that brings the adrenaline rush of ski jumping right to your fingertips. This game is not just about the excitement of the jump, but also the precision of the landing. With its realistic graphics, advanced physics system, and immersive sounds, you'll feel like you're part of a real ski jumping competition. Whether you're a fan of the Winter Olympics or just looking for a new challenge, Ski Jump Challenge is the perfect game to test your skills and enjoy the exhilarating world of ski jumping.

As you soar through the air in Ski Jump Challenge, you're not just having fun, you're also honing your skills. The game requires a keen sense of timing and precision, helping to enhance your hand-eye coordination and reaction speed. It also encourages strategic thinking, as you'll need to decide the best moment to jump and land to achieve the highest score. So, strap on your virtual skis and get ready to push your cognitive and motor skills to the limit!

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Football Kickoff

Step into the cleats of a pro kicker in Football Kickoff, an immersive and thrilling game that brings the high-stakes world of American football right to your fingertips. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you take the field, the crowd's cheers echoing in your ears, the game's outcome resting on your shoulders. With the wind whipping around you, the goalposts in sight, and the scoreboard ticking, it's time to show the world what you've got. Can you kick your way to victory?

Football Kickoff isn't just a game; it's a training ground for your mind and reflexes. As you navigate the challenges of wind direction, angle, and power, you'll be honing your strategic thinking and decision-making skills. The game's fast-paced nature will also test and improve your hand-eye coordination and reaction time. So, whether you're a football enthusiast or a casual gamer, Football Kickoff offers a fun and engaging way to sharpen your cognitive and motor skills.

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Mini Golf Club

Mini Golf Club is a highly competitive multiplayer game where sportsmanship and strategy collide. With the chance to compete against six players in fast-paced matches, this game lets you test your skills against opponents around the world or have a relaxing session with your friends. You are paired with people from your selected region in public matches, but you can also create and customize private matches and invite your friends.

The game offers hundreds of challenging levels teeming with tricky obstacles and potential shortcuts. Each course features dynamic elements like jump zones and speed boosters, and most levels can be completed in multiple ways, adding immense replay value to the game. Matches reward coins, which can be used to purchase cosmetics like hats and trails to customize your ball.

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Challenge The Runners

Challenge The Runners is a fun footrace game to the finish with obstacles in the way!

Get in line and start running! Get to the finish line first in this hilarious game where falling just happens sometimes! Run and jump your way across the obstacle course and try to be first! You have to be a quick thinker to become agile, that is the secret sauce to winning this game. Challenge your friend and play on the same keyboard too!

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Champion Soccer

Take part and join some of the best soccer playing countries in the world as they compete to see who is the best! Champion Soccer is a casual 3v3 soccer game that allows you to pick from up to 12 countries to play as and against. But unlike normal soccer, Champion Soccer gives you the option of playing with explosive mines and freezing cannonballs! Champion Soccer is a great casual game to keep you entertained for a couple of hours.

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Pocket League 3D

Face off against highly skilled opponents in this 1v1 or 2v2 high octane arcade game that blends Football and Cars in Pocket League 3D. Experience top of the line gameplay with absolutely stunning graphics and physics while immersing yourself in the competitive world of pocket league

Take part In matches against bots or couch play with your buddies and have a blast while you race, drift, jump and score your way to victory, You don’t have to be a good driver in real life to play all you need is some quick reflexes and sharp timing to catch your opponent off guard and outscore them before the timer runs out.

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Jump Basket

Jump Basket is a simple basketball themed game where your goal is to sink more baskets than the other team before time runs out. In Jump Basket, you can play against an AI team, online against another player, or even in two-player mode with a friend on the same device. Jump Basket is a quick and casual game and is perfect to keep you distracted while waiting for the time to pass.

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8 Ball Pool with Friends

8 Ball Pool With Friends is a classic eight-pool game where you play against the computer or other players. Clear the table off solids or striped balls, depending on which ones you got first. Beat your opponent and hone your skills.

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Ultimate Robo Duel

Ultimate Robo Duel 3D is the ultimate robotic fighting game! Progress through a range of levels in career mode or simply play against the computer or a friend. The realistic sounds, effects and atmosphere will make you think you're actually in the arena! The multiplayer mode allows you to battle your friends and find out who's the ultimate robot fighter. Test and improve your reaction times and motor skills by using combinations of different fighting moves. With many different moves to try, the sky's the limit.

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Formula Rush

Formula Rush is an exhilarating online racing game that will put your skills to the test. Get ready to take on the finest racing cars in the vibrant city that never sleeps. As you step into the race, be prepared to face numerous rivals who are already lining up at the start line, eagerly awaiting the green light.

In this high-speed competition, it's crucial to pick up speed as soon as the race begins. However, be cautious around turns and try to ease up on the accelerator to avoid flying off the track. If you find yourself racing on the grass, your speed will significantly drop, allowing your rivals to surge ahead. Catching up with them in Formula Rush might seem almost impossible.

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Basketball Shot

Feel like playing a game of basketball but all the web ones are too easy? Why not give Basketball Shot a shot instead; a fun, casual and relaxing game while still giving you some challenge. You make as many shots as you want, but you will only have 9 "lives", so try not to miss. The goal? See how many points you can get, show your friends, challenge them and see if they can beat it.

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Skateboard Master

See if you are worthy to be crowned the ultimate street shedding master in Skateboard Master! In Skateboard Master, you will compete against dozens of other pro skaters as you race and swerve along an endless skate track! Skate through speed tiles for an extra boost, jump tiles to launch you into the air, just make sure to avoid the slow down tiles or the dangerous crates that lay around. Slam into one crate and it’s game over. But enough of that, go and see if you can beat the competition and claim the title of skate master.

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Soccer Cup Touch

2018 Soccer Cup Touch is a fun and challenging soccer game brought right to the palm of your hand!

Become a champion in this mini version of the great game of soccer! Pick your favorite team and go up against the computer. You get three moves per turn and you can move one of your characters per move. Reposition and kick the ball to try and score goals, but don’t just hit opposing players! That will count as a foul and automatically end your turn! Can you beat all of the other teams and be number one? Play today and find out!

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