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Fun Bicycle Stunts Racing Game - Cyclomaniacs

Rating: 9.1/10 - 6744 votes

Bike racing enthusiasts come from all walks of life… so get ready to meet some of the most weird and wonderful characters that you’ve ever seen on two wheels! Cyclomaniacs is a truly wild and wacky bicycle racing game for kids where you take on 9 other eccentric riders in a series of demanding stunt bike races and challenges across the hilly terrain of the countryside. Perform epic stunts and intense moves on an awesomely-fast push bike. Play as an array of outlandish characters such as a skeleton, a Ninja, a robot, a penguin, Sir Walter Raleigh, and even somebody who very much looks like Elvis himself! If the King has returned and taken up stunt biking – you know this must be something really special!

Using your quick reactions and fast fingers is essential to success, as you can reach truly amazing speeds on your little push bike. A flair for the spectacular is also handy, as you can boost your momentum (and chances of victory) by performing the wackiest flips and somersaults through the air. This fun cycling adventure is simply out of this world – how often do you get to see a penguin on a push bike, spinning through the air? Have fun, but try not to crash!

How to Play: In each of the 26 difficult races, your goal is to complete the 3 challenges set, and win the race! There are 5 levels with 5 races in each – plus a bonus level that takes place on the moon! Almost everything in this game has to be unlocked as you progress. You start off with just one unlocked level and one unlocked rider, and gradually have to gain access to new levels and riders through good performances in races. Before you begin a race, 3 challenges are set out. Complete any of these to unlock more levels, riders and upgrades.

Use the Arrow Keys or the WASD Keys to control your rider. Up Arrow = Accelerate; Down Arrow = Brake; Left / Right Arrows = Lean Back / Forward. Hit the X Key or Spacebar to perform a little bunny hop. The trick is to perform as many cool stunts as you can during the 10-rider race. Showing off moves like flips, somersaults, and wheelies increases your Stunt Meter in the top right corner of the game screen. Once this fills up all the way, your Boost Meter is activated, and you get a huge fireball burst of speed. This continues until your Boost Meter decreases all the way. Try not to crash by toppling over and hitting your head, as this brings you back to the last Checkpoint (little checkered flag) that you crossed.

You earn virtual income for finishing high up in the standings and unlocking new levels and riders. Use this virtual money to purchase upgrades for your bike at the end of each race. These include increased acceleration, speed, brake power, boost, and spin. These upgrades remain in place no matter which rider you choose. Tip for advanced bike riders: Completing certain challenges earns ‘Cheat Codes’. These can be entered on the main menu screen to unlock amazing game modes such as ‘Super Gravity’. Cool!

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