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Play - Online Multiplayer Strategy Game

Rating: 8.1/10 - 67 votes

Capture territory, dominate the grid, and become the biggest and toughest Snake Boss in town in this cool multi-player, reaction skills and strategy-based game! is a really addicting browser-based game for older kids / teens where your goal is to rule the grid by conquering as many blocks as possible with your snake-like crawler. Based on a large grid, you are pitted against dozens of other snakes in a fierce battle for terrain! Take out your enemies by cutting across their snake tails – but be very careful not to leave your own tail exposed!

Skills required: This highly interactive and immersive snake battle game requires great focus, concentration, fast reactions, anticipation skills, endless determination, stamina and a highly competitive streak as you attempt to carefully and strategically increase your land mass. Your snake is constantly on the move so you have to be really alert!

How to Play: is a browser-based, mass multiplayer action game for most notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac browsers (This game currently does not work on IE11 but should work for you on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge).

This is a ‘repeat-play’ challenge where you must learn from your mistakes (trial and error), and try to increase your highest rank with each foray onto the battlefield. When the game loads, enter your playing name into the box, and click the ‘Join’ button to begin the action. If you don't enter a username, the game randomly generates one for you when you click Join. You begin life as the master of a small 5X5 block of squares – color coordinated to your snake, which moves automatically ahead at all times. Control the direction of your snake's movement with using the WASD Keys or the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard.

Your task is to increase the size / mass of your land. Conquer adjacent blocks by closing off a batch of blocks and returning to your colored squares to complete a ‘takeover’. When you seize a new bunch of blocks, they transfer to your specific color. However, you are in a huge battlefield with roughly 100 other Live snakes, and they are all gunning for the same goal.

Eliminate enemy snakes by cutting across their tails (streams). Your opponents can also do this to you – so be very cautious not to stray too far from the safety of your block base (If someone runs into you, you die). You can also eliminate yourself if you accidentally double back on your own snake tail! Keep an eye on your rank in the bottom left corner of the play area. Your goal is to reach #1 before you get eliminated. Enjoy the fast-paced action!

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