Play physics-based platformer puzzles & interactive skill-based games online for free, no download: Sling flash game - fun, multilevel platform skill game & exit strategy puzzle for kids (girls/ boys), elementary students, middle/ high school teens to play now online. Cool new platform games, hard games for PC.
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Interactive Skill & Physics-based Platform Game - Sling

Rating: 7.4/10 - 66 votes

Would you please help a cute, gooey slime ball to activate and reach an exit portal? Sling is a tricky, physics-based platformer and game of skill where you control the acrobatic movement of an elastic, ‘sling-able’ green slime ball. In each of the 50 increasingly-challenging levels, you must fling this friendly slime ball character (called Sling) to multiple ‘ledge grabs’ in order to open a ‘Vortex’ which you can then escape from! However, many of the ‘grabs’ are in awkward to reach places, and are obscured or blocked by obstacles.

Skills / strategy required: This challenging, interactive, multilevel skill game requires good hand-eye coordination, analytical thinking skills combined with keen problem solving determination, lots of trial and error as well as the ability to judge angles and trajectory (The curve or path followed by a flying projectile or by any object moving under the action of some force).

‘Slinging’ the green slime ball accurately can be a tricky task but the action here is very similar to the firing of cannons or archery shooting in many online aiming & accuracy-based games. A good strategy is to first plan out your route around the level – Then pinpoint the ‘grabs’ you want to reach first, and sling away!

How to Play: A Flash-based, arcade / skill game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). In each of the 50 progressively-difficult levels, your task is to escape through a blue ‘Vortex’ portal. This Vortex is only revealed when ‘Sling’ (your green slime ball character) has visited all of the grey-colored ‘grabs’ in each level. Once Sling latches onto a grab, the grab turns green. When all grabs are green – the Vortex appears. You must then fling Sling into the Vortex to complete the level.

Sling cannot move on his own, and must by flung around the play area. Click on Sling's head, drag away from the direction you want to fling him, and then release the click to send him flying. You can bounce him off of the walls, and generally use the contours of each level to your advantage. Simply click on Sling's head and release to drop him straight down. Keep an eye on the clock in the bottom left hand corner of the play area. If you finish the level with time still on the clock, you earn bonus points.

Note: If you complete the level when the clock has reached zero, you still progress. The timer is only there for time / points bonuses. Enjoy the challenge!

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