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Fun Wooden Bridge Puzzle Game - Wooden Path 2

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Wooden Path 2 is a tricky, interactive, isometric visual-style construction puzzle and bridge building game with 3 difficulty levels where you must carefully and strategically slide wooden bridge pieces around the game grid so that they form a crossable bridge across a river. As Chief Structural Engineer, you must oversee the visual problem solving and bridge building work, and are rewarded with higher scores for completing levels in fast times. With a massive 54 levels to complete, you must contend with immovable wooden bridge pieces, rocks that block your path, special colored tiles & blocks that must be removed, and more.

Reasons to play this cool, construction-based puzzler: With 3 difficulty levels, this game is suitable for elementary school age kids, middle school and high school students as well as visual-puzzle-loving adults. Wooden Path 2 really is a fun game and block-shifting, brain-teaser challenge for players who enjoy thought-provoking puzzle game that require smart analytical thinking and logic-based problem solving know-how. Exercise your creative engineering skills and spatial visualization ability as you complete simple to more advanced building tasks throughout the three different ‘worlds’.

Best strategy to win: As with any construction-based activity in real life, you must be careful and deliberate in your actions. Patient observation and planning combined with determination and persistence are very important attributes required here; there is a solution to each construction puzzle, you just have to stay in the game to figure it out using well thought out step-by-step procedures!

How to Play: A Flash-based, bridge building puzzle game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). When the game loads, click on the yellow ‘Play’ button in the center of the game screen. Then, on the Main Menu screen, click on the ‘Start Game’ button (The other options, such as ‘Level Editor’, are not available on this version).

There are three ‘maps’ / difficulty levels to choose from: Beginning Map (14 levels), Exploration Map (20 levels), and Long Journey Map (20 levels). We recommend that you start with Beginning Map to become familiar the game concept, controls and tasks required. In each level, your goal is to shift and slide the various movable bridge pieces and other items around until you have a crossable wooden path that traverses the whole river without interruption.

Move wooden bridge pieces by clicking and dragging them with your computer mouse / touchpad. However, you can only move the movable sections of the bridge into empty, highlighted white squares in the grid. In later levels, you may also have to move rocks and other obstacles. Older, darker sections of the bridge are fixed in place, and cannot be moved. Once you successfully complete a crossable bridge, gold stars shoot across it, and you can progress to the next level. The faster you complete each level, the more Gold Stars you earn! Enjoy the construction challenge, and ask a best friend or family member to help you to solve any level that you find is too hard on your own.

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