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1. CJLA -Coquitlam Japanese Language Academy-
Courses / Programs
Our wonderful school CJLA is located at a few min from Coquiltlam Centre, Vancouver, Eastern Canada. We give lessons to any level of student from beginners to advanced learners. In our Japanese lessons, we give importance to the fundamentals of the Japanese language, namely, grammar and vocabulary building.

Just memorizing phrases useful for conversations does not help develop your Japanese capabilities. Only by learning Japanese step by step from the basics, will you be able to acquire the ability to communicate with others in Japanese.
Japanese Beginner Classes; Japanese Intermediate Courses; Japanese Advanced Classes; Japanese Conversation Classes; The Japanese Language Proficiency Test Course.
2. QLS Japanese Language Gym
Courses / Programs
Our Japanese GYM was established in Toronto to help students who are interested in learning or improving Japanese language skills in the most efficient and practical manner. We all know that once you pass a certain age, learning any foreign language can be very challenging. But the key to being successful in learning Japanese is all about having the right mindset.

We focus on helping students learn solid basics of Japanese language first, before going into the real practice stage. Like learning a sport or a musical instrument or even a game, you will spend enough time learning basic rules and skills first, to lay a good foundation for the practice stage.
Complete and Standard Beginner Japanese Courses;
Japanese Courses with Focus on Speaking.
3. Aitas Japanese Language School Toronto
Courses / Programs
We are located in the centre of downtown Toronto, just down the street from the University of Avenue. We offer quality Japanese language courses for adults in a friendly environment with experienced, professional teachers. Students attend Group classes twice a week on weekdays or once on Saturdays for a total of 3 hours per week.
Private classes, small group classes, flexible schedules - afternoons, evenings or on Saturdays, 1.5 hours per lesson, 8 weeks/term = 22.5 hours per one level in a term.
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