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Health Careers - Forensic ScienceForensic Science Careers: Forensic Science or Forensics, involves using science to answer questions that arise from the legal profession. Forensic Science Teams also assist police investigations by collecting evidence and consulting with other medical personnel, law agencies and the courts. A forensic Scientist's work is primarily laboratory based, but may also involve travelling to various Crime Scenes, Prisons, Morgues, Hospitals and Police Departments. Forensic Scientists are often required in court to give their expert opinion.

Forensic health care providers include doctors, nurses, dentists, and toxicologists. Forensic specialists work at the front line at the scene of a crime or disaster and must be able to cope with traumatic situations. Due to the stressful situations that they encounter they are compensated accordingly, earning salaries above the average healthcare worker.

Nationally accepted Forensic Science programs are accredited by the American Academy of Forensic Science. If you are considering a career in Forensic Science, ensuring that the program you choose has the right accreditation will guarantee that the subjects you study use the most modern techniques. Accreditation also means that your qualification will be recognized by employers and educational institutions nationally.

Career Choices: If you are curious, good with details and good with putting pieces of a puzzle together, then a career in Forensic Science may be for you. Forensic Scientists may work in laboratories, Hospitals, Police Departments and Crime Scenes. Some choose to teach in colleges and universities. Below is a list of some of the Forensic Science careers available:

Criminalistics: Criminalists examine physical evidence, they sort the importance evidence, and compare and identify evidence using scientific methods. The Criminalist must interpret the result of the scientific tests to determine the truth. This evidence may be used in court to backup an innocent defendant or to prosecute a guilty individual.

Engineering Sciences: A Forensic engineer is responsible for applying the principles of mathematics and science for the purpose of the law. Most requests for forensic engineering services involve civil suits. However, the forensic engineer may also assist in the prosecution or defense of criminal or regulatory matters.

General: General Forensic Science is the umbrella term for the newly emerging forensic specialties, and for those that do not fit one of the other definitions. Gereral Forensics include Forensic skull reconstructionist, aviation accident investigator, ballistics analyst, computer related crime investigator, marine biologist, forensic photographer and many more.

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