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Optometry CareersOptometry Careers: Optometry is a health care profession concerned with the eyes and vision. Optometry is one of the fastest growing healthcare sectors. Some of the careers available in Optometry are as follows:

Optometrist: Optometry Professionals known as Optometrists provide vision care to people of all ages. Optometrists or Doctors of Optometry (OD) do much more than prescribing and fitting contact lenses and glasses, they can diagnose conditions such as glaucoma and can detect diseases that affect many other organs such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Optometrists also provide care to patients before and after laser eye surgery. Optometrists can work in a variety of settings from private practice to large franchises. Others work in public clinics. Some optometrists specialize to work with certain eye sight conditions or certain groups of patients e.g. the elderly or children.

Ophthalmologist: An Ophthalmologist is a medical doctor and is the only Optometry professional who can perform eye surgery. Ophthalmologists also carry out many of the duties of Optometrists.

Optometric Assistant: An Optometric Assistant, also known as an Optical Assistant aides an optometrist in the provision of optometric care to patients. Optometric Assistants help optometrists offer a greater range of services in a more efficient and cost effective manner.

Optometric Technician: An Optometric Technician works under the supervision of a qualified Optometrist. Optometric Technicians can assist in testing a patient's vision and educating patients on contact lens maintenance, some carry out additional office and administrative tasks.

Optical Laboratory Technicians: Optical Laboratory Technicians also known as Ophthalmic Laboratory Technicians or Optical Mechanics. These Optometry Technicians work in labs making prescription eyeglass or contact lenses to improve a patient's vision.

Dispensing Optician: A Dispensing Optician is a qualified Allied Healthcare Professional, responsible for fitting eyeglasses and contact lenses. The Dispensing Optician follows prescriptions written by optometrists or ophthalmologists. Dispensing Opticians work mostly in medical offices and optical stores.

Careers: The job outlook for Optometry jobs is favorable as it is the third largest independent healthcare profession in the United States. It is predicted that there will be a growth in the number of people requiring vision correction. The increasing number of senior citizens with age related eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, hypertensive retinopathy and macular degeneration will also require optometry services.

Working conditions for Optometry Professionals are first rate, with regular hours and a minimum of emergency calls. The many career options also offer a choice of locations to live and work in.

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