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Veterinary Medicine CareersVeterinary Careers: Veterinary medicine involves the application of medical, diagnostic, and therapeutic services to animals. Veterinary Professionals work with all sorts of animals including companion, domestic, exotic, wildlife, and production animals. Veterinary science is vital in curtailing the spread of disease and also helps safeguard human health through the careful monitoring of livestock. With more and more links being found between human and animal disease such as Mad Cow Disease (CJD), SARS, West Nile Virus and Avian Flu (H5N1), a qualification in veterinary medicine can prepare you for a career in public health.

In recent times, veterinary medicine has expanded due to the availability of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic techniques for most animals. Today animals can receive advanced medical, dental, and surgical care including insulin injections, root canals, hip replacements, cataract extractions, skin grafts, pacemakers and chemotherapy.

There are many careers available in Veterinary Medicine, some of which include:

Veterinarian: A Veterinarian, Veterinary Surgeon or Vet, is a Physician for animals. Veterinarians are best known for healing ill and injured animals. Some Veterinarians work in research, developing new ways to treat animals.

Veterinary Technologists: A Veterinary Technologist works under the direct supervision of the Veterinarian. Depending on the work environment there is usually not much difference in the duties of a Veterinary Technologist and Veterinary Technician. Technologists generally receive more education and training than Technicians and receive greater compensation. Veterinary Technologists can supervise the work of Veterinary Technicians.

Veterinary Technician: A Veterinary Technician works under the supervision of a qualified Veterinarian or Veterinary Technologist. The Veterinary Technician assists the Veterinarian with routine laboratory and clinical procedures.

Animal Care and Service Worker: Animal care and service workers train, feed, water, groom, bathe, and exercise animals. They are also responsible for observing changes in an animal's behavior that could indicate illness or injury. Animal Care and Service Workers can work in boarding kennels, pet stores, animal shelters, veterinary hospitals, stables, laboratories, aquariums and natural aquatic habitats, and zoological parks.

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Below is a list of some of the various types of health career fields:

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