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Word Order 2

1. I think Jane deserved to be fired for her __________ .

(A) totally behavior irresponsible
(B) behavior totally irresponsible
(C) irresponsible totally behavior
(D) totally irresponsible behavior

2. _______ appeared to be coming from the science lab next door.

A. The pungent unpleasant odor of burning plastic
B. The unpleasant pungent odor of burning plastic
C. The pungent unpleasant odor of plastic burning
D. The unpleasant odor pungent of burning plastic

3. One of Jane's favorite subjects in school is drama because _______ lots of fun and enjoys being part of it all.

A. has really she
B. she really has
C. she really is
D. is she really

4. Only after they had completed the analysis to that degree _______ how to apply technology to the needs of our enterprise.

A. did they ask to begin
B. did they begin to ask
C. they did begin to ask
D. to ask did they begin

5. The archaeologists were astonished to find such _______ at that particular site.

A. an incredibly rare beautiful artifact
B. a rare incredibly beautiful artifact
C. a beautiful artifact incredibly rare
D. an incredibly beautiful rare artifact

Noun Clauses

1. We don't know __________ taught us noun clauses before.

(A) if the teacher has
(B) the teacher has
(C) the teacher hasn't
(D) whether teacher 

2. The teacher didn't know _______ .

A. which noun clauses teach
B. which noun clauses to teach
C. why noun clauses to teach
D. when noun clauses to teach

3. Can you please tell me ________ ?

A. what time the next bus arrives
B. what time arrives the next bus
C. when arrives the next bus
D. when arrives the bus

4. The judges had an extremely hard time deciding _______ .

A. who's painting was the best
B. whose painting was the best
C. painting who was the best
D. the best painting was who

5. _______ is a mystery. I wish that I could ask him.

A. How did it
B. What he did it
C. How he did it
D. When did it

Main Verb Exercise

1. There is a law in France, which says that only the family has the right to decide what _______ or not known about the health of a patient."

A. must be known
B. must have known
C. must have been known
D. must have been being known

2. A top US disease expert said this week that killer virus "Bird Flu" was the world's number one health threat and should _______ .

A. be took serious
B. be took seriously
C. be taken serious
D. be taken seriously

3. After much criticism, the politician _______ his controversial statement of the previous day.

A. quickly retracted
B. quickly retracted to
C. quickly was retracted
D. quickly has retracted

4. The vague and misleading instructions _______ in two entirely opposite ways.

A. could been interpreted
B. could be interpret
C. could easily be interpreted
D. could easily interpreted

5. The beginning of the Symbolist movement in art __________ having begun in the late 1880's.

(A) is regarded as
(B) is regarded
(C) is regarding
(D) regarded as

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