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Expanish Spanish School, Buenos Aires Argentina invites people to come and take our Spanish immersion courses in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires. Our Spanish courses in Buenos Aires immerse students in an intensive study of the Spanish language through specially designed courses that focus on student interests and language levels and encourages students to speak Spanish as much as they can during their time abroad.
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Katie Zou ; from France
(2016-07-14  16:24:39)
 (Highly Recommended)
Expanish has a way to teach which makes you eager to learn! The school itself is located downtown which makes you feel like a real porteños, the locals are cosy and comfortable which creates a perfect environment to learn. Of course this experience would be half less as nice if it wasn´t for the wondeful people you meet there. The teachers and staff are so welcoming, smiling and helpful that you feel sad when you have to leave! Thank you for everything and see you again very soon!
Rose Murray ; from UK
(2016-07-11  14:33:58)
 (Highly Recommended)
I would really recommend Expanish to anyone and everyone. The facilities are wonderful and it's right in the centre so handy for exploring after classes. The staff are warm and friendly, and the general atmosphere is relaxed yet professional. Classes are engaging and varied, as are the extracurricular activities (most of which are free too!) which provide a great way to delve deeper into Argentine culture. I've been to several language schools in various countries over the last few years and Expanish is by far the best!
Raman Mattu ; from San Francisco, California, United States
(2014-06-27  09:46:23)
 (Highly Recommended)
At my level, I have learned most things that I need to know from a basic grammar point of view and Eduardo helped me focus on less commonly used structures like pluscuamperfecto etc. The attention I received was fantastic and if I have the chance, I will definitely return.
Luke Offutt ; from San Francisco
(2014-05-13  14:21:24)
 (Highly Recommended)
my experience with Expanish went very well! I originally bought 4 weeks of classes and decided to extend my stay for another 4 weeks. I not only learned a lot but teh school was very helpful with organizing events that helped me get to know the city better. I do not have personal experiences with other schools in buenos aires but I did have a friend who took classes and a different school than expanish and did not have as good an experience as I did with Expanish. I would definitely do it again.
Leyla ; from London
(2013-12-13  13:18:46)
 (Highly Recommended)

I would highly recommend to this Spanish school to anyone wanting to learn Spanish from either a beginners level or to improve from an intermediate/advanced level. My teacher was fantastic and I learnt loads during my stay there. As well as a the fantastic classes, there were lots weekly activities which I participated in, which gave me a good feel and understanding of the past times Argentines enjoy as well as an understanding of the touristy spots (having visited them with Expanish). I can now leave Buenos Aires with a very high fluency level in Spanish language :D
(2012-09-29  08:36:26)
 (Highly Recommended)
I came to Argentina to see my girl-friend and wanted a short Spanish course to fill the mornings of my first week in Buenos Aires. The ExSpanish course fitted the bill. You attend the first day do a short exam to determine your level of Spanish. You are then put in an appropriate group. The teachers were good and helpful and the facilities were good. And there are plenty of things you can do at reduced rates in Buenos Aires via the school! For me it really worked. I felt I learned something and it worked for me
Priscila ; from Brazil
(2012-02-08  08:38:16)
A escola possui uma boa localização, estrutura, professores, didática e equipe de apoio.. além das atividades extra classe que também são muito interessantes!
Mary ; from Buenos Aires, Argentina
(2011-10-19  14:09:24)
 (Highly Recommended)
I just wanted to write to say how pleased I am with Expanish. I have now been here for a few weeks am really enjoying myself as well as learning lots! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and the school itself is located in such a perfect location. I would definitely recommend it to others!
Alice ; from Buenos Aires
(2011-10-15  08:48:01)
 (Highly Recommended)
The greatest strength Expanish has is it's staff. Receptionist Milver is amazing, always on hand to provide answers to tricky questions or just directions to the nearest cafe. The level of student support on offer is high, with someone available on the end of a phone 24 hours a day. The academic staff are equally wonderful, providing well planned lessons and plenty of patience. I took the semi intensive course, 3 hours of classes a day, and cannot think of how my experience could have ben improved on. In the space of just a week I had moved from complete ignoramus to conversing in simple but coherent sentences. Excellent value for money, centrally located and stylish, modern facilities.
Bill McDermott ; from New York, NY
(2011-09-20  19:30:47)
 (Highly Recommended)
I would highly recommend this school to anyone interested in learning to speak Spanish. My teacher, Analia, was excellent! It is amazing how much you can learn in a relatively short time.

The staff at the school were very accommodating and friendly and helped me with whatever I needed. The physical layout of the school was impressive as well, and there was plenty of room for students to learn and socialize. The location of the school is convenient as well as it is very central.

They also offer the option of living with a family during the time you are there, and if you are comfortable doing so you can learn much more rapidly and also get an even better sense of the Argentine culture.
Anne Meulders ; from the Netherlands
(2011-09-20  15:16:43)
I would recommend everybody to take the Spanish course at Expanish. After the 2 weeks intensive course you can speak basic Spanish. And after that you have to speak Spanish everywhere, in the store, at the street, so that you can further improve your Spanish.
I really liked the school. It is a big, modern building and on the 6th floor there is a place with 4 computers and you can use internet there. The teachers are also really nice and friendly. I really would have liked it to stay longer!
Anna Carolina Leite ; from Recife - PE, Brasil
(2011-08-04  12:44:00)
 (Highly Recommended)
Não tenho dúvidas que fiz uma ótima escolha ao decidir estudar na Expanish, em Buenos Aires. Esta é a minha terceira semana na escola e estou muito satisfeita com a atmosfera do local, a qualidade dos professores e com a atenção que a equipe oferece aos alunos. Além de ser um ótimo espaço para fazer amizades com pessoas de todo o mundo. Está sendo uma experiência muito rica e satisfatória. Recomendo!
Talita Machado ; from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
(2011-07-08  12:55:59)
 (Highly Recommended)
Esta é a minha primeira semana na Expanish e já posso dizer que foi a melhor escolha que fiz na hora de estudar fora do Brasil. Além dos professores serem muito bons, a equipe em si é muito atenciosa com os alunos.
É uma experiência fantástica, onde aprendemos outro indioma e outra cultura. Como também cultura de outros países pois tenho amigos de vários países pelo mundo.
Recomendo a todos!
Marcio J Signore ; from Joaçaba-SC/Brazil
(2011-07-04  20:46:54)
 (Highly Recommended)
The experience that I had at Expanish is part of my life now. I studied there for only 3 weeks but the time was enough to realize that after the nice classes, with great teachers and being helped by a very friendly stuff, my Spanish spoken skills have increased a lot. Now I feel more confident to maintain a conversation in Spanish, thanks for the teachers' help and the spoken activities provided by them. I would really recommend Expanish in Bs.As. as a nice place to learn Sapnish and meet nice people from all over the world. I really want to have a second experience at Expanish!! So guys don't hesitate and go for it!!!!!!
Tatiana Amaral ; from Brazil
(2011-06-30  15:53:05)
I'm liking to learn spanish in this school.
The building is in a great location.
The staff is very polite and friendly.
Moreover, I meet people from different nacionalities.
I recommend this experience!
natalie crow ; from san francisco, ca
(2011-06-06  09:26:46)
 (Highly Recommended)
Expanish was a great highlight of my trip to Buenos Aires. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their spanish speaking rapidly. The class sizes are small, and in that way you can speak one on one with the teacher. They also arrange events each week, have a great building in the center, and all the staff is extremely helpful. The only problem was that I didn't have time for more weeks of study!
Anson ; from Hong Kong
(2011-06-05  10:36:45)
 (Highly Recommended)
I highly recommend Expanish if you want to study Spanish in Buenos Aires! I love Expanish because the teaching system is good and very effective. I studied a two weeks course there with other five students in the class, we had a great time everyday with an interesting and useful class. My teacher Lionel is wonderful and staff in Expanish are all very friendly and helpful. The facilities of the school are good, clean and new. The location of the school is great as well since it is just in the centre of Buenos Aires, it is very convenient for shopping, eating and taking bus and subte to anywhere in Buenos Aires. The shopping street Florida is just near the school by 1-2mins walk. The school is really located in a good place which I am very appreciated. I wish I can come to Expanish again in the future.
Gabriele ; from Austria
(2011-05-23  08:54:21)
 (Highly Recommended)
I spend four weeks at Expanish and I really loved it there! The school is friendly and has really good teachers! I could really improve my Spanish, heard a lot about Argentina and besides, there are many outdoor activities for the students. You get to know so many people, it’s really a good place to spend some time!
Wairimu ; from Kenya
(2011-05-22  11:50:55)
I spoke absolutely no Spanish prior to my classes at Expanish. My goal was to master basic phrases and be able to understand general instructions and directions in order to travel S.America. I signed up for 2 weeks of group classes.

I had an amazing teacher! His method of teaching meant that past the initial introduction in English, all else was done in Spanish. The first day was overwhelming, but It worked incredibly well! After 2 weeks, I had the confidence to venture out on my own and is traveling S.America solo.

I gave 4 stars as I had hoped to learn more practical things; as an example, I think the school should have intensive shopping, dining and traveling courses. Thankfully, on my last week, Expanish introduced these courses but there were some teething issues. I attended an intensive travel course which unfortunately missed the mark and I left as clueless as I come in. The school is working to smooth out the kinks (collected a lot of feedback from us) so I am hopeful that the courses will turn out great.

Another positive: The atmosphere at Expanish is awesome! I met and made several friends. Was a great start to my travels.
Clarisse ; from France
(2011-05-06  06:47:38)
 (Highly Recommended)
Excellent experience with Expanish !! I have rarely seen such a young, committed and professional team. The classes are excellent and the stuff helps you get around with everything you need. When I'll be back in Buenos Aires I will gladly go back to Expanish for a few more classes of Spanish and Argentinian culture.
Daniele Maske ; from Blumenau - SC - Brasil
(2011-05-04  16:04:30)
 (Highly Recommended)
Estudar em Expanish foi uma ótima escolha. Todos são muito atenciosos e as aulas são muito boas. É também um ótimo lugar para fazer amizades com pessoas do mundo todo.
Infelizmente pude ficar somente uma semana, mas na próxima oportunidade novamente escolherei Expanish como minha escola de espanhol em Buenos Aires.
Expanish Spanish School ; from Buenos Aires Argentina
(2011-04-15  11:35:33)
 (Highly Recommended)
In response to Craig´s post and on behalf of Expanish Spanish School, i´m really sorry to hear you felt your course at Expanish didnt meet your needs. We are constantly striving to ensure all of our students go away happy and feeling like we´ve met their Spanish learning goals. Unfortunately learning a language is a complex process and different students often have very different needs and wants. To try and ensure all of our students recieve the Spanish tutoring right for their needs, we carry out the following actions

- Student level test at the beginning of each student´s course
- Two satisfaction questionaires during each student´s time (one a few days into the start of the course to ensure students are happy with their grouping and the service so far, and the second at the end of the course)
- Academic support staff on hand to help with problems or issues concerning courses
- A range of course options, including Intensive Spanish, Intensive Plus and one to one sessions, to try and offer students a course that suits their needs

However, Craig in your case it appears the above actions didn´t achieve the desired results, for which we apologize!

As a result, we have looked into the matter and met with our profesoras and academic team and we have decided to launch a new Spanish Learning programme, designed specifically for travellers and tourists, who want to learn essential Spanish to help them get by whilst travelling. This programme should be launched in May.

Craig, apologies as i know you are on your travels now, so this is too late for you to benefit from. If you are ever in BA again, let us know and we can offer you something as an apology.
Marie Dillon ; from United States
(2011-04-12  12:27:14)
 (Highly Recommended)
I had nothing but a great experience at Expanish. I took the Spanish group classes which I learned not only essential phrases to get around but also words that are specific to the porteños here. My teacher was a lot of fun and friendly, which helped me speak more openly and learn a lot faster.
The location seemed to be perfect as it was in the heart of the city, and therefore very easy to get to. The building was nice and the staff was great! Biggest problem was waiting in line to pay for my own coffee.
I would definitely recommend the school to other beginners!
Craig ; from New Zealand
(2011-04-07  18:52:21)
A waste of time and money (if you have limited time)!

I strongly urge you not to opt for a group Spanish class with Expanish if you only have 1 -2 weeks to pick up some Spanish to travel with. I recently had a week with Expanish at the start of my travels in South and Central America. I thought the course would be tailored to the needs of a traveller and I hoped to increase my repertoire of Spanish words and pick up a few essential phrases. Unfortunately this was not the case. The week was all about grammar and simply module one of learning Spanish in full, which would be fine if you were and had a month or two to do so, but for me personally I got more out of a phrase book and a CD.

I would imagine the one on one classes would have been far better and in terms of what Expanish offer. These would have been a better fit for my needs as a traveller (FYI, they charge you $100USD change from group classes to one on one).

If you have over a month to learn or already speak Latin based languages (a big head start as a lot of the words/grammar are similar), I would not hesitate in recommending Expanish's group classes. Besides the class content, Expanish is in a really nice building in a great central location and the staff are helpful and friendly.

My teacher, who was also really good, did indicate that I was not the first, nor would I be the last, to be frustrated by the group class content. So, if you are a traveller and only have one or two weeks to commit to learning a bit of Spanish go for the one on one classes with Expanish or find another provider that offers a group class tailored specifically to the needs of a traveller.

I hope this is hopeful in some way.

Happy travels, Craig
Daniel Rautenbach ; from Cape Town, South Africa
(2011-04-05  10:56:36)
 (Highly Recommended)
I loved the time i spent at Expanish. it made me feel welcome in the city and really helped me to get around and learn the language of the Porteños. The workshops were great fun and gave a good taste of Argentinian culture. The teachers are fun and the vibrant atmosphere is encouraging and comforting! I definitely recommend Expanish to anyone visiting Buenos Aires.
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