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Spanish in Rosario is a Spanish language school in Rosario, in the province of Santa Fe, Argentina. Rosario is located approximately 300 km (187 miles) northwest of the capital, Buenos Aires.
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Programs / Courses:
- Group Spanish Classes ; - Private Spanish Lessons ; - Spanish by the Book (Intensive Spanish) ; - Spanish and Tango ; - Spanish and Volunteer ; - Spanish and Literature ; - Spanish and Adventure ; - Spanish and Yoga ; - Spanish and Photojournalism ; - Spanish and Wine tasting and more!
Benedict Cunningham ; from Rosario, Santa Fe
(2011-03-23  10:25:10)
My experience with Spanish in Rosario so far (I'm not finished yet!) has been exceptional, the programme organizer has been like my big sister since I arrived in Rosario without a word of Spanish or a single friend! Now six months on, working and living here happily, I have to say I couldn't have done it without them. The teachers blend professionalism and friendliness neatly and to great effect. As for the academic content of the programme (and as a qualified and experienced ELT teacher I consider myself well placed to comment): The classes are well organised and finely tuned to individuals' needs, with relevant material and good teaching technique.
When I have bad days (/weeks), the classes are what cheer me up.
Alioth ; from Trentino
(2011-03-16  00:17:42)
 (Highly Recommended)
In my opinion simply the best spanish school in Rosario.

Rosario is a really good alternative to Buenos Aires in view of the fact that is not full of foreigners which makes the "apprentisage" of the language even quicker by meeting constantly local people .
Pauline Moriarty
(2011-03-09  02:11:15)
 (Highly Recommended)
I did a three week course of private lessons with an interest in the arts and politics with Spanish in Rosario in 2009.
As an EAL specialist teacher fom the UK, I knew my experience with the organisation was excellent, consisting of a combination of classroom sessions and visits to local places of interest, shops and cafes. The sessions were tailored to my needs and enjoyable; the tutors professional and friendly - I am still in touch with one of them.

Rosario is a beautiful city and I valued my stay there enormously. It's a good alternative to Buenos Aires.
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