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Key Language Training is a well established Mandarin Chinese school based in Vancouver BC, Canada. Founded in 2010, we are dedicated to providing excellent Mandarin Chinese language and cultural training to adults and children.
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Programs / Courses:
Mandarin Chinese Classes for Adults & Kids: ; •  Adult Mandarin Conversation Classes (Day & evening classes) ; •  Mandarin for Business (Realtors, bankers, lawyers, sales & more) ; •  Customized Corporate training ; •  Mandarin tutoring & private lessons ; •  After-school Mandarin programs for children / teens ; •  HSK , AP, IP, YCT Test (Chinese language Proficiency Test) preparation etc. ; •  Summer Camp for adults and youth
Nas Makkiya ; from Burnaby
(2017-11-22  14:34:47)
 (Highly Recommended)
One of the best experiences ever. I started taking classes at this awesome establishment in the summer, Mandarin being my fourth language to learn, I had some expectations, which they blew past. Classes are always designed small, which makes it possible for students to get more attention. Like many people, I came to Mandarin fully expecting it to be difficult, however, their style of teaching made me realize how easy it was. I just finished my second beginner module and couldn't be happier.
Kyle SC ; from Vancouver
(2017-11-01  19:50:19)
 (Highly Recommended)
Absolutely great experience. Classes are flexible and can be designed to what the student needs to develop in terms of their language skills, whether it be conversational or professional. My instructor Lucy is dedicated to her profession of helping others develop their language skills while always being extremely prepared, personable and caring. Suzanne maintains an informal, yet professional atmosphere with Key and its teachers which is very conducive to a very positive overall learning experience.
Eric ; from Surrey BC Canada
(2017-02-16  15:29:44)
 (Highly Recommended)
If you want to learn Mandarin this is definitely the place to help you! Linda is a great teacher and I look forward to learn so much more from her in the future. Great place.
Justinne R ; from Vancouver, BC, Canada
(2016-12-14  21:55:28)
 (Highly Recommended)
Taking Mandarin this summer at Key Language Training was just the challenge I needed: learning a new language is exciting; the instructor was encouraging and helpful; the classroom size was intimate enough that you don't feel neglected; location was accessible; value is priceless. I couldn't have asked for a better experience! Thank you. Xie xie.
Zahid ; from Vancouver, BC, Canada
(2016-11-11  15:23:21)
 (Highly Recommended)
I took a beginner Mandarin class at Key Language Training downtown Vancouver. Our class teacher Sophia is an amazing teacher. She is very patient and willing to help. She also provided many helpful phrases that were not covered in the textbook. She is also very knowledgeable of the language. Would definitely recommend.
Mike M ; from Delta
(2016-06-16  15:25:27)
 (Highly Recommended)
Very friendly teachers and staff. Was my first time learning Mandarin and they really made me feel comfortable. It was a great way to get introduced to Mandarin Chinese. I definitely recommend.
Natalie Siu ; from Richmond, BC
(2014-12-29  13:10:23)
 (Highly Recommended)
Learning Mandarin at Key Language Training was both an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Susan came prepared every time with new material to learn, and she was also very good at helping me practice my Mandarin conversation skills. I definitely feel more confident now conversing in Mandarin with my patients.
Carey D ; from Richmond BC, Canada
(2014-10-15  14:52:46)
I want to thank Key Language Training for the excellent instruction I received during my eight-day intensive Mandarin course. The teacher had an enthusiastic manner and made learning enjoyable. Because of all the opportunity to speak, including the stories I prepared and told, I completed the course with a feeling of increased self-confidence as a speaker of Mandarin. I am much more likely now to converse in Mandarin with people. The teacher has a complete command of Chinese grammar and was always ready to provide me clear, easy-to-understand explanations of Chinese usage and sentence structure. Her provision of new vocabulary to me, together with daily review, has inspired me to apply myself and build my vocabulary and given me renewed hope that I will become a fluent speaker.
Helen ; from Canada
(2012-11-19  22:03:42)
 (Highly Recommended)
Suzanne is a very knowledgeable instructor that truly shows passion in her job. I have never had a dull moment in the 9 weeks class i had with her. She made class engaging and fun, and always helpful when you have questions to ask. I came out feeling amazed at my progress. Definitely recommend her school to anyone interested in learning mandarin.
Alex Hoffman ; from Richmond, BC, Canada
(2012-05-22  00:48:58)
 (Highly Recommended)
Having a private lesson in my home to learn mandarine has been the best way for me to understand the language. In the past i have taken courses in a classroom with other students and was complete waste of time and money because the teachers focus on all students at once. Iam a very slow learner and very shy to practice in front of strangers therefore i could not learn to my potential and as a result i lost interest to go and do homework. Each 2 hour private lesson cannot compare to any classroom environment. I absorb everything from a private lesson and nothing is missed. Another advantage to having a private lesson in my home is the comfort of being at home and being able to concentrate without any one to distract me. The level of learning is so great from private lessons and worth every dollar. I highly recommend this method for the serious person.
Tony ; from Canada
(2011-05-04  16:35:49)
 (Highly Recommended)
I was very surprised at how much of the language I was able to pick up in only the short time of the Mandarin beginner course. The format and instruction of the course is extremely conducive to learning even if someone has no grounding in Mandarin. The logic of sentence structure is explained so that we are able to more easily learn syntax. I would highly recommend this course to anyone. More importantly, the instruction was fun and convivial. I look forward to taking the next level.
Cassidy ; from Coquitlam
(2011-04-24  18:27:01)
 (Highly Recommended)
Learning Mandarin with Suzanne was a great experience. I never thought I would enjoy waking up early to learn on a Saturday morning. Suzanne made the lessons fun with her bubbly personality & positive energy. Her teaching method with objects and pictures made it much easier to understand. Although the course was only 9 weeks, I came into the class with no experience and I left with much more knowledge of Mandarin. I would highly recommend Suzanne to anyone and am excited to take Level 2.
Selena Rene ; from Richmond BC
(2011-03-22  00:05:54)
 (Highly Recommended)
I have attended Suzanne's class in Richmond and found it very helpful and exciting. Suzanne's ability is shown through her responsible attitude towards students and her creative teaching style.

It was a small class which consists of 5-6 students. Each students gets ample amount of attention. What i liked the most is that she used a variety of tools to help us learn. We're all very engaged throughout. It was definitely a fun and rewarding experience.
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