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Langara College in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada offers a Digital Film Production Program that is a unique, comprehensive, and a professional training program. It offers training in Drama, Documentary, Music Video and Commercials production, designed by the Film Community, and taught by award-winning professionals.
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Programs / Courses:
16 week accelerated learning full-time general film certificate program offered 3 times a year in Sept, Jan, and May; The 16 week intensive full-time Documentary program offered twice a year in Sept, & May; 1the 16 week Art of Camera Lighting Certificate program offered one a year in January. A part-time evening & weekend general certificate program, where students can either take the complete certificate or individual courses. This option has three intakes a year.
Saira Rahman
(2011-03-08  12:28:07)
 (Highly Recommended)
"I took the Digital Film Production program at Langara in 2010 with the intention of producing a short film I could successfully enter into a few festivals. I quickly realized that the program, like the production of a film, would only be as successful as the initiative > and motivation I brought to it. It was an intense four months and a sharp learning curve, but I not only graduated with a film which was officially selected by five different festivals around the
world, I learned the fundamentals of filmmaking from operating a digital camera to writing and directing an original screenplay. > More importantly, I gained the confidence to pursue my dream of filmmaking full-time."
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