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The American University of Paris (AUP) is a university in motion, building the path to becoming a leading academic, intellectual, and cultural center in France and in the world. We offer a range of undergraduate and graduate programs in areas including Computer Science, Economics, International Business Administration, Psychology and many more.
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Stephanie Fuller ; from Flint, Michigan, USA
(2011-04-17  11:05:52)
From my experiences at AUP, the atmosphere was not conducive to academic success. Most of the undergrads tend to breeze by without a care about grades (and are perfectly content with the D+), enjoying the opportunity to spend his or her parents' money. If you want the opportunity to learn French and be in Paris, the school serves that purpose.

Keep in mind it's very expensive in an even more expensive city. Unfortunately the facilities are poor and limited; the cost of the school doesn't equate to the compact, out-of-date condition of the school.

Beware: if you are an American, expect French service and attitude when it comes to assistance for a variety of important needs (housing, visa issues, financial aid, etc). The hassles from the school make focusing on academics quite a difficult task at times.

Academics are fine; professors seem to be intelligent and helpful, but there will be some classes or professors that come to class unprepared or are unclear with grading and assignments.

If you want a party environment (though don't expect American-style partying; Paris isn't a party place, but still a great city and a great location in Europe) like the idea of Paris, want to learn French, and plan to spend a ton of money, you should consider this school.

However, if you want an environment with more focus on learning rather than planning the next drinking event, you may want to consider other options. As an example, the library is open until 20h (8PM), whereas the campus bar stays open until at least 22h (10PM).
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