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Kodai International Business School (KIBS), is an Eco-friendly Business School located in Kodaikanal City, in Tamil Nadu state, South India, which is part of the American University of India (AUI). KIBS offers degree and post graduate degree programs in Management and related disciplines.
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Programs / Courses:
- Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program ; 1st year in India, in partnership with the University of Madras, and 2nd year at Bradley University Campus, Illinois, USA. ; - Bachelor Program in Management ; 1st 2 years in India and the final 2 years in Bradley University Campus, Illinois, USA. ; - Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) ; *Duration: 3 years ; *Eligibility: 12 years of school education successfully completed.
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Hey guys,

The American University of India - AUI ( Kodai International Business School ) is a Top residential Business School in Kodaikanal (popularly known as the Switzerland of the East)

It provided par excellent boarding facilities.

I am giving below some information about the MBA program conducted by Foster College of Business Administration - Bradley University, Peoris, Illinois, USA.

The Foster College of Business Administration - Bradley University, Illinois, USA is one of the Top Business Schools in the USA fully accredited by AACSB International (The Association To Advance Collegiate Schools of Business - AACSB) and has institutional accreditation by Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

A Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) has been signed between American University of India (AUI) and Bradley University (Foster College of Business Administration) in Illinois, for conducting the Management programs in India and the USA.

The MBA program is a 2 (two) year program wherein students will study the 1st year in AUI, Kodai campus, India and 2nd year in the USA campus (Bradley University). The MBA Degree will be awarded by Bradley University, USA.

American University of India is an Eco friendly educational institution located on a sprawling campus situated in Kodai hill station whose name conjures images of dense slopes, scenic hinterland, cascading waterfalls, luscious green plains and valleys, wooded hills, and pleasant climate.

Kodai climate is very pleasant with maximum summer temperatures reaching 20°Celsius (68° Fahrenheit) and the minimum in winter touching about 8 °Celsius (46° Fahrenheit). Kodai hill station in India is popularly known as Switzerland of the East.
You will learn from the best faculty and excellent resources from India and overseas and will experience the best of both countries.

INDIA – A land of rich culture, ancient heritage, diverse demographics, long history and unique geography. USA – A land of opportunities where students can pursue their dreams.

Fees for the 1st year MBA program in India is
Total Annual Estimated Expenses Rs 5,95,000 only.

Fees for the 2nd year MBA program will be as per Bradley University fee structure which will work out to about US $ 22,000 including tuition fees and living expenses.

GMAT / TOEFL coaching opportunities will be provided for students at the Kodai campus.
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