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Study Abroad Programs in Bonn, Germany

Image of Academy for International Education (Akademie für internationale Bildung), Bonn Academy for International Education (Akademie für internationale Bildung):
Academy for International Education (Akademie für internationale Bildung - AIB) is a private non-profit organization for higher education in Bonn, Germany. Established in 1993, we specialize in providing high-quality academic study abroad programs in Bonn for individual students and groups from US colleges and universities. We organize programs for students at undergraduate level through to graduate and postgraduate master level courses. Our aims are to provide international experience, cross-cultural competence, and new professional skills in a welcoming and stimulating atmosphere.

Situated on the Rhine River, Bonn is the former capital of West Germany as well as the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven. It is centrally located in Western Europe allowing for easy train travel to cities such as Amsterdam and Paris. Also, the Cologne-Bonn airport is served by many low-cost airlines allowing for travel on a long weekend to cities like London, Prague, Barcelona, Venice, Budapest and other European locations. The extraordinary public transportation system in Germany and in particular in the Rhineland area ensures that you will be able to travel independently and flexibly in your free time.

The city and its surrounding area is filled with castles, medieval towns and natural beauty. Students can play Fußball in one of Bonn’s several parks, explore Bonn’s historic city center or walk, run or bike along the Rhine. Bonn is also an international technology hub, and is the corporate headquarters to T-Mobile and Deutsche Post; the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft & Raumfahrtechnik , the German space agency, is also nearby.

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Photo of Study Abroad Programs in Bonn, Germany This is the Main Building of the Academy for International Education

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