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1. Pingu's English Desa Sri Hartamas
Courses / Programs
Pingu’s English Desa Sri Hartamas provides a 3-level English language course that aims to teach English to young children of 3 to 7+ years. We are located in Desa Sri Hartamas in Kuala Lumpur, facing the Sprint Highway and close to True Fitness gym. Pingu’s English also provides valuable lessons in socialisation, numeracy and computer skills. The course is based on the hugely popular television character, Pingu™, the mischievous but lovable penguin, and centres on his true-to-life everyday adventures and has been seen by over 1 billion people.

Created in 2007, Pingu’s English is already transforming the way young children learn the vital skills of communicating in English across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and parts of Asia. Unlike many other children’s English language courses, Pingu’s English engages children from the start with highly stimulating topics and situations.

From study books, song and story books, audio CDs and DVDs to high value online and interactive content, tests, games and exercises, the fun and stimulating Pingu’s English materials and activities help motivate children whilst keeping them focused on learning English, whatever their learning style or ability.
Pingu’s English language course:
- A fun and entertaining English language course for children ages 3 to 7 years

- Based on the enormously popular animated television character, Pingu.

- Wide variety of imaginative activities and high quality, multimedia materials within Pingu’s English covers the whole range of learning styles.

- Safe, educational and stimulating, it teaches your child the fundamental skills they need to speak English.
2. LEA English Centre, Petaling Jaya
Courses / Programs
LEA English Centre is located in Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya. It is around 25-35 minutes drive to KL Twin Towers. LEA provides a wide range of English language courses designed and customized for international students, university students, local students, professional and corporate clients.

Our programmes are designed to help student with zero knowledge of English up to Advanced level. It has been proven again and again and help students to achieve in their career and studies. LEA has won the Brand Quality by International Standard Quality. As part of the quality control, we have qualified teacher from UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Malaysia.

We also have LEA4Uni - to guide and counsel students to choose what programme suits them the best and which University offers the programme which they are looking for.

Just email via our Contact Us page and we will advise you on which programme best suits you.
LEA English
1) English Enrichment Programme (Full Time)
2) Business English
3) Part -Time English
4) Summer Programme

Exam Preparation Course
1) IELTS Preparation

Corporate Training
1) Communication Skills
2) Presentation Skills
3) Negotiation Skill
4) Customer Service

English for University Student/ Career
1) Report Writing
2) Phonetic Learning
3) Presentation Skills

English for Specific Purposes
1) English for Hospitality and Tourism
2) English for Law
3) English for Medical
4) English for Nursing
3. Asia Educational Academy Malaysia, Klang
Courses / Programs
Asia Educational Academy Malaysia is a dedicated English language school in the port city of Klang, just 45 minutes west of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We provide local and international students with a range of English language programs at beginner to advanced levels.

Courses are taught by experienced and highly-qualified instructors. We also provide Mandarin Chinese instruction.

Asia Educational Academy's (AEA) vision is to prepare and inspire students to be life-long learners and active responsible citizens in a global society.

Through financial assistance and creative scheduling, we make our varied programs broadly accessible.
English Language Courses:

- Beginner to advanced levels.

Our courses are suitable for ages from 10 (standard 4)

- General English
- Business English (General)
- Business English for Logistics
- IELTS Exam Preparation

Also taught:
- Mandarin Chinese Course
4. EMS Language Centre, Kuala Lumpur
Courses / Programs
EMS Language Centre is a professional language training organization, offering the highest academic standards in English language learning.

EMS is located in the centre of Kuala Lumpur, near Petronas Twin Towers. We provide a comprehensive range of English language courses designed to improve proficiency for local and international students.

EMS teaches courses in English language guiding students from starter to upper intermediate levels. Professionals and corporate individuals also benefit from EMS by taking the customized business program and corporate training program.

Our dedicated teaching professionals from different countries are committed to providing the most comprehensive approach to language learning available. As a part of international quality standards, all classes are small in size, and aided by state of the art technology in teaching methodology.

Part of EMS service is to ensure students improve there chance of entry into College and University. Our professional and impartial staff will ensure that EMS students are advised every step of the way .

At EMS, we make English language learning simple.
EMS English courses:
1) Intensive General English
2) Super Intensive General English
3) Intensive Business English
4) Speaking Social English
5) ELA Part time English program
6) Summer Camp program

Exam Preparation Course
1) IELTS Preparation

Corporate Training
1) Communication Skills
2) Presentation Skills
3) Negotiation Skill
4) Customer Service
5. ELS Language Centres, Malaysia
Courses / Programs
ELS Language Centres, Malaysia is a franchise of the US-based ELS Language Centres with nearly 100 centres worldwide. Established in 1990, ELS Malaysia has 3 purpose-built English language centres: ELS Subang Jaya, ELS Johor Bahru and the on-campus ELS UPM.

We offer the Certified Intensive English Programme that is widely popular among individuals who want to fast track their English proficiency. We also offer a range of English language training solutions catered to companies, professionals, as well as secondary school students.
Academic English
• Intensive English
• IELTS Test Preparation
• TOEFL Test Preparation

Workplace English
• Communicative English
• Effective Business Writing
• Company Training

Teacher Training
• TESOL Certificate
6. ICT Learning
Courses / Programs
ICT Learning based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia provides a range of online English courses to primary & secondary school students, college & university students and business professionals. We also offer quality online courses in Science and Mathematics.

Our online 24/7 English course will take students from beginner to intermediate levels. It provides for two methods of individual learning: Learning according to a pre-planned scheme, identical for everyone lesson by lesson (just like a regular language course) or individual learning defined by a user, who chooses the topics and issues of interest using the lesson editor. It is worth experimenting with the methods and choosing the most suitable.

Each level of the 24/7 English course equals about 150 hours of learning. If we assume that a student spends 4 hours a week learning, then one level of the course can be completed in 9 -10months.
- 24/7 Online English Course (for students 13+)
- 24/7 Online Business English Course for working adults
- 24/7 Teen Talk English (9 - 14 years)
- Nicole and Tommy Vocabulary for Children (4 - 7 years)
- WOW! Online English (7+ years)
- EuroPlus+ Reward (13+ years)
- SKILLS Vocabulary & Grammar
- Universal Curriculum for Upper Primary
- Universal Curriculum for Lower & Upper Secondary
- ed2go Online Courses
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