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Elementary & Middle School on Upper West Side NYC

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The Cathedral School of St. John the Divine, Manhattan:
The Cathedral School of St. John the Divine is an independent, Episcopal, K-8 day school for girls and boys of all faiths in New York City. The school is committed to a rigorous academic program that integrates the arts, athletics and leadership development. Located on Manhattan´s Upper West Side, the school offers a unique setting for the celebration of the many traditions shared by its families. The school prides itself in being a diverse community in partnership with families who take an active role in their children’s intellectual, ethical, social and emotional growth.

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Academic Programs for Boys & Girls: 
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Lower School Program:

If the Cathedral Lower School had an anthem, it would be the song the students sing every Friday morning at the Lower School assembly. With great joy and enthusiasm, from kindergarten through fourth grade, they sing out: "Oh what a day! What a most miraculous day!"

The goal of the Lower School is to develop confident, independent students equipped with strong foundations in literacy and problem-solving skills. Our small class size allows us to attend to each student's needs and ensures that each child assumes an important role in our community. The Lower School curriculum encourages children to develop great intellectual curiosity and strong skills, both of which will be essential to their success in the rigorous curriculum of our Upper School.

Upper School Program:

The Cathedral Upper School curriculum is designed with a clear understanding of the strenImage of Elementary & Middle School on Upper West Side NYCgths of adolescents: their intellectual curiosity; their desire for independence; their ability to form and defend opinions; and their great physical energy. Skilled teachers, a challenging and rigorous curriculum, involved administrators, and small classes are key to Cathedral's ability to help Upper School students develop into confident and motivated students who enjoy taking intellectual risks. We follow a liberal arts curriculum that includes Latin for all seventh and eighth graders.

The Upper School curriculum is supplemented with field trips, guest lecturers, and a major interdisciplinary performance that integrates topics covered in each grade, such as the sixth grade's Greek play. During an elective period, Upper School students have the opportunity to pursue an area of interest, with offerings ranging from photography, architecture, or digital movie making, to current events, writing for the "Peacock Papers" literary magazine, fitness options, or choir.

Afterschool Enrichment Program:
The Cathedral School runs an After School Program, offering a variety of enrichment classes taught by Cathedral teachers and outside programs. In addition, Adults and Children in Trust, or the ACT program at The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, provides after school child care for students until 6:00 every day.

The After School Program at The Cathedral School is designed to provide afternoon activities that enhance students' academic, social, and cultural experience. An extended day allows students to experience their school and teachers in a different context. An important goal of the program is to be accessible and affordable for all Cathedral School families. The appeal of course offerings, as well as the cost and convenience, encourages many families to take the opportunity to participate in the program.

ACT also offers camp programs during some of our school vacations.

The CPhotos of The Cathedral School of St. John the Divine, Manhattanathedral School provides a comprehensive physical education curriculum as well as an extensive interscholastic Athletics Program. While physical education classes are a part of the school day for all students, Upper School students may choose to participate in the competitive Athletics Program with games and practices after school during the fall, winter, and spring seasons.

The Athletics Program offers a full range of fall, winter, and spring sports teams for students in the Upper School (grades 5-8): soccer and volleyball in the fall, basketball in the winter, and softball, baseball, and lacrosse in the spring.


The visual and performing arts program at The Cathedral School is an integral part of the curriculum. Students have both art and music classes twice a week for 45 minutes in the respective studios. Students learn through direct experience with the materials how to appreciate both the history of art and music and its relevance to their own lives as artists.

Projects and performances are frequently linked to other curricular areas, helping support and enhance the students’ knowledge of the subject they are studying. Students have an opportunity to display their artistic creations in the main hall of the school, which functions as a rotating gallery of student work. Throughout the year, students reveal their musical and theatrical talents at Lower School assemblies, all-school celebrations, and the many traditional performances that specific grades create such as the sixth grade Greek play, the seventh grade Medieval Evensong, and the eighth grade musical.

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Address: Amsterdam Avenue, New York City, New York , USA
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We are committed to reducing waste, conserving resources and bettering the natural world. Children carry out tasks and activities that benefit the environment. These include: water conservation, energy conservation, waste reduction, environmental learning through nature walks, use of green pesticides and cleaning supplies, organic gardening, and composting.

Children develop their own will and readiness under the guidance of the teachers. Our classroom environment cultivates the child's own natural desire to learn while encouraging a fascination for learning. Children acquiring basic skills in this natural way gain an early enthusiasm for learning as their inner personal dignity, independence and self-discipline develop.
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- Science
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- Drama
- Leadership Society
- Basketball
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