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Spanish Language Programs in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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BridgeArgentina, Buenos Aires:
BridgeArgentina offers a practical, proven and communicative approach that will have you speaking Spanish from the very first day. Our professional teachers are qualified, dedicated, enthusiastic, and know how to make classes fun and effective. We offer a rich program of activities, excursions, and special courses that allow you to make the most of your time in Argentina.

20 class hours per week
The Group Course offers language learning in small, dynamic groups for four hours per day. The maximum number of students in group classes varies by school, but averages 4-10. Each of our schools does a great job of fine-tuning the formation of group classes according to the level ofthe students.

Group Plus
30 class hours per week
The Group+ Course is four hours per day of the Group Course plus two hours per day of private lessons. This popular program gives students the best of both worlds: the interaction of a group class with the focus and efficiency of a private class.

*Note: In some locations, class hours may be reduced for groups with three or fewer students.

Private Classes

Private 4
20 class hours per week
Private lessons are a very effective way to learn a foreign language.The one-on-one approach allows you to learn at your own pace as well as focus on your individual needs in the language. In a private class, you can concentrate on certain grammar points or on specific vocabulary that you may need. Private 4 consists of four hours per day of private lessons.

Private 6
30 class hours per week
The Private 6 Course takes the same approach as Private 4, but increases class time to six hours per day of private lessons.

Language Immersion
40 class hours per week
Bridge Abroad's Language Immersion Program is the most intensive and effective course we offer. It features eight hours per day of private lessons, including lunch with an instructor in many locations. For years, Language Immersion has been our most popular program with executives and professionals who want to learn a lot in a short period of time. With Language Immersion, you can supercharge your language training, learning in weeks what would normally take a year or more.

Special Program: Spanish & Tango

Many people say that the energetic pulse of this unique city comes from its strong musical tradition. In fact, in some people's minds, Buenos Aires is synonymous with the tango. As a Spanish & Tango student, you can get to know the true culture of Argentina, not only by studying its language, but also by learning this passionate dance. This program includes:

2 group tango classes per week
1 private lesson per week

Note: Many members of the class go out to dinner afterwards and then go to a "milonga" (tango night club) to practice what they have learned in class. You are always more than welcome to join them!

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Address: Av. Eduardo Madero 1020 PB Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Ithaca, New York, USA;   Negril, Jamaica;   Spain;   USA;   and more.
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Expanish Spanish School Buenos Aires
Courses / Programs
Expanish Spanish School, Buenos Aires Argentina invites people to come and take our Spanish immersion courses in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires.

Our Spanish courses in Buenos Aires immerse students in an intensive study of the Spanish language through specially designed courses that focus on student interests and language levels and encourages students to speak Spanish as much as they can during their time abroad.

Our Spanish lessons are taught by enthusiastic and experienced Spanish Teachers who guide each student to reach their maximum Spanish potential. Students will study at the Expanish Spanish School, located in the heart of Buenos Aires. Our school is housed in a historical building complete with bright spacious classrooms, student common room, snack areas and a student help desk.

Expanish offers extracurricular activities to complement the Spanish classes. Participate in skill workshops like Polo or Tango lessons, weekend excursions and daily cultural activities such as city tours and student dinners. All this combined with local accommodation options such as homestays and shared apartments takes the experience of learning Spanish into a whole new dimension.
Spanish Immersion Courses
* Small Group Spanish Courses
* Combined Group and Individual Courses
* Individual Spanish Lessons
* Customized Individual Lessons

Special Spanish Packages:
* Spanish & Tango
* Spanish & Volunteer
* Spanish & TEFL

Other Programs
* Study Abroad Semester
* Academic Year Programs
* Summer Abroad in Buenos Aires
* Spanish Language Abroad
* Volunteer Placements

* Homestays
* Activities
* Workshops
* Excursions
Mente Argentina Spanish Programs
Courses / Programs
Mente Argentina provides 2 different options for learning Spanish in Buenos Aires. They are completely different, and the best option varies according to your interests.

University Spanish School: UBA (Universidad de Buenos Aires – a public university) is the largest and most well known university in Argentina, and is one of the most prestigious in Latin America.

The Foreign Language Department offers Spanish programs for foreign students, as well as other foreign language programs. Every year, more than 20,000 students study foreign languages there.

Mente Argentina´s Spanish School is located in the heart of Buenos Aires, within easy access and close to the main touristic sights. The school has been teaching Spanish as a second language for more than 10 years and has been committed to its students in order to provide a high quality education as well as personalized assistance so that students can achieve their objectives.

The professors of the MA Spanish School are professionals who graduated in the most renowned universities in Argentina. All of them are Spanish speaking people who can speak at least other two languages and have a vast experience working with foreign students.
1) University Spanish Programs at the Universidad de Buenos Aires - UBA (Fixed starting date / Monthly courses)

2) Mente Argentina's Spanish School (Weekly intensive courses / Flexible starting date)

Specialized Courses at the Mente Argentina Spanish School include:

- Legal Course (Spanish for Lawyers)
- Medical Course
- Spanish Literature
- Advanced Conversation
- Advanced Composition
- Latin American History
Ebatrust Estudio Buenos Aires
Courses / Programs
Ebatrust Estudio Buenos Aires is a Spanish language school in the heart of downtown Buenos Aires, Argentina that offers Spanish courses to students from around the world. We provide group Spanish classes and private lessons to students of all levels of ability - from beginner to advanced. We also offer corporate language training to businesses and embassy staff.

We focus not just on your acquisition of the Spanish language, but on facilitating an unforgettable cultural experience in Buenos Aires. We organize a wide array of activities to supplement and reinforce their language experience, including attending or participating in sports events, tango classes or day trips to places of interest.

Homestay accommodation is available with Argentinian host families and offers the best opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the language and the culture. We have long standing relationships with the families who host students. These families are located throughout safe neighborhoods in Buenos Aires and are experienced in addressing the needs of students. Host families are carefully screened by members of our staff to ensure that all the houses comply with our requirements.
- Group Spanish classes for all levels (4 or 6 hours per day)
- Private Spanish lessons
- Short-term intensive workshops that focus on a specific area of Spanish language or Argentinian culture
- Corporate language training
- Spanish classes for children
- Internship programs
- Extracurricular activities including tango lessons, city tours & weekend trips
- Homestay accommodation with a local host family
ABC Spanish School
Courses / Programs
Located in the heart of Patagonia, ABC Spanish School provides a wide variety of Spanish immersion courses for foreigners at all levels.ABC is one of the most well-known Spanish schools in Bariloche. Our school is situated in a very convenient part of town in order to learn Spanish and at the same time enjoy its surroundings and marvellous views of the mountains. We are located in the most important avenue of Bariloche Town and only one block from to the beach of Nahuel Huapi Lake. You can choose your favorite atmosphere of classes: ABC Spanish School in Patagonia Argentina offers you the possibility to choose: - Classes in the Mountain - Classes in the Lake - Traditional classes in the Classroom.
Intensive Spanish for Travelers, international students & professionals in groups or private classes.Begin a course at your level any day of the year, from Monday to Friday.
Instituto Superior de Español ISE
Courses / Programs
Hi and Welcome to our Spanish School!  We are the Instituto Superior de Español ISE with beautiful locations to Learn Spanish in Ecuador - South America.

We have been developing our programs for 30 years, our teachers are College Degree professionals and we take a lot of pride in our quality and experience. We are a team of professionals that have prepared a learning program just for you. Whether you are a beginner or want to learn Spanish to travel through South America, if you are a professional who wants to improve your skills or if you want to prepare to take the DELE exam, with us you are surely in the correct path.

Furthermore, our headquarters are conveniently located in the Colonial Area of Quito, surrounded by churches, museums, a variety of restaurants, several accommodation options. We also encourage our Students to see as much of Ecuador as possible, so we always have activities available and know about the best places to visit.

If you have any question just send us a message, we'll be more than happy to help to prepare your program with us.
Our Program locations include:
- Quito, our headquarters.
- The indigenous and colorful town of Otavalo.
- The Amazon Jungle
- The Galapagos Islands
- Indigenous Communities
- Our unique Travelling Classroom Programs which allow you to see as much of the country while learning and practicing Spanish.

In Quito or Otavalo you can opt for Group, Individual, Semi-Private or Combined classes.

We also have available Medical Spanish or Business Spanish, Spanish for Professionals, Travel Spanish, DELE exam preparation, programs for University Groups or have your program specialized in your field.
Argentina International Bureau Of Language, Buenos Aires
Courses / Programs
The International Bureau Of Language (IBL) is a Spanish language school in the heart of downtown Buenos Aires, Argentina. We offer Spanish courses at 9 levels - from beginner to advanced - to students from around the world. We also offer in-company corporate language training for businesses or embassy staff. Our teachers are all highly-experienced professionals specialized in Spanish language teaching.

Spanish courses at IBL begin every Monday. Before the course starts, the student takes oral and written placement tests that will ascertain the degree of language knowledge that the student has. This ensures that they are placed in the correct class for their level.

Each level takes 2 weeks to complete with 4 hours of classes per day. Private lessons are available and students can also choose to take a super-intensive Spanish course which combines the regular group classes with private tuition. Students receive a certificate once they finish a Spanish course.

IBL can organize homestay accommodation with local host families to allow you to truly immerse yourself in the language and culture of Argentina. Alternatively, you can choose to stay in a furnished apartment.
- Intensive Spanish courses at 9 levels from beginner through to advanced (20 hours of classes per week)
- Super intensive Spanish program (20 hours of group classes + 10 hours of private tuition)
- Private Spanish lessons (10 hours per week)
- In-company Spanish language training
- Homestay accommodation with an Argentine family