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Spanish Language Immersion Programs in Spain

Image of Travel & Education, Castilla y Leon Travel & Education:
In conjunction with accredited universities and institutions in the Castilla y Leon region of northwest Spain, Travel & Education (T&E) offers summer, semester and year-round study abroad programs to High School, College and University students.

Located in western Spain, Salamanca is considered one of the most spectacular Renaissance cities in Europe. It is situated approximately 200km west of Madrid and 80 km east of the border with Portugal. Walking through the streets of this city will give the impression of strolling through time in a living museum of unimaginable historical wealth.

Salamanca offers the conveniences of a larger city with the intimacy and quaintness of a small European town. With a population of 160,000, Salamanca is safe and friendly - the perfect destination for young travelers. The natives are said to speak the "purest" Spanish in all of Spain, which contributes to the allure of this destination.

The University of Salamanca is located just blocks from T&E's Salamanca offices, which serve as information and activity hubs for T&E students. Dating back to the twelfth century, the prestige of the university attracted students from all over.

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Photo of Spanish Language Immersion Programs in Spain The Plaza Mayor, pictured here at night lit up in all its splendor, is the hub of life in Salamanca. Meet here to enjoy an evening strolling through the lively streets.


Image of Travel & Education, Castilla y Leon Here are a few highlights of what you will enjoy in Spain: friends, good food, and cool sights!

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