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Animation / Design School in Pune, India

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DSK Supinfocom, Pune:
DSK Supinfocom, in Pune, India, offers 4/5 year integrated certificate courses in the flourishing fields of Animation, Game Design & Industrial Design. At the end of your course, you receive a certificate ratified by the French government which is equivalent to a Masters degree. Our certificate is recognized by leading global companies worldwide. DSK Supinfocom is a result of a joint venture between the DSK Group and a Globally recognized French Institute - Chamber of Commerce and Industry of North De France, (CCINDF).

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Animation Course:
Animation is an art, a series of techniques involving different technologies and a world-wide multi-billion dollar industry. We teach our students the global filmmaking process as applied to animation and VFX.

Foundation Course - 3 years:
The foundation course is a transition between 12th standard and higher professional education. The students acquire a general education in visual communication and specific skills in all domains necessary to animation and storytelling. The foundation course trains and encourages the students to explore new ways of thinking, new techniques and a new vision of images.

Advanced Certificate Course - 2 Years:
The Advanced course takes the students to the professional industry-standard level in the field of animation. In addition to the subjects taught in the foundation course, students learn 3D CGI and compositing software, post-production, sound design, project management and the production pipeline. Each student familiarizes himself/herself with the whole filmmaking process as applied to animation and VFX. This culminates with the final-year diploma film presented to an international jury of professionals.

Video Game Courses:

Game Design Courses:

Game design is a little-known art; that of designing a game system. In order to create a game that will arouse passion and interest, designers must master a wide range of techniques and tools. Therefore, game designers are sometimes called to be engineers, sometimes mathematicians, at other times they must be story tellers, but they always need to be communicators within their team. They should always be flowing with the essence of yesterday's games so that they can have a clear vision for those of tomorrow. They are responsible for the player's entertainment. They must ensure that players face amazing and exclusive challenges. Actually, game designers are artists! Game design includes writing the game concept and setting up a system of rules. It defines the players' interactions with the game's objects and characters.

- Foundation Course - 3 years:
The two year Foundation Course enables students to acquire the basic knowledge they need to take a professional approach to video game production. 

- Advanced Certificate Course - 2 years:
During the advanced course, students gain a deeper knowledge of the techniques and skills required for game design and videogame production management.

Game Art Courses:

Game art encompasses the artistic management of the projects, the production of digital images for universe, character, animation and interface design and execution.

- Foundation Course - 3 years:
The two year Foundation Course enables students to acquire the basic knowledge they need to take a professional approach to video game production.

- Advanced Certificate Course - 2 years:
During the advanced course, students gain a deeper knowledge of the techniques and skills required for game design and videogame production management.

Game Programming Certificate Course:
The management and programming course has been designed for students who wish to do programming for video games. It is a superior specialisation program. Prospective students that are recruited must have a Degree level and a decent amount of technical fundamentals.

Industrial Design Courses:
The training is based on a standard approved by the CNCP of France (National Commission for Professional Certification). The CNCP works directly under the supervision of the Office of the Prime Minister of France. On successful completion of the Industrial Design course from DSK ISD, the student is awarded with a Certificate: Product Design Manager, Transportation Design Manager or digital design manager (according to the chosen specialization).

Product Design Certificate Course:
Creating exclusive components towards making appealing and relevant products. 

Transport Design Certificate Course:
In a company, the Transportation Designer is the one who re-invents the future by proposing new ideas. In the design process, from the brief of the marketing department, he is in charge of proposing relevant and appealing solutions. By creating new experiences for the user, the Transportation Designer will carry important expertise for the brand development: he has the power to create future best seller vehicles.

Digital Design Certificate Course:
The Digital Designer is in charge of elaborating and setting up the digital modeling process, photorealistic simulation, rapid prototyping, and making a video of 3D and composite images. He is responsible for data communication to engineers

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Address: Survey 54,55, Tarwadi, Pune, India
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•Short 2 to 4 weeks courses in Indian Cinema - Bollywood

•2&1/2 year course that will award students a WWI Diploma in: The Art and Technique of Animation

•2 year courses that will award students a WWI Diploma in Film Making with specialization in: Acting for Screen; Production; Cinematography; Direction; Editing; Screenwriting; Sound Recording, Design & Music Production

•1 year course that will award students a WWI Diploma in: Screenwriting