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Maeer's MIT Institute of Design, Pune:
Maeer's MIT Institute of Design in Loni-Kalbhor, Pune (220km from Mumbai), western India, is a design school offering graduate and post graduate diploma programs from Graphic Design, Film and Video Design to Product Design. We also offer undergraduate & graduate degree programmes in Animation & Computer Arts for Gaming in collaboration with University of Dundee, Scotland. Our courses include a training and placement internship cell where students enter various industries, organizations and communities.

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Collaborative Programmes:

Undergraduate Programme (2+2 years):
- Animation (In Collaboration with University of Dundee, Scotland)
- Computer Arts for Gaming (In Collaboration with Abertay University, Dundee, Scotland)

Post Graduate Programme (1+1 years):
- Animation (In Collaboration with University of Dundee, Scotland)
- Computer Arts for Gaming (Abertay University, Scotland)
- Product Design + Design Ethnography (University of Dundee, Scotland)

Graduate Diploma Programme (GDP) Duration 4 ½ years
Photo of Design Courses in Pune, India:
Disciplines Offered: Product Design, Transportation Design, Interior Space & Equipment Design, Graphic Design, Retail and Exhibition Design, Animation Design, Film and Video Design.

Post Graduate Diploma Programme (PGDP) Duration 2 ½ years:
Disciplines Offered : Product Design, Transportation Design, Interior Space & Equipment Design, Graphic Design, Retail and Exhibition Design, Animation Design, Film and Video Design, User Experience Design.

Film and Video Design:
Courses in Film and Video Design also put emphasis on a strong narrative content, which is to be communicated by achieving proficiency in using tools like film and video cameras, editing systems, along with building rigour in conceptual processes in addressing the communication needs of the social and commercial sectors.

Graphic Design:
Those who enter the Graphic Design discipline, find that the course of study are centered on various dimensions of graphic communication. This would include typography and type design, illustration and photography, packaging and print design, sign age and corporate identity systems. The application of Information Technology would take learners in fields of computer graphics, multimedia and web design.

Animation Film Design:
For the learners of the two disciplines of Animation Design and Film and Video Design, the courses of study exclusively deal with moving images. Both have as their foundation, extensive inputs from the discipline of Graphic Design. The learners of Animation Design must acquire special skills and techniques of animation, both manual and computerized. Here the essential grasp over the narrative content combined with proficiency with animation techniques goes toward creating an effective piece of communication.

Product Design:
The Product Design learners find that in the various courses of study they pursue, they must exhibit an overly emphasis on a comprehensive process of designing, producing and marketing products, systems and services. These products, systems and services as a rule, are to be used in homes, workplaces, institutions places of leisure and outdoor spaces for public interaction.

Transportation Design:
Similarly, for the learners of Transportation Design, the courses of study exclusively explores an inborn human need, and a propensity, to devise appropriate means for enhancing human mobility. Beginning with the concept of transporting people and commodities using a variety of means, its emphasis would vary from individual to collective carriers, from human and animal power to fossil fuel power, from the conventional and non-renewable energy sources to non-conventional and renewable variety. Considerations for physical environments within and outside a transport vehicle also form a crucial aspect of learning. Learners’ innovative ability is challenged further when the scope of a transport vehicle is extended from land, water to air even space.

Retail and Exhibition Design:
The learners of Retail and Exhibition Design find that the courses of study, besides concentrating on a rigorous learning of advanced graphic reproduction techniques, would also require them to gain an insight into creating images in the fourth dimension that is, moving images. It is here that the courses specific to this discipline make learners literally ‘build bridges across the streams’. This is because solving a typical problem of display design invariably leads to designing exhibition, structures and hardware of various kinds as well as planning of built spaces to provide an appropriate environment for communication. Related inputs across the stream from the disciplines of Product Design and Interior Space and Equipment Design are welcomed in the true spirit of generalism. The learners become quite adept in absorbing the skills, media and the knowledge base from across disciplines and employ them in order to design display systems for exhibitions and museums, and sets for theatre, film and television. There is a further learning in designing special events such as fashion and road shows, major product launches, tableaux, floats etc. Typical components of design process for any such event may include planning of choreography, lighting effects, graphic communication system, music, multimedia presentations, publicity strategies etc.

Interior Space & Equipment Design:
For those who opt for the Interior Space and Equipment Design, the courses of study though structured on the same lines as those for Product Design would eventually include the contents that are entirely devoted to organizing and planning of interior spaces for all kinds of human needs. The learners concentrate on designing interior spaces according to their functional hierarchies and interrelationships. As a rule the elements that conventionally define the functional hierarchy of a built space is termed as furniture, seating systems for playgrounds and stadiums, transportation seating and allied systems, health care and hospital furniture etc. Apart from this, the lighting and climate control systems, form an integral part of furniture system. Hence this particular component of interior space design is treated in spirit of equipment, which acts as a means to achieve harmonious interaction among the functional hierarchies and to make the built space respond like an efficient, well designed mechanism.

Post-Graduate Programme in Strategic Design For Business (Duration 2 years):
Strategic Design for Business is a 2 year PG program focused on developing creative leaders who can give an organization a competitive edge. The aim of this program is to encourage learners who are interested and passionate about ‘design thinking’ and would like to develop themselves as ‘Design Visionaries’ and align their learning with the strategic goals of the organization. The learners will have a unique opportunity to develop this thinking through a cross – discipline program by interacting with academicians and industry professionals and will be introduced to the elements of design and management for strategic thinking.

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Address: Solapur Highway, Pune, India
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- Textile Design
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- Interior Design
- Accessory Design
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. Diploma in Media & Journalism
. PG Diploma In Mass Communication
. MA in Mass Communication
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. Diploma in Acting & Direction
. Diploma in Film & TV Program Production
. Diploma in Non-Linear Editing & Vfx
. Diploma in Animation & Vfx
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Courses Offered:
- 3D Animation - Sandwich full time 1 year professional diploma
- Visual Effects - Sandwich full time 1 year professional diploma

Other part-time courses:
- 3D Animation
- Visual Effects
- Smoke Online Editing - 100 hrs training
- Avid Non-linear Editing - 2 months
- FCP Non-linear Editing - 2 months