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Courses Direct Distance Education Schools:
Welcome to 21st century learning. Courses Direct Distance Education Schools is a world leader in distance education including in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland. We have helped students realise their earning and creative potential in many areas such as business management, computer studies, psychology, photography, science, education and research and many others. We've set them off down exciting new careers! Courses Direct Distance Education Schools is affiliated with Australian Correspondence Schools, which were established in 1979.

Advanced Certificate in Business, Management and Marketing:
This course is designed to train people for supervisory or managerial positions in a specific industry sector of their choosing. The Advanced Certificate in Applied Management involves the areas of work as follows: Core Studies - Four units of compulsory subjects for all students:Starting a Small Business, Entrepreneurship, Management, Office Practices, Business Planning, Project Management, Leadership, Bookkeeping, Financial Management, Workplace Heath and Safety, Supervision, Personnel Management, Motivation, Marketing Foundations, Advertising and Promotions, Sales Skills, plus many others.

Advanced Certificate in Psychology and Counselling:
This course builds on the certificate in psychology to give the student a broader scope. It involves an additional two study modules plus 100 hours of industry experience. This course may be used as a stepping stone to our Associate Diploma in Psychology or our AssociaPhoto of Distance Education / Correspondence Courses - Australiate Diploma in Psychology and Counselling.

Topics covered: Psychology and Counselling, Industrial Psychology, Child Psychology, Educational Psychology, Marketing Psychology, Life Coaching, Counselling Skills, Counselling Techniques, Stress Management, Relationships and Communication Counselling, Crisis Counselling, Grief Counselling, Careers Counselling, Biopsychology, Neuropsychology, Social Psychology, Psychopharmacology, Abnormal Psychology, Adolescent Psychology, Diploma in Psychology and Counselling, plus many others.

Advanced Certificate in Photography:
Train for supervisory or managerial positions in the photographic industry; with eight modules including: Introduction to Photography, Photographic Technology, Photographic Practice, Management, Office Practices, Business Operations, Marketing and Industry meetings or work experience.Subjects include Hobby Photography, Introduction to Photography, Photographic Technology, Photographic Practice, Digital Photography, Travel Photography, Landscape Photography, Photographing People, plus many others.

Advanced Certificate in Education and Research:
This advanced certificate develops unique and highly valuable skills for workplace trainers, teachers or managers in the field of vocational education; with particular relevance to management as it relates to modern and technologically advanced approaches to learning.This course is relevant to both existing teachers, and aspiring educators who wish to break from traditional approach.
Topics covered include Instructional Skills, Delivering Distance Education, Delivering Classroom Education, Course Writing (Development), Research Project, Workshop I, Certificate in Alternative Education, plus many others.

Advanced Certificate in Writing and Journalism:
Study four core units (ie. Management, Office Practices, Business Operations and Marketing Foundations); three stream units covering puImage of Distance Education / Correspondence Courses - Australiablishing and writing and a workplace project on the publishing industry. Professional writing skills are nurtured and developed throughout the course.Other topics: Freelance Writing, English as a Second Language (ESL), Efficient Writing, Writing Fiction, Children’s Writing, Creative Writing, Technical Writing, Editing I, Publishing I, plus many others.

Associate Diploma in Environmental Studies
Despite huge growth in environmental industries worldwide, many graduates in environmental sciences still find a career eludes them. Often this is because their studies have not covered the subjects and skills which are in fact providing employment opportunities. This course differs from other environmental courses providing a unique opportunity to develop those "in demand".

Topics covered include Ecology, Conservation and Environmental Management, Environmental Assessment, Waste Management, Earth Science, Marine Studies I, Ornithology, Wildlife ManPhotos of Courses Direct Distance Education Schoolsagement, Zoology, Certificate in Wildlife Management, Ecotour Management, Bushcraft and Wilderness Skills, Tour guide, Adventure Tourism, Tourism, Food and Beverage Management, Bed and Breakfast Management, Bar Service, plus many others.

Advanced Certificate in Applied Management for Agriculture (Farming, Rural and Countryside):
This course develops both the skills required to manage a horticultural farm (e.g. Market Garden, Orchard), and also the knowledge in the identification, growing, processing and marketing crops and crop related products.

Subjects covered include Animal Anatomy and Physiology, Animal Diseases, Animal Feed and Nutrition, Animal Health Care, Animal Behaviour, Equine Behaviour, Pet Care, Horse Care I, II and III, Pasture Management, Aquaculture, Beef Cattle, Calf Rearing, Pigs, Sheep, Poultry, Dairy Cattle, Animal Breeding, Sustainable Agriculture, Organic Farming, Farm Management, Agricultural Marketing, Irrigation (Agricultural), Irrigation Management (Ag), Soil Management plus many others.

Computer Studies:
E-Commerce, HTML, Visual Basic.Net, ASP.Net, SQL for the Web, Flash MX, Computer Servicing I, Computer Studies, plus many others.

Alternative Living:
There are 14 courses in this subject area. Courses include Advanced Permaculture, Certificate in Alternative Farming, Organic Plant Culture, Self Sufficiency, Alternative Energy, Mud Brick, Healthy Buildings I (Building Biology), Environmental Health, plus many others.


There are 29 courses in this subject area. Courses include Certificate in Anatomy, Human Biology IA (Anatomy and Physiology), Medical Terminology, Biochemistry I, Botany I, Cell Biology, Machinery and Equipment (Engineering I), Engineering Applications, plus many others.

Health, Fitness and Leisure Studies:
Advanced Certificates and Diplomas in Leisure Facility Management, Recreation Leadership, Event Management, Health and Wellbeing, Health and Fitness I, Fitness Leader Certificate, Sports Psychology, Human Human Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Childrens Nutrition, Aromatherapy, Resistance and Gym Supervision, Aquafitness, Aerobics, plus many others.

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Online Candle Making Courses in Australia & worldwide via Skype
Courses / Programs
• With The Candle Academy, a leading candle making training provider, you can now learn to make beautiful candles from the comfort of your own home or studio in Australia or around the world.

• Taught by Gary Simmons from the UK - one of the top candle designers in the world - our distance learning candle making courses will start you on the path to an exciting new career in candle design or a very rewarding hobby.

• Offered through a combination of HD video demonstration, PDF files, email correspondence, and consultation with your instructor via Skype, our courses are for complete Beginners to Advanced level artists and design professionals.

• Gary Simmons also teaches on-site candle making courses at his residential school in Jamaica.

• Our unique and intensive distance learning candle making courses follow the same techniques and training methods as our face-to-face programs, making it an ideal solution for people that live too far to be able to attend in person.

• Our comprehensive courses aim to equip you with the creative, technical, and commercial skills you need to make a profit and livelihood from this special profession.

Candle Academy Student Reviews:

"It has been a privilege to learn from a master."
- Sam, Israel

"Very detailed and intensive. I was looking for the wow factor and that's exactly what I got."
- G. Woodard, USA

"I never imagined that candle making could be so exciting and challenging the course is full of information and helpful tips."
- Y. Tran, Brazil
Online Candle Making Courses

Candle Making Seminars via Skype:

HD Video Course Options:

Clear, Concise, Interactive Teaching: 
These comprehensive candle making courses aim to equip you with the creative, technical, and commercial skills you need to make a livelihood from this special profession.

Training is Hands-on and Very Visual.
Creative Institute of Australia
Courses / Programs
Based in Sydney and Melbourne in New South Wales, the Creative Institute of Australia offers a unique distance education program in professional photography. The CIA distance program is a blend of correspondence and online training. Your fully illustrated, magazine style, course materials form an invaluable continuing resource and are supported by our experienced and professionally qualified online tutors. CIA tutors and curriculum developers have over 15 years experience in professional photography and our programs have been developed by some of Australia leading photographic experts.

CIA hold ongoing face to face workshops in Melbourne and Sydney for distance students to attend. The distance programs are suitable for international and interstate students; many students working full time undertake these programs without having to attend scheduled classes. There is no time limit, study at your own pace. Each student is assigned their professional tutor at the start of their program and when ready to undertake the commercial unit, the student will choose their major project.
Online Courses in Professional Photography; Distance Courses in Creative Imaging Light & Camera; Natural Light Portraiture; Commercial Photography, Art and Fine Light Photography, Photographic Business Studies. Our distance students can also take part in workshops which are organised in Sydney and Melbourne throughout the year.
Ducere - Education By World Leaders
Courses / Programs
Based in Melbourne, Australia, Ducere is an online education provider that offers Diploma courses and Bachelor Degree courses in business and management. We also provide an online MBA (Master of Business Administration) Degree program.

Our courses combine comprehensively developed content with the expertise and experience of some of the world’s most successful leaders.

Our 'Global Leaders Faculty' is comprised of Presidents, Prime Ministers, Nobel Prize Winners, government ministers, entrepreneurs, scientists, academics, and the CEOs of some of the world’s largest companies.

Our philosophy is to transform education and change lives through an unequalled approach to global leadership and learning.
Online Diploma Programs:
- Diploma of Management
- Diploma of Business
- Diploma of International Business
- Diploma of Business Administration
- Diploma of Marketing

Online MBA Degree Program:
- Master of Business Administration (Innovation & Leadership)

Online Bachelor Degrees:
- Bachelor of Applied Entrepreneurship
- Bachelor of Applied Social Entrepreneurship
- Bachelor of Applied Business (Management)
- Bachelor of Applied Business (Marketing)
Spanish Gurus
Courses / Programs
Learn Spanish online in Australia with Spanish Gurus!

We provide online Spanish language classes to adults and children throughout Australia and worldwide.

Whether you are a basic beginner or at a more advanced level, you can quickly and effectively improve your Spanish language skills from the comfort of your own home or office.

Taught by experienced native Spanish speaking teachers, our group courses (maximum of 6 students) and private Spanish lessons are delivered via top-quality video conference.

Spanish Gurus offer flexible scheduling with morning, afternoon, and evening classes available during weekdays and weekends.

Our online Spanish courses ensure students acquire the level of Spanish language that is required by DELE and SIELE, the official Spanish language exams. We provide a professional and rigorous curriculum, taught in the same way that official schools and top universities teach it.

Spanish Gurus also offers private tutors for IB Spanish and for Cambridge IGCSE Spanish to make sure students acquire the best exam scores.

On successful completion of a course, you will receive a CEFR Certificate (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Student Testimonial:
"I am studying Spanish as I love the language and its culture. I have access to native teachers from anywhere I am in the world. If I miss a class when travelling for work, I can always attend the class offline when I get to the hotel. Spanish Gurus is the best way to learn Spanish!"
- Steven
Online Spanish Courses:
- Taught via Video Conference. We teach European Spanish & Latin American Spanish.

Group Spanish Courses (3- 6 students)

• General Spanish
• DELE exam preparation
• SIELE exam preparation
• Spanish for children
• Customized Spanish course for companies
• VIP courses - customized classes

Private & Semi-private Spanish Lessons (1-2 students)

• General Spanish
• DELE exam preparation
• SIELE exam preparation
• Spanish for children
• Customized Spanish course for companies
• Tutors for IB / IGCSE Spanish
• VIP courses - customized classes
Study Now
Courses / Programs
At Study Now, we’re all about making things easier. Study Now provides a searchable database of courses that can be studied in Australia or from around the world. We believe that there is a better way for potential students to find education and training. It’s simple really: there are plenty of intuitions that offer fantastic courses in fantastic settings, but sadly, many students are not aware of them. Our job at StudyNow is to bring these two groups together while levelling the playing field between government and private institutions.

We give students the chance to research and browse courses from a range of institutions in a range of locations and settings previously unknown to the candidate.

For institutions, Study Now offers incredibly detailed profiles of candidates. This helps to make sure that institutions get exactly the right student. So like we said, it’s simple really: Study Now are here for institutions and students to get together and work out the details.
Certificate, Diploma & Degree Courses:

- Business Courses
- IT courses
- Hairdressing Courses
- Psychology Courses
- Beauty Therapy Courses
& more ...
Lifestyle Learning Direct
Courses / Programs
Based in Molendinar in Queensland, Lifestyle Learning Direct began life in Australia as The Writing School, which had originally begun in the UK and branched out into Australia, New Zealand and Singapore in 1984. Since this time, the reputation of our school has grown, due both to our large numbers of satisfied (and successful) students, plus our commitment to providing further specialist writing courses to satisfy student demand.

Within the last decade, the owners of the school, utilising their experience in the field of distance learning, decided to offer a wider variety of courses. Today we offer a variety of Distance Learning programmes including editing and proof reading, interior design, fashion design, beauty therapy and garden design to improve your education. We are a fully accredited college.
We offer a variety of one Year Distance Learning programmes including Business and Office practises; Information Technology; Photography; Psychology; Hospitality and Tourism; Medical and Science; Animal Health and Agriculture; Editing and Proof Reading; Interior Design; Fashion Design; Beauty Therapy; and Garden Design to improve your education.