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MBA in China - Beijing Business School Degree Programs

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The University of International Business and Economics (UIBE):
The University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), formerly known as the Beijing Institute of Foreign Trade (BIFT), was founded in 1951. The University offers thirteen master's and two doctoral degree programs in addition to twenty-two undergraduate major fields. The University is accredited by the Academic Degree Committee under the State Council. In 1988 the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York acknowledged UIBE's granting the degree of Master Business Administration in International Trade, which leads to the recognition of the above program by all American universities. At present, UIBE has over 20,000 students from China and 600 international students from more than 30 countries.

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Photo of MBA in China - Beijing Business School Degree ProgramsUndergraduate Programs

The undergraduate programs are designed to improve the students' capabilities in self-learning, self- improvement and problem solving. It focuses on training the students' basic skills and building integrated knowledge structures. With an emphasis on problem solving, the curriculum includes the general foundations, specialized foundations and specialized electives.

The undergraduate program consists of five subject areas as follows:

1. Business Administration

This program aims at training competent business administration talents with innovative spirit and international vision, who canImage of MBA in China - Beijing Business School Degree Programs meet the needs of various business organizations.

2. Human Resource Management

This program aims at training competent business administration talents, with human resource management orientation, who can meet the needs of various business organizations.

3. Marketing
This program aims at training business talents, with marketing or marketing management orientation, who can meet the needs of various businesses in the global marketing field.

4. Accounting (including ACCA and CGA Concentrations)
This program aims at training professional business talents, with knowledge of accounting, auditing, financial management and business administration, who can meet the needs of relevant businesses.

5. Financial Management
This program aims at training professional business talents, with knowledge of financial management, accounting, finance and business administration, who can meet the needs of relevant businesses.

Master Programs

Full-time Postgraduate Programs
The full-time postgraduate program offers training in three subject areas: Enterprise Management, Accounting, Technology Economics and Management. It aims to provide students with practical skills and fundamental knowledge of business to help them foster a sense of innovation as well as the ability to analyze and solve problems in the business world.

The programs allow the postgraduate candidates with diversified academic backgrounds to apply in order to enhance their cross-disciplinary research ability. The strong international perspective of UIBE's Business School requires that students have good command of English and strong quantitative analytical ability.

With a view to developing business management elites that can quickly adapt to international competition, the School provides its postgraduate students with solid theoretical grounding, advanced techniques and analytical capabilities.. In addition, the programs develop the students’ communication and leadership skills through a variety of teaching activities.

The postgraduate programs include the following:

International Enterprise Management:
International Business
International Marketing
Corporate Quantitative Analysis
Operation and Service Management
Human Resources Management
Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Management

International Accounting
Cost and Managerial Accounting
Financial Management

Technology Economics and Management:
Investment and Financing Management
Project Management

Master of Business Administration Program (MBA)
UIBE is China's first university whose MBA program was recognized in 1988 by New York University after its delegation rigorously evaluated the course structure, teaching quality and students' quality of UIBE's MBA program.
In 1993, UIBE was designated the qualification of awarding MBA degree by the Degree Granting Committee of the State Council and the Commission of Education. By 2007, the MBA program has more than 2300 alumni.

The MBA program, ensures the quality by experienced teaching team made up of senior professors and multinational executive managers. They are encouraged to build up case studies and lead the students learn through actions, case discussions and study tour activities.

The MBA program features a strong global perspective. It keeps abreast of the latest concepts of ideas in management education by constantly updating and improving its curriculum and teaching approaches. It also pays more attention to the systematic and integrated application of management science, the combination of foreign language and specialized knowledge by adopting English textbooks and case studies. Besides, the program emphasizes the connection between theory and practice through mobile classes, company visits, and study tour activities.

The MBA program offers the following two subjects:

International Business Administration:
Business Administration
Operation Management
Human Resource Management

Accounting and Finance:

Executive Master of Business Administration Program (EMBA)
The Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) is designed to satisfy the needs of top managers in businesses and high-ranking government officials with economic or management backgrounds. UIBE's Business School’s EMBA program is well-recognized nationwide and is among the first authorized by the Degree Granting Committee of the State Council.

The EMBA program provides students with systematic, international and practical knowledge and skills for their career development. It aims at developing successful executive managers with creative ideas, business ethics, strategic thinking and complex decision-making ability.

The teaching and learning in this program feature interactive learning, group discussion, case analysis, computer simulation, teamwork and research report. These flexible teaching and learning approaches facilitate the students’ understanding and application of knowledge.

The program emphasizes the systematic application of theories, methods and techniques of business management, in particular the combination of theory with practice, and foreign languages with specialization.

PHD Programs

The doctoral program is designed to offer advanced and highly specialized curriculum in management study, to attract candidates who plan to pursue academic careers in research and teaching field. Students will learn cutting edge management theories with global perspective and develop their creative ability in business management. Students are expected to actively participate in seminars and workshops and present their research to enhance their critical thinking and analytical abilities.

The doctoral program consists of two specializations: International Business and International Marketing. Students enrolled in the doctoral program are expected to write a dissertation in their chosen field. They are also expected to work closely with UIBE's Business School faculty members and faculty from other academic units of UIBE. The program has limited places and only recruits highly qualified candidates each year.

Students in the doctoral program are required to study for four to five years (maximum six years) that include cumulative 3 years on-campus study.

International Students

International Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs
In order to train young professionals in both the classical and modern business management theories and techniques adopted by international MBA programs. Candidates not only develop the tools to help them prepare for the rapidly changing business world. The UIBE Business School has also designed into the curriculum, courses in Chinese, not only in order to help improve the candidates' proficiency in the Chinese language, but also to enhance their understanding of the China's culture, and its economic and business environment.

International MBA Program, IMBA
This is a specially designed program leading to the MBA degree. It is intended for international students who are interested in business management and China-specific managerial practices. By equipping the students with strategic vision and entrepreneurial spirit as well as decision making and problem-solving capabilities, the program is designed to provide a broad understanding of modern management fundamentals through practical and classroom experience. The graduates are capable of applying management know-how to everyday business management in both domestic and international markets.

The program aims to develop the students’ ability to operate successfully in a global economy and in particular to manage in Asian and Chinese context effectively. It offers a wide range of courses including management, marketing, finance and strategic management. Special courses about the Chinese economy and Chinese business practices are offered to meet the needs and interests of international students. These courses are taught by a team of more than 50 faculty members who specialize in different fields. In addition, international students can enjoy free Chinese language tuition.

International Doctoral Program
The doctoral program is designed to offer advanced and highly specialized curriculum in business administration study, to attract candidates who plan to pursue academic careers in research and teaching filed. Students will learn cutting edge management theories and develop their creative ability in business administration. Students are expected to actively participate in seminars and workshops and present their research to enhance their critical thinking and analytical abilities.

Academic Research
UIBE's Business School has seven research centers:

Research Center for Global Management of Beijing Enterprises

Center for Multi-national Corporation Studies, UIBE

Center for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Research, UIBE

Center for Global Marketing Research, UIBE

Center for International Human Resources & Organizational Development Research, UIBE

Center for Research in Technological Economics, UIBE

Center for Research in Financial Status Quality, UIBE

The School offers a research atmosphere that is known for fostering liberal thinking and innovation. Over the last few years, the School has won more than 50 projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Social Science Foundation of China, Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Foundation, Ministry of Education, Fok Yingtung Foundation, Enterprise Research, and the World Bank. Faculty members have received a variety of awards for their outstanding research. The research of the faculty has been widely disseminated in the publication of more than 400 books and over 400 articles in top ranked Chinese and international journals.

The School collaborated with Harvard Business School in hosting “Advanced Seminars in Global Business Management” for 3 years in a row between 1995 and 1997. In June 1998, the School undertook the first “Sino-US Management Seminar” sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and the US Department of Commerce.

In recent years, the School has established academic exchanges and cooperation with University of Maryland (US), University of Texas at San Antonio (US), University of Cologne (Germany), Université Panthéon-Sorbonne (France), Reims Management School (France), Audencia Nantes School of Management (France), Brock University (Canada), University of New Castle (Australia) as well as other business schools in China. The School has been collaborating closely with international professional associations such as ACCA (UK), CGA (Canada) and CPA (Australia), offering programs to UIBE students. In addition to academic and professional institutions, the school also maintains close link with businesses and government including multinational companies such as Haier Group, Motorola, Siemens, Ericsson and PricewaterhouseCoopers, as well as domestic organizations such as the Press & Publications Administration and the Ministry of Commerce etc.


UIBE's Business School emphasizes the systematic integration of business management subjects and making a contribution to managerial knowledge in the field of economics, management, finance, accounting, marketing, operation, statistics, and management science Students receive comprehensive training in applied economics, statistics, operational management and methodologies in behavioral science. The School also develops cases based on the practices of Chinese enterprises in order to understand their evolution and transformation, their strategy and business models.

UIBE's Business School will continue to adopt an international perspective in its teaching and research whilst rooted firmly in the practices of Chinese enterprises. We will follow the trend of international business education, focusing on developing our students’ innovative spirits, leadership skills, decision making ability as well as the ability to cope with and lead change.

International Competition Awards
UIBE's Business School Students have made stunning achievements in international competitions. These include 2 championships in a row in the Global Management Challenge (GMC) – the world’s largest strategic management competitions; and 1 championship in L’Oreal e-Strat Challenge.

Cooperation and Exchange

Sino-France MBA Program (1991-)

UIBE-Smith EMBA Program (2002-)

Executive Development Programs (EDP)

Sino-France MBA Program
It is a joint MBA program between Chinese and French governments. It includes part-time MBA program lasting 18 months and full-time MBA program lasting 30 months. Students will receive diploma in business management, from Université Paris 1 Panthéon – Sorbonne. This diploma is equivalent to the MBA degree in the United States or the United Kingdom, acknowledged by French Ministry of Education and China’s Degree Granting Committee of the State Council.

The program has obtained the attention and blessings from both the Chinese and French governments since its birth. More than 700 graduates are playing important roles in Sino-France corporations or other joint ventures.

UIBE-Smith EMBA Program
The program is jointly run by Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland in the United States and UIBE's Business School, University of International Business and Economics.

Located on the campus of UIBE, the Sino-US EMBA Program is supported by both universities. Students are registered at the University of Maryland and, upon graduation, receive a University of Maryland EMBA diploma and a program completion certificate from UIBE.

Executive Development Programs (EDP)
The Executive Development Program (EDP) is designed to provide systematic training to middle and top managers. Backed by the excellent MBA teaching team, UIBE's Business School has developed its EDP into one of the most popular brands in China’s training market. In addition to the on- campus training program, it also offers distance learning courses at the postgraduate’s level.

Currently, this program consists of two specializations: International Business Administration and Accounting. The courses include Business Administration, Marketing, Financial Management and Human Resource Management.

By 2007, EDP has provided training courses and services to more than 5,000 students. The program is well-recognized for its rigorous management of the. teaching process and quality education it provides.

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