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Language School & Art Courses in Florence

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Every location hosting Koine Italian language courses has been selected for its unique historical and environmental features. So you can choose to take your classes in a famous city of art, a medieval hilltown or a seaside resort.

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Photo of Language School & Art Courses in Florence Cortona, a small town of the Valdichiana in eastern Tuscany, offers the best of the country and the city. This classic hill town lies between Lago Trasimeno and the Appenine mountains. It is rich in archaeological wonders of the Etruscan, medieval and Renaissance eras. During the summer, Cortona hosts numerous activities including film festivals, art and antique exhibitions, and a number of gastronomical fairs. The surrounding countryside offers stunning views and walks, hiking and swimming at Lago Trasimeno. Cortona is within easy reach of some of the most beautiful and historic Tuscan and Umbrian towns and villages, including Arezzo and Gubbio. Through an arrangement with Cortona city officials, the Koinè Center organizes guided visits and excursions not available to the general public.


Image of Centro Koinè Bologna is one of Italy's major cultural centers. Home to one of the oldest and most famous universities of medicine, the city bustles with students of all ages, old bookshops full of character and characters, publishing houses and skilled bookbinders. Yet the historic center maintains much of its original layout. Particularly attractive are its many arcades, which allow pedestrians to move quickly and safely around the center. Bologna remains outside the main tourist circuit, and its residents are happy to give their attention to anyone coming from abroad. The Bolognesi are proud of their cultural heritage and do not miss a chance to point out the most interesting aspects of their daily life, especially the food.


Photos of Centro Koinè Florence is a city of culture: Culture of the past with its infinite examples of Renaissance splendor; culture of the present showcased in exhibitions of contemporary painting, sculpture, cinema, and fashion. The Koinè Center is headquartered in the historic center of Florence, between Piazza Duomo and Piazza Santa Croce (bus 14 or 23 from the main train station or 10 minutes by foot). The address is Via de' Pandolfini, 27. It's just a few hundred meters from the Sant'Ambrogio market and the flea market. Many popular bars and restaurants can be found in this area, and the University of Florence and the largest public libraries in the city are within walking distance.


Picture of Centro Koinè Lucca is one of the few Tuscan towns that retained its original urban structure. The ancient center was enclosed and protected by the Roman walls. Lucca developed within them until the end of the 19th century, creating an interesting superimposition of historical styles. Today the walls play an important part in town life, shielding the streets of the center from traffic and creating a ring of green around them. Lucca has developed into a modern city, at the same time retaining the characteristics of a little country town where ancient and modern coexist. Lucca's location is ideal; it is only 30 minutes from Pisa and the Mediterranean and 1 hour from Florence.


Elba has always been considered a favourite destination for those who wish to spend a holiday surrounded by nature, clean beaches and crystal clear sea without the need for a long journey by sea or several hours by plane. The atmosphere of the towns inland and the villages along the coast is the same as in any other Tuscan town with a large central square, church and town hall facing each other, as two such powers ought to, grocery shops and bars frequented by the locals. The natural surroundings however add something special: low vegetation and the Mediterranean bushes which are typical for the islands, alternating with vineyards and olive groves. Rio Marina is one of those villages with a square that opens onto the port and the marine horizon. The village has something further to offer: a history of mines and iron quarrying which has left its mark from the Etruscans up to recent times.


The Koinè Centre offers a free of charge accommodation booking service for the duration of the language course. When you fill in our registration form, please choose the accommodation you prefer. Information about accommodation will be sent at least seven days before the starting date of the course.

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