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Summer Design Courses in Milan, Italy

Image of Istituto Europeo di Design, Milan IED - Istituto Europeo di Design:
IED - Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan is an international higher educational school offering undergraduate, masters, continuing education and summer courses in the fields of Design, Fashion, Visual Communication and Management of creative industries to Italian and international students. The language of instruction is either English or Italian and depends on the specific course. IED also has campuses in Rome, Turin, Venice, Cagliari & Florence, Italy; Madrid & Barcelona in Spain and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Milan is the home of Made in Italy, of design in its broadest sense of creative culture, ranging from the decorative arts and industrial products to jewellery and food design.

Milan is the home of the creative economy, capable of generating new wealth and intellectual property: patents, copyright, brand names, registered designs… the work done by the design industry is so intense here that it acts as a driving force, even for traditional manufacturing activities.

And Milan is the city of the graphic designers, the industrial designers and the architects, but also the stylists, the entrepreneurs and the publishers who have written the history of Italian culture …

Milan today is the nerve centre of publishing and advertising, of Italy ’s hi-tech businesses and of all the entrepreneurial activities triggered by the development of new technologies.

It was in this cultural and manufacturing context, so deeply rooted in the Made in Italy philosophy, yet so thoroughly international in its mindset, that Francesco Morelli established the Istituto Europeo di Design in 1966.

A design schoolfounded for the purpose of training young creatives to learn theory and practice with passion, an open mind and enthusiasm, to make their dreams come true, designing the products and the shapes of the future.

Location and Facilities:


Photo of Summer Design Courses in Milan, Italy Workshops and equipment:
Milan ’s IED Design seat is equipped of modern laboratories that offer to the students plenty of PC and Mac workstations, modeling laboratories and a rich library.

Sciesa campus:
This is one of the oldest locations of the Istituto Europeo di Design, which was established in Milan in 1966.

The building is located in a typical street in the Milanese neighbourhood of Porta Vittoria, very close to the city centre and well served by public transport, surrounded by a very dynamic productive area with a natural orientation towards the philosophy that underpins Made in Italy.

Now completely renovated, the old building houses the IED Visual Arts and IED Design schools, which occupy an area of about 5,000 m².

Leoni Campus:
This is a 4,000 m² structure located in an area of the city that is now undergoing rapid property and urban development, close to the Via Pietrasanta campus.

Located at N° 3 via Pompeo Leoni, the facility houses all the three-year post-secondary school courses, the refresher and specialisation courses and the Masters organised by the Milan IED Fashion and the largest structure in Italy devoted entirely to a school of fashion.

The campus has numerous equipped lecture theatres, several workshops, common rooms, a library and an extensive garden containing a 900 m² theatre used for exhibitions, fashion shows and other events. A structure unlike any other, this is the only school of fashion in Italy to have its own large theatre, where it can old the final presentation of its students’ work, in exhibitions and shows that are open to the public.

More than 200 Italian and international practising professionals and academics hold courses here every year, always keeping one step ahead of the real evolution taking place in world of fashion, a milieu in which Milan is one of the world’s most accredited centres.

School / Office Address: Via Sciesa 4
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