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1. Ixchel Spanish School
Courses / Programs
Ixchel Spanish School in Antigua offers intensive one-on-one instructions for students of all levels, family homestay, after-class activities, weekend excursions, and airport pickup. All our courses are one-on-one, up to 8 hours/day 6 days/week. The focus of our courses is on communication. Of course we also teach grammar and vocabulary, but we don't stop there. We use innovative teaching techniques that make sure students can apply what they learn in realistic everyday situations.
General Spanish, business Spanish, medical Spanish, Spanish for travelers & volunteers; courses with college/university credits available. Discounts available for long-term students (4+ weeks) and groups (5+ persons).
2. Private Spanish Lessons
Courses / Programs
Amalia Jarquin is a private Spanish teacher in Antigua, Guatemala. She offers full Spanish immersion homestay programs to students from around the world. Students stay in her house and receive private lessons which are customized according to their needs. Amalia caters for students of all levels - beginner, intermediate and advanced. In addition, she offers online Spanish lessons via Skype so that students can study from any location at a schedule that best suits them. Amalia is a certified teacher with 15 years of experience. She has studied International Relations and is a native Guatemalan.

Studying and staying in your Spanish teacher's home is the most effective way to learn Spanish. The objective for all levels is for the student to feel satisfied and capable of understanding and speaking. The number of weeks of study will depend on the level that the student wants to achieve in Spanish. Before beginning the classes it is necessary to take a brief oral and written exam to have a better idea of the appropriate level, according to the previous knowledge of Spanish.
- Spanish immersion programs - homestay with your Spanish teacher
- Private Spanish lessons for all levels - beginner, intermediate & advanced
- Online Spanish classes via Skype
3. Antigua Plaza Spanish School
Courses / Programs
Antigua Plaza is an Online Spanish School offering lessons via Skype. 
Spanish language programs for all levels from beginners to advanced.
4. Spanish Academy Sevilla
Courses / Programs
Academia Sevilla is one of the best schools in Antigua Guatemala, located very near the Central Park of Antigua in a colonial-style building with a big garden. All classes are with 1 student and 1 instructor. We have a lot of free and minimum-priced activities.Next to the classes, we offer free social projects: most of our students volunteer their spare time and give service in the local orphanage, home for the aged, hospitals, teach English in schools or participate in other community projects.
The Spanish courses are in a one-on-one system from beginner to advanced. We offer 4, 5, 6 or 7 hours a day, morning or afternoon classes. We also provide tailor made classes. Homestay program.
5. Spanish Lessons Online - Skype Spanish Lessons in Guatemala
Courses / Programs
Based in Antigua, Guatemala, Amalia Jarquin is a private Spanish teacher offering online Spanish lessons via Skype, allowing students from around the world to learn Spanish from any location at a schedule that best suits them. The process of learning the Spanish language varies from one student to the other and for that reason the methods and techniques of teaching need to be adjusted to the particular skills of each person. This is possible thanks to a personalized method, where only one student and one teacher interact together.

Each lesson plan is based on the time that the student has available to learn Spanish. The level of conversation, along with the available material, is adapted as the student advances and improves each week. If a student speaks only at a basic level, the conversations are at that level. It is taken into account that the student is the one learning Spanish, and because of this the teacher's job is to conduct the lesson and maintain the rhythm and quality of the conversations.

Amalia also offers homestay accomodation in her own home combined with private Spanish lessons for a full Spanish immersion experience.
- Online Spanish classes via Skype for all levels - beginner, intermediate & advanced
- Homestay accommodation in your Spanish teacher's home combined with private Spanish lessons
6. LetsGoSpanish - Online Spanish Classes
Courses / Programs
LetsGoSpanish is an online-learning method that students use to learn how to speak Spanish with live tutors on Skype in a private environment. Our teachers are extremely qualified, and even some have upwards for 30 years experience teaching Spanish to language-learners.

We don’t offer a cookie-cutter solution. Our online Spanish lessons are suited for those who want to learn how to speak Spanish without the normal rigid restrictions of a classroom. Each of our Spanish lessons are customized to suit your personal needs and area of focus.

This is a perfect option for someone who has taken a homestay in a Spanish-speaking country, and/or is looking for a different alternative to classes in your home town where the prices may be exorbitantly high.

We offer a free trial to any new student who would like to try us out before committing!

Just as people are buying more and more online for convenience and price..... online learning is exploding in popularity, and this includes learning Spanish online!
Our curriculum is structured on a free-form approach depending on the student's needs.

The levels are split into Level 1/2 for each of Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. However, classes can be taught just for topical or professional interests.

Since the classes are conducted online, the conversational aspect is the main focus, however reading/writing and homework are issued in varying degrees to each student as needed.
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