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International Preschool to High School in Istanbul

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Keystone International Schools, Istanbul - Accredited International Education:
Keystone International Schools offers dedicated Preschool / Kindergarten, Primary, Middle, and High School programs in Istanbul, and provides the children of expat families from the preschool age of 3 up to High School Grade 12 with a warm, English-speaking, holistic educational environment. English is the language of instruction in our Primary, Middle & High School. From the age of 4 years old, students also start to learn French as a second language, and continue learning French through Grade 12.

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International School Programs / English Language-based Education in Istanbul:
All students up to Grade 12 also learn French as a second language.

Kindergarten, Primary, Middle & High School:
- Kucuk Camlica – Istanbul (central Uskudar district on the east side of Istanbul).

Preschool, Kindergarten:

- Dragos – Istanbul (Kartal district on the Asian side of Istanbul).

Keystone Schools Toronto
- Downtown Toronto, Ontario.

• Preschool / Pre-K Program (for ages 3-4) 
Photo of International Preschool to High School in IstanbulKIS Preschool was designed to expose children to various languages from their earliest years. Learning is encouraged through play in class and outdoors. A wide variety of resources are used to encourage children to participate and to be interested in their learning. Different teaching techniques like art and craft activities, songs and rhymes, story time, circle time free and organized playtime, and outdoor play; help children actively learn, explore, create, and grow into confident individuals.

Our full-day English preschool program offers teaching styles that include whole class, structured individual, small and large group activities, giving children a well-balanced preschool education.

KIS preschoolers are also eligible to participate in a French immersion program taught by native Francophone Aboriginal teachers. Students learn French by signing and playing. KIS students not only learn the language but take part in French celebrations and public holidays with group projects and presentations.

At KIS, our goal is to provide preschoolers with a level-headed program with the holistic approach that will begin to lay the building blocks for a lifetime of learning and interest in languages.

• Kindergarten Program
For children who are 5 and will be turning 6 within the calendar year. 

Image of International Preschool to High School in IstanbulThis is a preparatory class for KIS Primary School, and the focus in kindergarten is primarily on learning to read and write in English.

KG students learn through play, purposeful work, puppetry, narration, and other expressive arts and designs. The rewards of this play-based approach to school entry become apparent when children enter Grade 1, and start their school journey up through the years.

KIS students now have the opportunity to explore the worlds of literacy, numeracy and arithmancy. The KG program plans to achieve and acquire language competence, build rich vocabulary, and broaden knowledge by exposing students to carefully selected curriculum. KG curriculum allows students to analyze and observe their world, thus articulate their observations. Students develop lifelong capacities for creative thinking, self-confidence, reasoning and dialogue, awareness of others, and readiness and enthusiasm for academic learning.

Primary School (Grades 1-6)
Taught entirely through English.

Keystone International Schools understand the importance of creating a holistic environment for children to learn, explore and discover in the world around them.

The goals of Primary education is to encourage and support students to

Photos of Keystone International Schools, Istanbul - Accredited International Education- express themselves through the arts
- use the listening, viewing, speaking, reading, and writing modes of language, as well as scientific and mathematical concepts and symbols to think, learn, and communicate effectively
- use the strategies and thinking processes needed to solve a wide variety of problems, including those requiring language, mathematics and science
- use a variety of technologies, demonstrate an understanding of tech applications, and apply technology for problem solving
- access social, cultural, economic, and environmental interdependence in a local & global context
- continue to learn and to pursue an active, healthy lifestyle

In primary grades, the children will have a sound structure of phonics and the sounds they represent. Effective phonics instruction is important because letter-sound knowledge is the foundation needed to build up reading and writing abilities. In the primary grades, the teachers bring lessons alive through absorbing activities and vivid characterizations that heighten the child's interest and curiosity, and engage the child intellectually and emotionally.

Primary students engage in group discussion and reading as well as learn about the world around them in Social Studies and Science. Effective Oral communication skills are practiced between classes to learn and understand about students' multicultural backgrounds. They enhance their listening and speaking skills through working on group projects. Math skills are engaged and challenged with word problems, and they come to understand that Mathematics really is part of their everyday lives.

Throughout Primary school, KIS students develop a love for knowledge and learning, and gain confidence to face the new challenges awaiting them in Middle School years.
KIS primary school students also have the attractive opportunity to learn French or German as an elective foreign language.

• Middle School / Intermediate School (Grades 7, 8 & 9)
Taught entirely through English.

Picture of International Preschool to High School in IstanbulBridging the gap between primary school years and high school, KIS middle school classes are small in size, and therefore students receive detailed feedback and attention of the teachers. The middle school concept involves a group of teachers from different disciplines working as a team with the same group of the same grade level which enables a multidisciplinary approach at the academic and social environment of the school.

The middle school curriculum is designed specifically to meet the unique emotional and social needs of young teens / adolescents; encouraging them to broaden their interests. A middle school child’s promising emotional life thrives through positive kinds of expression, including the study and writing of poetry, literature and biographies. Students practice the academic integrity processes through real life examples and case studies as well as in their own research projects.

Through their time in middle school, students engage in 21st century skills such as critical thinking, communication skills, creativity, problem solving, perseverance, collaboration, information literacy, technology skills and digital literacy, media literacy, global awareness, self-direction, social skills, literacy skills, civic literacy, social responsibility, innovation skills, thinking skills.

Students are encouraged and challenged to inquire, hypothesize and experiment through hands-on science experiments as well as philosophize on the world and life around them. An exciting variety of activity lessons such as drama, music, art and gym help students to experience a dynamic interplay of knowledge of self and the world they engage in. These opportunities are also supported with field trips in line with students’ need and curriculum objectives.

Opportunities for responsibility and group leadership are encouraged. Discussions on the responsibilities and the discipline needed for independence, success and effective leadership take place throughout the middle school years. KIS students importantly gain a sense of heightened intellect and emotional stability before moving up into high school.

• International High School (Grades 10, 11 & 12)
Images of Keystone International Schools, Istanbul - Accredited International EducationTaught entirely through English.

KIS benefit from the advantages of having a high school in Toronto, Canada, and Istanbul, Turkey. We enrich our academic and social life with different approaches by bringing two continents together with the mobility of the educator staff, as well as, the exchange programs we carry out between the two schools.

KIS is a private co-ed school in the heart district of Istanbul. It provides a supportive, family-like environment with a project-based approach, preparing students to become well-rounded individuals. KIS in Istanbul is one of the best international private high schools in Istanbul, Turkey.

We see teaching and learning as a journey, where students are active participants who grow and develop both academically and socially. Students are actively engaged in their learning process through projects, events, and activities that connect education with real life.

KIS High School students follow a Canadian curriculum and graduate with an international high school diploma recognized worldwide. High school students are provided with the necessary knowledge and skills to choose and apply for universities through college counseling and preparation for international standardized exams, such as IELTS and SAT.

This allows students to apply to Canadian Universities in the same way theır Canadian counterparts would, allowing them easier access to the world’s third most successful educational system.

College advisors and guidance counselors, along with parents and faculty, provide resources and a supportive environment, which encourages each student to make the best possible choice for the university. The college counselor provides support for students and parents through the college planning process with the goal of assisting each student to find the best options for university, college, or technical school.

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Address: Küçük Çamlıca Mahallesi, Gülhan Sk. No:1/1 PK: 34660, Kucuk Camlica, Üsküdar, Istanbul, Turkey
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