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Keystone International Schools, Istanbul:
With campuses on the east side of Istanbul, Keystone International Schools provide the children of expat families (from the preschool age of 3 up to High School Grade 12) with a warm, English-speaking, holistic educational environment. English is the language of instruction in our Elementary, Middle & High School. From the age of 4, students also start to learn French as a second language, and continue learning French throughout High School.

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Quality International Education in Istanbul:

Photo of International Pre-K, Elementary through High School in Istanbul• Keystone International Schools (KIS) provides dedicated Preschool / Kindergarten, Primary / Elementary School, Middle School, and High School programs. 

Ontario Curriculum:  KIS adopts the Ontario Curriculum from Canada, which is very highly regarded around the world, and provides a set of clear goals for each grade level combined with project-based learning activities. We run our school based on the standards and requirements imposed by the regulatory bodies in Canada. PISA results show that Canada consistently outranks Australia, the UK, and the USA. 

American Accreditation:  KIS is also accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) in the USA. Keystone looks forward to regular assessments and guidance from WASC in order to provide the best academic experience for all KIS students. 

• Global Perspective:  At KIS, we aim to provide children with an intrinsic appreciation for life, a love of learning, and with the key skills necessary to become independent, responsible, environmentally and socially conscientious citizens of the world. 

• Keystone International Schools is specifically for international students of expat families. Parents of children who are Turkish nationals are also welcome to contact us here about our sister international school, Kilittaşı Schools in Istanbul, which offers bilingual education programs specifically for children of dual citizenship (Turkish & other) whose families live in Turkey or are moving back to Turkey.

• Through KIS' academic curriculum, extra-curricular activities, and social outreach programs, we strive to provide our students with an education that will last them a lifetime.

• Keystone emphasizes the importance of being an environmentally friendly, Green School, and guides our students through the process of reusing materials in the classrooms.

• For parents of children who are looking to join our school from another school in Istanbul, an English skills assessment test is taken to establish their English level.

Our Values: 
Our values at Keystone International Schools were established to provide children with a holistic approach that incorporates the following tenets:

• Strong connections between individuals
• Open and honest communication
• The value of all contributions, whether large or small
• The health, happiness and safety of children

English-based Education Programs:

Image of International Pre-K, Elementary through High School in IstanbulTaught entirely in the English language. 

• Preschool / Kindergarten Program (ages 3-4)
• Elementary School (Grades 1-4)
• Middle School (Grades 5-8)
• High School (Grades 9-12)

All students up to Grade 11 learn French as a second language.

Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle & High School:

- in Kucuk Camlica (central Uskudar district on the east side of Istanbul)

Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary:
- in Dragos (Kartal district on the east side of Istanbul)

Preschool, Kindergarten:
- in Çiftehavuzlar, Fenerbahce (Kadikoy district on the east side of Istanbul)

Preschool, Kindergarten:
- in Acarkent (Beykoz district on the east side of Istanbul)

Preschool, Kindergarten:
- in Sabancı (Tuzla district on the east side of Istanbul)

Meals and Nutrition at Keystone - Grow & Learn:

Photos of Keystone International Schools, Istanbul• At KIS, we are very aware of the interest of modern parents in health and nutrition, especially in their children’s diets. We therefore believe that the best way to educate our students in nutrition to model healthy eating habits. We pay great attention to ‘how’ and ‘where’ the ingredients of our school meals are produced locally.

• Food diversity is very important to the Keystone diet, which is why children will experience a wide variety of traditional Turkish as well as international food offerings. The diet is composed of natural fruits, vegetables and whole grains produced on local farms. Also, since children are naturally attracted to colors, we believe the best way to decorate a plate is with a lot of colorful fruits and vegetables.

• All meals are accompanied by a salad or yogurt. By only serving ‘seasonally appropriate’ foods, we abide by our philosophy of keeping in-sync with the natural growing cycle.

• Mealtimes at Keystone International Schools are also an enjoyable and educational bonding experience for teachers and students. Talking about food helps students to understand where their daily energy and wellbeing comes from. For more details of our meals, please contact us. 

Parent Reviews / Testimonials:

Picture of International Pre-K, Elementary through High School in Istanbul• “I was so excited to find a school as socially and environmentally conscious as Keystone. I am confident that my daughter will receive the holistic education that she would have received in the US. I feel so lucky to have found Keystone International – now I don’t feel so guilty for being away from home.”

• “Ich habe den Kindergarten und die Schule in Dragos für meine Enkelin besucht. İm Vergleich zu den bisherigen Kindergarten, die ich in der Stadt besucht habe, ist dieser in einer sehr ruhen, sehr grünem Umgebung.

Das Gebaeude ist mit der Natur vereinigt, und jeder, der sich um uns gekümmert hat, war sehr nett und kompetent. Überrascht hat mich auch, dass die Kindergartenküche nur bio Produkte verwendet, es gibt keinerlei Aromastoffe und der Ernaehrungsplan ist ausgewogen. Dieses ist für die Türkei eine Revolution.”


• “Después de una larga búsqueda, me alegré mucho cuando encontré una guardería internacional que ofrece un programa completo en español.”

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Address: Mahallesi Gülhan Sk. No:1/1 PK: 34660, Kucuk Camlica, Üsküdar, Istanbul, Turkey
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