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Delphi Academy of Campbell:
Delphi Academy of Campbell is a private, secular, non-sectarian school, located in Campbell, Santa Clara County CA, in the heart of the Silicon Valley / San Francisco Bay area. We are part of the Delphian School, founded in 1976 and located in Sheridan, Oregon. We are a year-round K-8 school (Kindergarten, Lower School, Elementary School, Middle School), licensed to use Applied Scholastics Educational Services. Our goal at Delphi is to educate our students so that they know what they need to know to be successful, and can competently use it. Knowledge opens the doors for students, and competence gives them confidence for the future.

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Although most students enroll in September, the highly individualized nature of the Delphi program allows qualified students to enroll at other times, space permitting. Priority is given to those eligible students first completing the full application procedure. Tuition and materials fees are prorated according to the date of enrollment.

Strong Academics: A Personal Approach:

Photo of Private School in South Bay AreaThe basics come first.  All Delphi students, no matter at what level they start, become well grounded in reading, writing, mathematics and study skills.

Our approach is geared to the individual.
Each student begins Delphi with a program tailored to his or her level, then progresses through it rapidly.  All along the way, students are both helped and challenged. 

We want to see our students grow, stretch, reach higher and farther, and feel confident that they are prepared for a successful life.

Our academic standards are high.
Students should be able to absorb all of their education - not some or most, but 100%. We don't believe in passing students on to the next subject without fully making it in the previous one. 

Teachers work with students to ensure they really understand and can use what they have studied.

Curriculum & Beyond:

Image of Private School in South Bay AreaA Curriculum That Reflects Life.

Developed through Heron Books, once a part of Delphi, our curriculum covers a wide spectrum of subjects - from the traditional to the practical. 

Built on the idea that a curriculum msut reflect all aspects of life, Heron Books has over 300 courses ranging from the basics of reading, writing and mathematics to such practical areas as manners, nutrition, penmanship and communication. 

Science, history, geography and foreign language are vailable for all levels and include not just theory, but plenty of practical exercises to help students develop understanding.

Field trips
are a regular part of the school week and are another way for students to connect what they are studying with real life.  Younger students go on weekly trips to places such as a bakery, fire station, a concert, or to explore a nature center. 

Older students take trips twice a month to aquariums, a glass-blowing studio, City Hall, the Tech Museum or to see the San Jose Opera or Ballet.

Sports and physical activity
is an important part of a student's life and is taught daily at Delphi.  Younger students master large motor skills in gymnastics and learn playground games while older students focus on team sports and their related skills. 

The program includes general physical fitness, track, soccer, basketball, volleyball, street hockey, flag football and more.  Students interested in competitive play can join our Delphi Dragons teams in several sports and play against other schools.

Culture and the Arts
are encouraged and are an important part of student life.  Every student participates in musical and theatrical productions held throughout the year. 

Local artists and artisans are invited on campus to teach a variety of classes, and students visit artist's studios and museums as well as attend workshops and theatrical performances in the community. 

Student artwork is always on display on campus and large cultural festivals such as the Indian Diwali and Chinese New Year held during the year.

Summer at Delphi:

More than a summer camp, a Delphi Summer is a combination of academics, activities, arts, athletics and adventure!  Most of our regular school year curriculum is available to summer students and our year-round faculty care for each camper to ensure they have a summer of both fun and learning.

Summer is a great time to sharpen up study skills, strengthen basics and explore new interests.  Campers get personalized attention to improve skills (as needed) in reading, comprehension, writing and mathematics.

Additionally, they have the opportunity to explore areas of interest in science, lab, history, language and more.


A Delphi Summer is full of activities like arts and crafts, junior engineering, swimming, sprinkler days, rock climbing, trampolining, gold-panning, beach trips... the list goes on!

Special art projects like tie-dye, paper mache', movie making, photography and more are all a part of our summer program.  Every camper has the chance to find new ways to express themselves creatively and the chance to display their work for others. 

Camping trips create fantastic memories of nature, friendship and fun.  Our camping trips are a favorite among students and we offer age-appropriate events for each group. 

Our oldest students may spend four days in Yosemite/Gold country rafting, visiting historical "living towns" and enjoying hiking, swimming and other sports.

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Address: One West Campbell Avenue, Building A, Campbell, Santa Clara County, California 95008, USA
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Delphi Academy of Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley
Courses / Programs
Are you searching for a quality private school in the San Fernando Valley area?

Located in Lake View Terrace, in the foothills of the beautiful Angeles National Forest, Delphi Academy of Los Angeles is a coeducational day school providing a preschool through 12th grade program.

We admit students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin.

Delphi Academy of Los Angeles is one of several schools in the Delphi Schools Network, a group of independent schools sharing uniquely developed curriculum and teaching methods.

All of our teachers have been thoroughly trained in the study and teaching methods practiced at Delphi Academy.

Academics focus on providing students with a solid grounding in the basics, a rich and challenging hands-on curriculum, and the ability to study purposefully and independently.

In addition to rounding out academic studies in literature, mathematics, writing, science, history, and government, our students gain practical understanding and experience in the subjects of leadership, integrity and logic, as well as management and organizational skills.

Student Testimonial:
"The thing I really like about Delphi is that they let you feel important. You don’t have to be afraid to be who you are! The teachers are great! Delphi makes learning fun.”
- Middle School Student
Academic Programs for Preschool-Grade 12 Students:

• Preschool
• Lower School
• Elementary School
• Middle School
• High School
• Summer Programs
• English Immersion Program for International Students (Academic Year)
• English Immersion Camps (Spring, Summer & Winter - 4 weeks to 3 months)
Arbor Bay School / ALLS, San Mateo County
Courses / Programs
Arbor Bay School / ALLS in Redwood City in San Mateo County on the San Francisco Peninsula in Northern CA (approximately 27 miles south of San Francisco, and 24 miles north of San Jose), is a non-profit, non-public school providing multidisciplinary educational support to children with learning differences. Arbor Bay School / ALLS, founded under the auspices of Associated Learning & Language Specialists Inc., continues the tradition of excellence in educational and therapeutic services initiated by Pam Joy, Founder and CEO, in 1980.

The mission of Arbor Bay School / ALLS is to increase opportunities for academic and social success through highly individualized and specialized instruction in a small classroom environment. Students learn “how they learn” and how to master individual learning strategies. Each student’s learning style should define the content and form of their unique educational and therapeutic program.

At Arbor Bay School / ALLS, the program focuses on the developmental growth of each child. We deliver a unique combination of educational and therapeutic services to help each child reach the highest level of academic and social success.
- Grades K-8, 5 days a week, up to 6-1/2 hours per day. Serving children 5 – 14 years of age

- California State Curriculum Standards followed

- Multi-disciplinary staff onsite – Speech / Language Pathologists, Behavior & Occupational Therapists

- Practical and Fine Arts specialists

- Language! And Lindamood-Bell approaches utilized

- Individual and group tutoring, social-language groups, Speech and Occupational Therapy services are available in the clinic after school
Art of Learning Academy, Los Angeles County
Courses / Programs
The Art of Learning Academy is a private co-educational school in Northridge in Los Angeles County, CA, serving students in grades 6-12 from Reseda, Canoga Park, Winnetka, North Hills and surrounding communities. The Art of Learning is not an ordinary private school. It grew out of a unique partnership between an educational therapist, an artist, dedicated teachers, students who want to learn and parents who dared to believe that learning differences could be surmounted in an atmosphere of care and individualized attention to their children.

The Art of Learning Academy accepts students who do not do well in traditional school environments, large environments and large classrooms. These include students with Dyslexia and Dyscalculia. We provide a cozy home environment consisting of an ample house in Northridge that has a lovely garden and pool.

The Art of Learning Academy is a small school of warmth and intimacy in which the learning experience takes place either one-on-one or in small groups with less than ten students per teacher and a paraprofessional aide. We are non-sectarian and accept students of all races and religions.
Education Programs:
- Middle School Program
- Senior High School Program

* We accept students who do not do well in traditional school environments, large environments, and large classrooms, including students with Dyslexia and Dyscalculia.

* We teach English, Math, Social Studies, Science, PE, Film, Art and Music in a cozy home environment.
Ladera Music Academy, Los Angeles
Courses / Programs
Located in the Ladera Heights area of southwest Los Angeles, Ladera Music Academy is a music school that offers quality, affordable music classes for students of all ages from infants to senior citizens. We offer beginner to advanced level courses in a wide variety of instruments (guitar, drums, keyboard, violin), vocal lessons, gospel music classes, and instrumental family music camps. Both evening, and weekend classes are available.

Our goal is to encourage children to explore & make music. Music can offer the mental & emotional tools needed for children to build a well-rounded future. Music education offers children the opportunity to develop skills ranging from better concentration to coordination in addition to providing a creative outlet for self expression.​

We believe that talent is earned, not given, so we have high expectations that any child can excel in music while also having fun!
Guitar Classes:
- All Levels (Ages 5 - Adult)

Keyboards Classes:
​- Beginning Keyboard Class / Keyboard for Kids Class (8-12)
- Adults Intro to Keyboard (13+)
- Keyboard for Seniors (50+)

Violin Classes:
- Beginning Violin Class (4-12)

Drum Classes:
- Beginner Rhythmic Rhythms (0-5)
- Rhythmic Rhythms (5-11)

​Vocal / Music Classes:
- Elementary Children’s Choir (7-13)
- Vocal Performance Techniques (11-18)
- Gospel Music Class (11-18)
- Family Summer Music Courses: ​Music Together Family Camp
Robbin's Nest Preschool and Kindergarten, Los Angeles County
Courses / Programs
Located in La Crescenta, Los Angeles County, CA, Robbin's Nest Preschool and Kindergarten offers preschool and kindergarten programs focusing on child development and on the daily activities which are of interest to children at this age (ages 2-5 years). We are aware of the needs and expectations of parents and strive to complement the family structure catering for children from La Crescenta, La Canada Flintridge, Glendale, Montrose, Briggs Terrace and surrounding communities.

We believe that experience in a good child care setting can prepare children for later life experiences. This can best be accomplished in an environment in which the adults promote self-expression and creativity, but also pay attention to the importance of self-control and mutual respect.

The climate at our school encourages children to make choices, take responsibility for these choices, and develop self-discipline. In an atmosphere of trust and respect, each child finds opportunities to realize his/her own self-worth and personal growth.
Education Programs:

- Preschool program

- Kindergarten program

- Half days, 2, 3 and 5 day flexible programs available.

* We are open Monday to Friday from 7.00 am til 6.00 pm to assist the different needs of our families.
LePort School, Huntington Harbor
Courses / Programs
Located at 16081 Waikiki Lane, just minutes from Huntington Harbor, Orange County CA, LePort School is Huntington Beach’s premier Montessori, preschool & elementary school. Our Huntington Harbor campus offers a wide range of Montessori child care, preschool and elementary school programs to toddlers, preschoolers, and lower elementary students, aged 3 months to 8 years. Our programs are designed for very young toddlers through 3rd Grade.

At our Montessori school, it is our goal to provide students with an outstanding education, one in which they develop strong basic skills, master challenging content, and learn to think independently. In the Montessori classroom, children progress individually, allowing each child to experience the joys of learning. The Montessori learning materials are designed to spark the imagination, engage the intellect, and invite each child to explore, discover, and understand.

By choosing LePort, you enable your child to make the most of his precious childhood. Our unique program, which combines rigorous academics with a strong focus on personal development, will prepare your child for the adventure of life. At LePort, your child can have it all.
Montessori, Pre-school & Elementary Education Programs:

- For ages 3 months to 8 years
- Mommy & Me toddler classes (18 - 36 Months)
- Pre-Kindergarten program
- Lower Elementary program (1st - 3rd Grade)
- Full / Half-day programs
- Spanish language immersion classes
- Summer Camps