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Learn French at Lyon Bleu International! Lyon Bleu International is a private school which has been offering French language courses since 1999. We are located beside the city centre of Lyon, situated in the Southeast of France! We offer a wide range of programmes from intensive French to exam preparation as well as French culture courses.
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- General French ; - Intensive French ; - Semi-Intensive French ; - Business French ; - DELF and DALF exam preparation ; - French for Au pairs ; - French Conversation Club ; - French for Seniors 50+ ; - French Culture ; - French Cuisine ; - Group Lessons ; - Individual Tuition
Mary Roark ; from Lyon, France
(2011-04-18  08:13:24)
Lyon Blue claims an "a la carte" menu of courses but the registration process requires 2 different individuals to check class size and availablity and then a 3rd to make the payment transaction. The administration is cumbersome. I had to wait for someone to get "off the phone" in order to make my credit card payment. I think for "young students" in their 20's or someone who comes full time to learn the objectives of learning French can be met. As an adult learner who lives fulltime in France do to a job relocation for my husband, I found it insulting to be told "maybe it is the not the right time for you to learn french." As an adult, I am mananging other responsibilities, a part-time job, children, and a household, in addition to being an immigrant with the burdens of making a life in France. I have tried Alliance Francaise(very intense and good if you can be there 5 days a week) and Lyon Blue on two different occaisions in the past two years. Despite the new building the administration remains archaic, and in the new building there is NO air circulation so as soon as the sun comes out it feels like a sauna. I thank my teachers who in general were good and enthusiastic for their efforts but as a result of the unprofessional registration staff, I will seek another school.
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