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English Learning Holiday on Ireland's Sunny Southeast Coast. EFL Ireland is a small friendly school which specializes in 3 main areas, offering exclusive 2 and 4-week Adult EFL English, Business English courses and Junior EFL Summer courses.
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Exclusive 2 and 4-week General and Business EFL lessons for adults in Dunmore East and Waterford. 2, 3 & 4 week courses for juniors in Waterford.
Hanna Kim ; from Korea
(2022-05-12  10:54:26)
 (Highly Recommended)
The service and value are wonderful! Ireland is such wonderful place to Study English. Thank you very much!
(2018-12-18  14:23:22)
 (Highly Recommended)

Firstly, I’d like to talk about my 1st year in Waterford and my experience there. I lived with a really nice Irish family, the Murphy’s. Robyn, who was 11, was lovely and we have so many good memories together which I will never forget. Shelley, her mum; John, her dad and Peter, her old brother, were kind as well. They actually did my time in Ireland much better and I’m so glad of staying with this family, they took care of me, they are fabulous.
During the week I used to go to Lady Mercy Secondary school. Teachers were lovely, they gave me the attention I needed and they helped me every time I asked. I could find out subjects I’ve never done before and I learnt things I never imagined I would learn. People were pleasant and I could improve my English properly. It was a great experience.
If anyone asks me about the time I spent in Ireland, I must tell them about the different activities we did. We visited lots of interesting museums such as the Viking Museum with the VR glasses in Waterford or the Leprechaun museum in Dublin. We also went to Cork and Kilkenny. I have so many funny memories from those trips and the people who I went with.
Those daytrips wouldn’t be possible without our coordinator, Richard. He took us to the cinema and he always came with us. He helped us when we needed him and he kept our opinion in mind to decide the activities which is quite admirable.


This year has been completely different, because the family I stayed with, the school and the activities have changed even if I’ve been in Waterford on the same time of the year.
When I firstly met my host family I knew they would be great and nice. Mia and Kaitlyn, twin girls, have been so funny and kind and I could learn a lot from them. I met their friends and family as well, which was incredible. Glen and Amber, the other teenagers of the family, were also lovely. Adrian and Audrey, my host parents, gave me whatever I needed and they have been wonderful company during my stay here, in Ireland. I should say that they I’ve enjoyed so much with them, they are a great family to stay with.
One of the best things of those few weeks has been undoubtedly the school, Waterpark College. I actually learnt so much from the Transition Year, I have met lots of fantastic new people and so many nice teachers. Besides, I had the opportunity to go to Croke Park, to the cinema and I could even go ice skating. I’m so grateful with the school that gave me the chance to do those amazing activities.
Talking about activities I’d like to focus on the ones we did with Richard this year. They have been different from the last year, we went to Dublin, we went to the Smithwick's Experience in Kilkenny and to the Titanic museum in Cork. They were so good and I could learn about Irish culture a bit more. We also used to have free time to go shopping or go for a walk through the city centre.

Well, I’d like to finish saying thanks to all the people who spent these wonderful months with me, you made my experience absolutely amazing. Thanks to STEP as well, for making it possible. Thanks a million.
Christienne ; from Canada
(2018-01-21  07:27:06)
 (Highly Recommended)
Skilled teaching in beautiful surroundings, what more could anyone ask for?
Liz O'Mahony (Host family) ; from Waterford
(2017-12-12  06:38:13)
I find the back-up for students from EFL very important, their time in Waterford is well structured and they are well supported to 'make the most' of their stay.

In particular the students who attend High School for a period become well integrated and their English improves enormously.
Alba ; from España
(2017-11-13  10:49:44)
 (Highly Recommended)
Ireland is very cold but we had the best education and the teachers were so good with us. The memories will forever be.
Paula Garcia ; from Valencia
(2017-10-14  14:43:51)
 (Highly Recommended)
The curso de inmersión e integraciónin in Waterford in Irlanda is very special!!! So good school and the host. I wish I could stay.
Irini ; from Valencia
(2017-10-04  11:04:27)
This week. We will leave Ireland but wish I could stay. This place has bad whether and food too much but its ok we loved every day. Our teacher made the best for us. bye Efl ireland :)
Sara Garcia ; from Spain
(2017-09-27  16:58:28)
 (Highly Recommended)
I had the best summer! The teacher did great and the stage show was amazing. I will I hope come back next year.
Stefania Mingola ; from Turin, Italy
(2011-03-13  06:25:38)
 (Highly Recommended)
EFL Ireland school is a perfect place to learn English well. There I studied to prepare myself for a difficult exam in my school that is called FIRST CERTIFICATE. Now I am surely more prepared to face that exam than I was before. For his reason I suggest this kind of travel to learn English better. When I was there I also staid in a very beautiful family with a funny mum and a very nice daughter, and I am still keeping in touch with them ^-^.
Richard, the school head teacher is also helpful is you need something, don't be afraid of asking for something.
Whether you follow my suggestion I would be very happy and in that case: have a nice time and enjoy your holiday!!!
Filippo ; from Torino, Italy.
(2011-03-11  16:48:36)
Tramore the best!
i really enjoyed the time in Waterford: i`ve never known before such a funny head-teacher!!!
i think i will come back next year!!!
(2011-03-06  07:21:47)
 (Highly Recommended)
Waterford 2006 (August)
Actually I couldn't stand neither weather nor food but I didn't mind, IT WAS A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE! :)
(2011-03-02  13:31:20)
 (Highly Recommended)
Imposible to forgetting
I stayed in Waterford, Ireland and that was the best thing that ever happens to me.
Thanks EFL Ireland collage's teachers.
(2011-02-27  16:47:13)
 (Highly Recommended)
An unforgettable experience!!!
Living in Ireland for a month with this program has changed my life forever. I will never forget any moment!!! Since I went there I see my life with other eyes! I would like to thank everybody (teachers, friends, family, IVAJ...) how they made me happy for 4 weeks and all the things I could learn there. Lots of kisses and I hope to meet u very soon!
Bastien ; from France
(2011-02-23  19:55:33)
 (Highly Recommended)
An unforgettable language-learning trip!
It was wonderful, the family and the teachers were very great!!! We saw Dublin, Reginald's Tower, Waterford Crystal,Comeragh Mountains ... It was funny because each day we had an other activity: sport, film, excursions...so I discovered Ireland, a very beautiful country. I only have good memories and I will nerver forget people I met and all I saw there.
(2011-02-19  14:36:40)
 (Highly Recommended)
The best trip
I was in Waterford last summer 2006. My stay with EFL, it was wonderful, in spite of going thanks to a grant, they treated us very well. they didn't do any distinction for not being we that paid the trip. We did a lot of different activities, they showed us irish traditions. MOreover, the teachers were disciplined and entertaining.They were in every time to our disposition. EFL helped to me to spend a perfect experience in Ireland for a month.
(2011-02-14  11:27:46)
The trip of my dreams
Last summer, I went to Waterford,a south city of Ireland. I passed there my best holidays.Thanks to EFL, I learnt a lot of english and I visited nice places. I belive that I'll never forget this wonderful experience and neither people I met. You should go there. You won't regret, I am sure.
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