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Accademia Europea di Firenze (AEF) is an Italian language, culture, art and music school situated right in the heart of historic Florence in the Tuscany region of Italy. AEF offers a variety of Italian language courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced students, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.
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Programs / Courses:
- Standard Italian courses (10, 12, 16 or 20 hours of Italian lessons per week) ; - Intensive Italian course ; - Private Italian lessons ; - Combined Italian course (Group classes + individual tuition) ; - Yearly Italian program ; - CILS, CELI, DELI and DALI exam preparation ; - Business Italian ; - Italian for Tourism ; - Italian for Business & Commerce ; - Art courses ; - Music courses ; - Italian cooking classes ; - Italian culture courses ; - Homestay program with an Italian host family
Renee Farmer ; from USA
(2013-07-08  06:52:57)
I would like to start off with the good things about the school:

At least they had the accommodations I requested and the houselady is very nice. The school is air conditioned and they have a variety of tours and trips.

The bad things:

There is no wifi at my place. I feel like in this day and age, their should at least be some sort of warning when there is no internet access. On top of that, my phone doesn’t receive any reception, so I can not make nor receive phone calls while inside my house. They do provide wifi access at the school, however, you can only use one device at a time. So, if you have a computer, ipad, and iphone like i do, choose carefully which one you want to use.

The accommodations are okay overall. I actually don’t have a room, it’s a makeshift room with 3 1/2 walls. The 3rd wall has a large rectangular shaped hole in it for some unknown reason (it leads to some dark creepy crawlspace). But the accommodations are actually quite pricy to live in the ghetto part of Florence with no Wifi and a hole in the wall so large a person can fit through it. Additionally, my neighbors have a party every night, which peaks at 2 in the morning. I am a heavy sleeper, yet the loud piercing screams pierce even the deepest of slumbers.

The bathroom has a weird, old urine smell to it (despite the fact that I cleaned it twice with lysol) but other then that everything functions.

The kitchen is adequate although there is no microwave or dishwasher. But there is sufficient space for food and adequate plates and utensils.

The good news is the only insect infestation in the house is mosquitos. The bad news is despite having a mosquito net covering over my bed, I still wake up with mosquito bites all over, including my face.

The school is a horrible disorganized mess. When I arrived, my musical instrument was not here as stated via verbal agreement and the school just said, well it will be here next week. So in other words, they wasted 25% of my time here in Florence. On top of that I was told I would have 10 lessons and they decided to give me 4 lessons all clumped into the same days. The teacher told me they informed her 3 days prior to my first lesson I would start lessons with her (despite the fact that I informed the school 4 weeks prior). The tours are disorganized, if it states it is free, it will likely cost money.

And the teacher. At least she knows how to play the instrument, somewhat. I will say that if I had her as a teacher starting off with my music lessons, I would probably not still be playing an instrument. I’m sure she is a great musician, but teaching (which is difficult) is not her strength. When I am practicing, she screams “RELAX YOUR HANDS!!!” among other things. And overall her attitude is pretty nasty for a teacher.

Additionally, the teacher is not located at the school, but is actually located in a town 1 hour from Florence, so I have to take a bus to another city for every lesson. BTW, none of this was mentioned before I got here.

The good news is at least they did eventually get my instrument.
Eva Maria Horváth ; from Dresden, Deutschland
(2011-04-21  08:12:13)
 (Highly Recommended)
Ich war für vier Wochen bei der Accademia Europea di Firenze, eigentlich studiere ich Italienisch an der Universität in Dresden...Ich bin zur Accademia gekommen, um mein Italienisch zu verbessern. Ok, Ich wusste nichts von der Accademia, aber, ich kann sie allen nur wirklich herzlich empfehlen! Alle sind supernett, die Unterrichtsstunden sind perfekt, auch um die Grammatik zu wiederholen, oder auch wer anfängt, Italienisch zu lernen, wird hier super begleitet. Und es gibt unwahrscheinlich viele Programme am Nachmittag! Das muss auch gesagt werden, die sind kostenlos, man besucht zusammen mit Lehrern die Kunstausstellungen, die Stadt, oder fährt nach Siena, fährt nach Bologna, also es gibt unwahrscheinlich viele Programme... Ich kann allen nur herzlichen empfehlen, zur Accademia zu kommen, besucht die Accademia in Florenz!
Michael Seifferth ; from Deutschland
(2011-04-20  09:11:35)
 (Highly Recommended)
Ich habe an der Accademia Europea di Firenze studiert, da ich das für mein Studium brauche, und weil es die beste Sprachschule in Florenz ist. Warum? Weil hier die besten Lehrer sind, man lernt super gut und super schnell die Grammatik, man spricht ganz viel, es sind alle sehr freundlich, das Gebäude ist wunderschön, und die Schule ist mitten im Zentrum.
Emily Rath ; from Colorado, USA
(2011-04-20  08:15:15)
 (Highly Recommended)
I will definitely reccomend this school, because I studied in other schools too many time language, and what I have to say is that, this is definitely the best, the teachers are so nice, they come from all different cities, they speak with a very clean accent, they're so helpful and really fun, the grammar course paired with the conversation course. It's definitely the best and it helped me to experience Florence in a completely different way.
Alexandra Dorm ; from USA
(2011-04-19  11:00:09)
 (Highly Recommended)
An excelent school.. I loved it.. Great teachers.. very nice atmosphere. Then, it's located in Florence's downtown..
Thanks to everyone. Florence is a georgeous city. You made me feel like at home. Now, I can speak Italian.. ;))
Arrivederci amici.
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