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Based in Northern Alberta, Athabasca University is a worldwide leader in quality distance education, providing a wide range of online Undergraduate and Graduate programs, including Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor & Masters Degree levels. We have over 700 courses in a large selection of arts, science, and professional disciplines.
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Briana ; from Mississauga
(2013-02-20  10:30:03)
Although I understand the frusterations of the person who left a negative comment, Athabasca is a great university. Some tutors are better than others, some programs are better than others, and some courses are more updated than others - it all really depends. I've studied anthropology, french, biology, and business at Athabasca and had really great experiences with most of my courses and tutors/professors. Great course layouts, great support when you need it, great resources. Yes, I encountered a dud of a tutor or two myself, and study guides with spelling or grammar errors. What university doesn't have them?
Leane ; from Canada
(2011-05-13  15:14:15)
I would urge anyone to consider finding a real school somewhere else. The lay-out of the course is extremely poor. Study Guide as well as the assignment book had errors, quite confusing and less helpfull than they supposed to be. The tutor was quite nice, but very forgetful and incompetent at times, had to remind her a couple of times about the same thing. Didn't find her helpful at all, she would only give me general answers to all of my questions. Student guide referred to pages that were absent. I would not recommend this university to anyone!
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