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As one of the oldest institutes of its kind in Doha, the Stenden Institute, previously known as the CHN Institute, was established in 2004 as a division of the Stenden University, formerly known as the CHN University, a Dutch university specialising in international business management, hospitality and tourism management. Stenden Institute currently specialises in English and Arabic language courses as well as ‘soft’ business skills workshops.Programs / Courses:
We offer morning and evening Arabic language and culture classes designed for beginners. ; - Modern Arabic I ; - Modern Arabic II ; - Arabic Language and Culture
Zahraa Mohamed ; from South Africa
(2011-05-23  03:27:03)
I attended an Arabic Language programme at the Institute. I enjoyed the international flavour in the classroom and it was exciting to learn Arabic at the Institute. The programme is geared towards conversation and I learnt many new words, I also made an effort to bring words to the class that I did not understand. I like the fact that they have teachers from many different countries in the Arab world. I hope to take Arabic II very soon.
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