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Our campuses are located in Madrid and Málaga, where we offer an extensive range of year-round Spanish courses with flexible start dates and schedules to meet each student’s preferences and interests. Learn Spanish in small groups with passionate, experienced teachers and communication-based methodology.Programs / Courses:
Spanish Language Classes in Madrid/Málaga: ; - Intensive Spanish ; - Premium Spanish ; - Total Immersion ; - Semi Intensive Spanish ; - Long term Spanish ; - Private Spanish ; - Spanish Evening Classes ; - Weekend Spanish Classes ; - Club 50+ ; - DELE Preparation ; - DELE Extensive Evening Course ; - Spanish GCSE, A-LEVEL, Scottish Higher ; - Business/Tourism Exam Preparation ; - SIELE Exam ; - CCSE Exam Preparation ; - SIELE Exam Preparation ; Online Spanish Language Classes : ; ; - Intensive Spanish ; - Premium Spanish ; - Total Immersion Spanish ; - Semi intensive Spanish ; - Evening Spanish Course ; - Weekend Spanish Course ; - Private Spanish Lessons
Roger Burns ; from Dundee, Scotland
(2020-10-31  04:02:39)
 (Highly Recommended)
I had never had virtual classes before and I have to admit I was a bit sceptical before starting. I had studied with AIL though back in 2017 so I thought I’d give them a shot so in April 2020 I signed up for a 1 week B1 intensive. The first couple of days felt a little strange to be honest and I was not sure if it would work for me. 4 months later, I have now taken 11 weeks intensive online and have moved on to B2. I could take break weeks when my work commitments didn’t allow me to come to class and AIL have been very flexible. THANK YOU!
Nika Sharif ; from Iran
(2019-02-13  05:40:04)
 (Highly Recommended)
During the summer I have had 3 weeks of semi intensive course at AIL. Before arriving to Madrid I have had contact with Hugo from the AIL team and I can not be more satisfied with the way I was helped by email/phone. He took all the time to answer all my questions and explained everything that I needed to know. Upon arrival I met the AIL team and my class. My class consisted of 8 students and we had an amazing time during and after the classes. In general the program is intensive, although it depends on the teachers and their teaching methods. This is great because you can choose what type of method suits you best. In my experience the AIL team is quite flexible and willing to help!
In addition there are interesting and fun after class activities that will make your stay in Madrid even more fun!
Aleksandra Góra ; from UK
(2018-06-14  08:17:05)
 (Highly Recommended)
Durante 2 meses asistí a un curso de preparación para el certificado B2 , gracias a una gran maestra, Marina, realicé el examen sin estrés y muy bien preparada. ¡Las clases siempre han sido interesantes, en un ambiente relajado y con mucha risa! ¡No dudo en recomendar AIL Madrid!
Shruti Rathod ; from Mumbai
(2017-10-11  04:44:54)
 (Highly Recommended)
Tuve una experiencia inolvidable con AIL Madrid. El curso, las clases, los compañeros, las actividades, la energía, el piso compartido, todo fue super. Sobre todo los profesores, alegres, animados, me faltan palabras para describirlos.
Quiero agradecer especialmente a Laetitia (me ayudó a sentirme cómoda), Martijn (siempre con su sonrisa tan alegre), Steven (su eficacia y prontitud), Servando (nuestro guía en algunas actividades) y todos en el back office.
¡Ojalá pueda volver a AIL Madrid!
Gracias por todo.
Axel ; from Switzerland
(2017-07-28  03:57:53)
 (Highly Recommended)
I was in Madrid for a short stay and wanted to take beginner classes everyday. I did that with AIL MADRID. It was awesome. Exactly what I wanted and they delivered it perfectly.
I was very doubtful that 4 classes would make a difference, moreover organized on such short notice. But it was totally worth it. Even though I'm still beginner, I could apply "in real" things I had read in books. I can see there is already a big difference between before and after. I'm so happy!
Fran, the teacher, adapted to my pace, and always had exercises ready to practice. He was also able to answer my questions in a way that I could really understand.
And cherry on top: he was always bringing great energy and smiley happiness, even Sunday morning. And that's not easy for everyone.
The administration work backstage was also a great experience from the google search to the classroom. I'll definitely recommend the school. :-)
Théana ; from Lebanon
(2017-03-13  10:00:26)
 (Highly Recommended)
I spent 4 weeks in AIL and it was an amazing experience with great staff and teachers. The classes were really good and never boring and everyone is really nice and helpful. I met a lot of great people and I am going there again very soon.
Daphne Nechyba ; from Vienna, Austria
(2017-03-07  04:08:48)
 (Highly Recommended)
I spent three weeks at AIL Madrid, hoping I would improve my Spanish skills enough to be able to continue my university course, my main problem being the inability to speak fluently. Luckily, I was not let down as the classes were focussed on speaking and building vocabulary rather than completing excercise sheet after excercise sheet, as it is with many other language schools.
Also, the teachers and staff are, aside from knowing precisely what they are doing, incredibly sweet!
I am definitely planning on returning.
Inna Estrina ; from Russian
(2015-12-10  10:21:51)
 (Highly Recommended)
Llevo 2 años estudiando español en AIL Madrid y estoy muy contenta de la escuela. Hay una gran variedad de programas según de las preferencias de los alumnos; y los profesores son profesionales y agradables…muy majos…
El equipo es muy amable con un trato personal para resolver cualquier duda.
La localización es bastante bien – en el centro, cerca del parque Retiro.
Mi marido y mi madre también son alumnos de la escuela. Y cada uno de nosotros encuentra en AIL Madrid algo suyo.
Gracjana ; from Polonia
(2015-10-11  12:49:27)
 (Highly Recommended)
Hola amigos
Este verane hice el Curso para Profesores de ELE. Me encanto por lo práctico y útil que era. Parece mentira que a estas alturas de mi vida profesional puedo aprender algo nuevo, interesante y sobre todo emocionante, ya que las actividades que compartieron con nosotros los profes de AIL me llegaron al corazón. Me preguntáis ¿Cómo?. Tenéis que verlo y vivirlo por vosotros mismos.
Y a vosotros, los profes de la escuela muchas gracias por vuestra profesionalidad y por compartir con nosotros vuestras experiencias.
Aprovecho todo lo que aprendí durante el curso, lo utilizo en mis clases. Y creo que con esto despierto la pasión y el amor por la lengua española en mis educados. Muchas gracias Graciana.
Maria Zielinska ; from Polonia
(2015-09-22  06:50:42)
 (Highly Recommended)
Este verano he asistido a un curso para profesores de ele en AIL Madrid. Me ha gustado muchisimo y me esta sirviendo de ayuda ahora, cuando me toca a mi ser la profesora. Espero que, con las nuevas ideas que tengo, mis alumnos se vean mas motivados para estudiar. Ahora todo (bueno, casi todo ;) lo gamifico. Y esto funciona, de verdad.
Un saludo y gracias por la magnifica experiencia.
Genoveva Recio Matias ; from Roma, Italia
(2015-08-18  10:31:44)
 (Highly Recommended)
He hecho con Ail Madrid el curso para profesores de ele y ha sido una gran experiencia. Nos han ensenado a llevar adelante una leccion de calidad divirtiendo a los alumnos, haciendo que su participacion no sea pasiva, sino que pongan lo mejor de si. Y la mejor forma de aprender esto es sentarse en el pupitre a escuchar al profesor y ser jugador cuando hay un juego, espectador cuando hay un video, escritor cuando hay que producir textos, mente abierta cuando hay que asimilar.

No es facil ser profesor de profesores, pero la preparacion y experiencia que quienes llevaban las clases poseian, han permitido que pudieran gobernar la nave con éxito hasta el final, enriqueciendo a toda la clase con las ideas e opiniones que cada uno de los profesores participantes ha puesto en la mesa.

Se ha creado un grupo clase estupendo, espero que sea posible repetir algun dia.
Andrew Skerratt ; from United Kingdom
(2014-11-05  04:11:58)
 (Highly Recommended)
It was with a degree of concern that we sent our daughter on her own for the first time on a flight to Spain. However, our fears were averted by what is a professionally run organisation, with people who deliver a service that gives us parents the peace of mind we seek.
Within a very short time of being there our daughter was loving it there, and with the close monitoring and feedback provided by the school, we always felt in close contact with her.
The benefits of not only studying the language there, but also being able to experience the culture and lifestyle in Madrid cannot be underestimated.
Whilst I cannot provide any detail myself on the course itself we understand from our daughter that she faced challenges with the language that she would not be able to obtain at school in the UK.
As a whole we would recommend this school. They not only look after people very well, but they also make sure that the school keeps its pupils on their toes.
Job well done AIL Madrid! May you continue to offer an excellent service.
Cathy Bremmer ; from UK
(2014-09-25  07:38:01)
 (Highly Recommended)
I spent a week here at AIL Madrid, before beginning my year abroad at university here in Spain. Having experienced other spanish courses in previous years, I can certainly say that the course at AIL Madrid was by far the most fun and the most productive. I was placed in C1 level, and so initially was unsure of how much I was going to progress, but the classes were catered to our needs and I left with a huge boost of confidence, ready to tackle the university course! The teachers were really enthusiastic and concentrated on helping us perfect our spanish, but I also enjoyed the cultural activities in the afternoons - they provided a perfect introduction to Madrid as a city of culture. Muchísimas gracias AIL Madrid por todo!
Michael ; from Portland, Organ USA
(2014-08-30  08:36:52)
 (Highly Recommended)
I am a terrible tourist and not very spontaneous. I don't go to all the museums or take many pictures. I do however like planning and learning so in addition to making arrangements for our honeymoon/vacation to Madrid I thoroughly researched schools for foreigners to learn Spanish..
I decided to give AIL a try, I initially signed up for two weeks of Intensive Courses via the Internet from my home in Portland, OR. U.S.A, I could change if I was not all that impressed. I was impressed! After my first week I signed up for 3 more weeks (for a total of 5 continuous weeks) Super Intensive Courses. The added 5 hours of individual classes per week I had with Maria R. were tremendously useful toward my personal Spanish language skills goals.
The entire staff, not just the instructors, are over-whelmingly helpful and friendly. The teachers are enthusiastic, patient, and talented. I never felt out of place ( I was at least 20 years older than the average students in July 2014) and the group lessons were all inclusive and fun. The reception staff are golden. Sophie and Alison were constant in their enthusiasm and smiles. The instructors reign in the classroom but the reception is your very best friend for any and everything else.
An instructor or staff member led each of the afternoon activities. Afterward I was left thinking "that was great, I wish I could take a class with him/her”. They seem to have a talent for genuine friendly connections, or maybe it's the Spanish in general, either way, they were inspired.
I can be a bit of a skeptic so a review with just positives might ring false to me. I did have one issue that I brought to the attention of Alison at reception. The director, who's office is within ear shot of the main entry, and who's door was never closed, overheard my complaint. He came out immediately. He made the call to address the problem before the afternoon was over. That type of receptiveness to hear, and quick action to resolve an issue is priceless.
There may be other schools in Madrid that are very good but when you enjoy the quality of experience that AIL offers, the other schools will probably never have a chance at your business. The bottom line is that it is a business and as long as they continue to provide such a high quality product I will come back. In fact, it will probably be a factor in my deciding where to spend my future learning vacations.
Michael Keefe
Portland, Organ USA
Winfried ; from Germany
(2014-08-04  14:01:40)
AIL Madrid is very good value for money. Very well trained teachers who not only do grammar exercises but talk about general stuff as well as politics or history in spanish as well. You have teachers who try to keep you talking spanish all the time but who are also able to explain something in english if needed.
The only minus is that the chapter-progress per week is only 1 chapter which is too slow in my view. On the other hand it makes it less stressful and still keeps you in a holiday mood despite the homework ;)
Friederike Luchterhand ; from Germany
(2014-08-01  04:50:53)
 (Highly Recommended)
Excellent teaching and learning environment. I learned so much in 4 weeks thanks to my fantastic teachers and fellow students.
It is a great way to learn Spanish quickly, but with a lot of depth and understanding offering the necessary balance between conversations, grammar and of course fun!!! Additionally it has been great to meet so many nationalities and be able to share his experience with them.
I hope I will be able to spare the time to return next year! Thanks AIL Madrid!!!!
Meedie ; from U.S.A.
(2014-07-11  07:00:59)
 (Highly Recommended)
This was my third year back at AIL Madrid and every year gets better and better. All of my teachers have been fantastic. They are friendly and more importantly teach extremely well. The classes are a good mix of grammar, written exercises, speaking, and fun (videos, music, etc.). My spanish has definitely improved. Also, one fantastic aspect of AIL Madrid is that you get to meet so many different people. During class, you get to learn about others and this is a lot of fun. The school has some great cultural and social events, too. I originally found the school on the internet, not knowing much about it. But it seems like one of the best programs around. Everyone is helpful, the process of enrolling is simple and organized, and I would highly recommend this to everyone. Plus, the main location for the school is in the nice neighborhood of Salamanca, easily accessible and just a nice neighborhood. You can walk to El Retiro (park) and there are stores and restaurants around -- very safe neighborhood.
Anna Simpson ; from United Kingdom
(2014-06-22  12:37:31)
 (Highly Recommended)
AIL Madrid is the most fantastic language school! I would never hesitate to recommend it to anybody (in fact 3 of my best friends have gone there too and all loved it); the school offers an unparalleled range of language courses.

I have spent around half a year studying there over the past 3 years: from intensive classes to exam preparation. I used AIL to develop my Spanish on my gap year after school and also recently to take the DELE B2 exam, which after all the tutoring from AIL I passed!

The teachers at AIL are really talented and never fail to guide you through textbooks or exam courses in exciting and innovative ways. The reception at AIL is equally fun and there are always smiles to greet you, morning or night!

Plus AIL has an amazing commitment to extracurricular activities, that really helped me feel comfortable in the city (especially during my gap year when I was isolated moving there).

Basically there is really no reason to look anywhere else when choosing a Spanish language course in Madrid: with AIL you are guaranteed to find quality and enjoyable lessons!
Alina ; from Polska
(2014-01-07  04:47:00)
 (Highly Recommended)
Ail Madrid jest szkołą, której ogromnie zależy na każdym uczniu i każdego traktuje indywidualnie, od momentu zapisu do szkoły aż po moment jej opuszczenia wszystko przebiegało praktycznie bezkolizyjnie. Ail Madrid jako chyba jedyna szkoła (póki co innej nie znam:)), która odrabia zajęcia wypadające w dni wolne w Hiszpanii, więc nie traci się lekcji. Nauczyciele są bardzo zaangażowani, elastyczni, wymagający, wychodzący naprzeciw potrzebom uczniów, myślę, że to cechy, które liczą się najbardziej. Obsługa szkoły przemiła i zawsze ale to zawsze pomocna!
Leo ; from England
(2013-12-08  14:30:08)
 (Highly Recommended)
AIL Madrid es una gran escuela para aprender español. Recomendaría fuertemente, especialmente si usted es un principiante y es la primera vez que aprender a español. Los profesores son muy útiles y apoyo. El ambiente de la escuela es muy bueno. Cuando llegué a España hace diez meses no sabía absolutamente nada. Sin embargo ahora puedo hablar y he mejorado mucho. Aprender un idioma nuevo requiere un montón de trabajo duro, pero todo sin duda han ayudado a mejorar mi nivel.

AIL Madrid is a great school for learning Spanish. I would strongly recommend it, especially if you are a beginner and it is your first time learning Spanish. The Teachers are very supportive and helpful. The atmosphere of the school is very good. When I came to Spain ten months ago I knew absolutely nothing. However now I can speak and I have improved a lot. Learning a new language requires a lot of hardwork but AIL have definately helped improve my level.
(2013-10-29  18:54:08)
 (Highly Recommended)
HOLA CHIC@S,he estudiado en AIL 7 meses ,me gusta esta academia internacional de lengua madrid muchisima .los profesores son super super simpaticos !para mi es primera vez estudio en Espanya,la academia como una familia grande ,aquie encontre mi meyor amigo , nosotro somos de todo el mundo .le echo de monos a mi AIL
Derek Turner ; from Wales GB
(2013-10-14  13:16:04)
 (Highly Recommended)
I attended for a one week intensive course just to see how I would get on. The college looked after my every need including accommodation. I was a little nervous on the first day but was soon put at ease and placed in the right class for my level. Everyone was only too pleased to help and I enjoyed the lessons and the whole experience. Madrid is a fantastic city and I think a great place to learn the language. Hope to make it back only next time for a longer stay. Many thanks everyone. Derek
Carla Germani ; from Italia
(2013-10-10  11:20:48)
The perfect school both if you are a beginner and if you simply want to improve your spanish.
The school is located in a great area , the activities are interesting and exciting and the teachers are really prepared ( My teacher was Lucia, she was fantastic ) .
The reason why I rate 4 stars instead of 5 is because there isn't a canteen. I was in England and i attended a school of english there and in that school there was a canteen, i noticed it's very usefull to meet other students and to practice your spanish !

merece la pena estudiar allì :))
Miguel Vieira ; from Portugal
(2013-05-27  18:36:35)
 (Highly Recommended)
To start great school, I did one week intensive spanish course at AIL Madrid and i loved it.
I found the school in the web so i was a little bit afraid of the theaching quality.
To my satisfaction, all of my emails were replied, so as my doubts.
The week i took was fascinating, the school is very organized, the teachers are very funny.
All of the staf were very heplfull and all the students very friendly.
I had a great time in AIL Madrid and if I come back to a spanish school certainly I will choose the same.

PS: the school offers extracurricular activites, take them!
(2013-05-27  06:32:59)
 (Highly Recommended)
AIL MADRID!! GRACIAS!!es una escuela estupenda, la equipo me ecantó: Vasilis, Jose, Giulia,Eva, Rafa, Lara, profesores: Nuria, Arantxa! Puede mejorar mi español, las clases son muy agradable, e las visitas guiadas por la ciudad son importantes para conocermos Madrid! La atmosfera del instituto es muy buena, tu podes conocer muchas personas de todo el mundo..!!! Ubicada en un bairro central, cercana de las calles Alcalá, Goya, e Jardines de buen Retiro, Puerta de Alcalá, muchas tiendas, y supermercado, panãderia, también está a cercana de los famosos Recoletos, e tu caminas un poco más e encuentra Plaza de las cibeles, e camina más e encuentras otros sitios como: Gran vía, Puerta de S
Gio Primatti ; from Bari, Italia
(2013-03-27  12:56:34)
 (Highly Recommended)
Escuela magnifica, profesores preparados y profesionales, geniales en todo! he terminado 4 semanas en AIL y espero veramente poder volver el año que viene. El staff es joven y divertido, además de las clases pude disfrutar de las actividades y asi conocer un poco Madrid, los barrios, los museos, la cultura, y la noche española! Sin duda recomiendo esta escuela, además que aprendes muchissimo se que me llevo amistades para siempre, una experiencia unica y sin duda que repetire! Muchas gracias por todo, sobre todo a Edu el mejor professor del mundo sin duda!!No cambieis!!
(2013-03-22  11:39:22)
I had an excellent experience at AILMadrid-I learned and reenforced so much material. it reduced my self consciousness about speaking aloud. It was helpful to being part of a multicultural class -helpful in understanding Spanish from their perspective and backgrounds. Our growth was the teachers priority--a perfect mix of fun and persistence. I would come again for more advanced classes and to participate in the activities such as dancing.
Atlético Peter ; from Denmark
(2013-02-06  06:24:50)
A little bit pricey, but worth the money. I think I couldn't have learnt Spanish quicker another place in Spain than at AIL Madrid. The school houses great facilities, professional teachers and a good environment. Value for money, no doubt!
Justin & Kerry-lee ; from Canada
(2012-12-19  09:23:03)
Great experience and great class environment. We've learned much and had fun doing it as well. Would recommend to anyone trying to learn Spanish quickly!
Vivien Miller Godino ; from London, UK
(2012-12-19  08:24:20)
 (Highly Recommended)
HOLAA! I have been studying spanish on and off all my life (with not much success) and then i came to spain and studied at AIL Madrid for 2 months and my level of spanish absolutely rocketed, and i went up 3 levels!! the teachers and reception staff are brilliant and are always there to help you, are great fun, create a range of activities from cultural to the famous Noche De Copas, and keep in contact even after you leave, i would recommend AIL Madrid over all other spanish schools without a doubt!! 10/10 all round!
Katya ; from Rusia,Izhevsk
(2012-11-13  09:07:34)
 (Highly Recommended)
Quiero decir Muchas gracias!!!!!
Gracias a todos los professores, a Ana, Nacho y Blanca!!! Tambien a los chicos en la receppcia!!!
Quiero decir gracias por interesantes clases y actividades. Gracias por nivel alto de trabajo de todo personal de escuela!!
Yo estudie en Ail Madrid durante tres meses y claro que ahora puedo hablar en español mejor que nunca. Claro que todavia tengo problemas con subjuntivo, pero pienso es una problema la que puedo aprender toda mi vida))) Por eso tambien tengo mucha ganas seguir mis clases en vuestra escuela!!
Tambien es muy guai que en Ail Madrid siempre hay muchas extranjeros, la gente muy interesante con quien siempre practicas español. Ahora tengo nuevos amigos. Gracias a Ail Madrid!!!
De todas maneras estoy segura lo que nosvemos!!!
Que tengais suerte que os vayais bien!!!!!
Anne Sundar ; from USA
(2012-09-20  11:53:33)
 (Highly Recommended)
I have nothing but praise for AIL. It wasn't an easy task to sort through hundreds of online offers to find a suitable Spanish language school for my 15 year old son, but AIL has exceeded all my expectations. Enrollment was easy. Lara, the school's course advisor, is extremely helpful and friendly and in perfect command of the English language. The host family welcomed my son into their home with great warmth, language instruction was professional and fun. My son had a wonderful time in Madrid and made plenty of progress in only 3 weeks. I can recommend AIL to everybody who is looking for a summer immersion program in a save and professional environment.
Ottavia ; from UK
(2012-08-15  08:39:09)
 (Highly Recommended)
I took an intensive course in spanish for tree weeks and had an amazing experience with Ail Madrid. I feel that  my Spanish has improved so much in such short time. It is truly amazing. All the staff was very friendly and helpfully. The classes are very well done, are very interactive and fun.  I would very much recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn Spanish well and in a not boating way. 
Melis Atik ; from Turkey
(2012-08-08  11:31:27)
 (Highly Recommended)
I took 4 week spanish intensive courses in Ail Madrid.I enjoyed classes very much because they were very helpfull in order to teach me the spanish life stlye and spanish culture.The teachers were very friendly and patient.So do staff.I stayed with a host family and I recommend it to those who want to make more practice.I enjoyed the time I passed in Madrid very much and the friends too!Honestly I could say that Ail Madrid is a very high qualified language school which offers intersting after school cultural activities and friendship!
Melis Atik ; from Turkey
(2012-07-19  16:38:52)
 (Highly Recommended)
I did 4 week spanish intensive course in Ail Madrid.The teachers and the classes were very helpfull for me in order to improve my spanish.I enjoyed my stay and made new friends.The staff was very helpfull and joyfull.I highly recommend Ail Madrid to anyone who wants to have fun and learn spanish!
Amraa Demberel ; from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
(2012-07-07  14:49:15)
 (Highly Recommended)
If I had to choose again I would stick to AIL Madrid! The staff is so friendly and helpful, the lessons are well structured. Being a complete beginner and reaching next level in four weeks would not be a case without the school! Highly recommend!
Vanesa Bartolomé ; from Switzerland
(2012-05-01  10:03:33)
 (Highly Recommended)
Ail Madrid es una academia muy buena. Está en buen sitio y está en el centro de Madrid. Lo cual es muy bueno, porque se puede ir en poco tiempo a todos los sitios. Yo he estádo 2 semanas alli y me ha encantado. Los profesores son muy amables y te tratan muy bien. Si tienes algun problema no dudan en ayudarte, y te buscan la mejor solución. Se cojen tiempo para explicarte las cosas si no las has entendido, tienen mucha paciencia y te animan,eso es bueno. Las actividades culturales son todos los días y son siempre difrentes. He conocido a mucha gente y hasta he hecho nuevos amigos :-) Y aunque era la más pequeña de la clase (15 años), me han tratado como fuera ya adulta y eso me ha gustado mucho. Yo voy a volver, merece la pena estudiar alli :-)
Cliff ; from UK
(2012-04-27  04:18:25)
 (Highly Recommended)
Everything here was very good. All of the staff are very helpful and kind. Lessons were interesting and the teaching was good. The location of the school is wonderful.
If i returned to Madrid to study Spanish again I would choose this school again.
Evan ; from USA
(2012-04-26  15:55:34)
 (Highly Recommended)
I have studied at AIL Madrid while working as an Au Pair during a gap year in Spain and loved it. The school offered me a ton of help during my entire stay in Madrid. Whether it was getting a teacher to grade extra work for me or having someone at the front desk help me with a fax, I could always count on being helped. The classes I took with Anna and Paloma were genuinely interesting and covered a really wide number of topics that leave you not only with a better feeling for Spain but a better understanding the cultures and thoughts of really diverse set of classmates. There is also a very strong sense of community at the school that lead me to a number of great friendships. If I could do it over again for a year I don't think I would change anything!
Max ; from Brazil
(2012-04-21  10:54:11)
 (Highly Recommended)
Me encanta AIL Madrid debido a que aprendí mucho español en muy poco tiempo. Además lo pasé fantástico durante mis semanas allí y conocí a mucha gente que ahora son mis amigos. De verdad que los profesores son muy pacientes y agradables, como Jaume, siempre sonrie y nos anima con los ejercicios. También todo el equipo son muy servidores y solucionan cualquier duda que tengas. Me gustó que la escuela esta justo en el centro de Madrid y se puede ir caminando a cualquier sitio...siempre al Retiro para tumbarse al sol y charlar con los compañeros! Se o recomiendo a todo el mundo!!
Alex ; from San Petersburgo,Rusia
(2012-03-08  05:54:06)
 (Highly Recommended)
AIL MADRID es una academia perfecta.Los profesores son profesionales y el personal es muy amable.Me han ensenado muchas cosas. Todos estan preocupados de alumnado quero decir que te propone muchas cosas para que te diviertas de tu tiempo en Espana. Hay muchas actividaded culturales muy divulgativos y divertidos para estudiantes. y profesores tambien. Para mi es importante-cuales profesores me ensenen. y a parte de AIL MADRIID son muy activos,profesionales
merece la pena estudiar alli))))
Lotte ; from The Netherlands
(2012-02-29  12:13:48)
 (Highly Recommended)
I did a Spanish intensive course for three weeks and I really enjoyed it. It was a really good experience for me. The teacher Blanca was really nice and professional. She guided me very well. I truly improved my Spanish. The school is located in one of the most beautiful neighborhood in Madrid and it is close to Retiro park. In this neighborhoord you can find the street Goya and I really enjoyed shopping here. I enjoyed my time in Madrid a lot and I can recommend this for everybody! I also went to the noches de copas every friday, this is an evening the school organise for the students to meet each other. it was a lot of fun.
Marine ; from United States
(2012-02-17  14:52:08)
 (Highly Recommended)
I did a Spanish intensive course at AIL Madrid for 3 weeks and my experience was excellent. The teachers are very professional, the school is beautiful and the atmosphere is great. I learned a lot, I improved my pronunciation and I could practice my Spanish in the cultural activities around Madrid!
Giuliana Cafarella ; from Italy
(2011-09-17  14:24:56)
Ail Madrid non ha soddisfatto le mie aspettative. All'arrivo ci hanno dato una carpetta (era un foglio in cartone piegato a metà) di benvenuto poco interessnte, il pranzo di benvenuto era molto misero in un locale bruttissimo, gli ambienti e le classi sono obsolete e mal tenute per non parlare dei bagni...sporchi...non sono neanche organizzati, il pomeriggio durante le lezioni private ho dovuto cambiare classe più volte (poco seri!) e la media del numero degli alunni è superiore a quella promessa sul sito!Il costo dei corsi non è inferiore a quello di altre scuole che offrono molto di più (International house per esempio). L'insegnante Paloma era preparata, la posizione della scuola era buona e le lezioni di attualità pomeridiane erano interessanti! Non ci tornerei!!
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