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Study Thai in Bangkok: speaking, listening, reading & writing. The AAA Thai Learning Center in Bangkok has established a learning system which is an update of the Union system, renowned as an efficient system of learning Thai for foreigners for over 40 years.
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Programs / Courses:
Thai Speaking Course; Thai Reading & Writing Class; Advanced Thai Courses.
Sam ; from China
(2018-11-21  10:53:36)
 (Highly Recommended)
A really school. Teachers are professional and kindness.you can learn to speak thai with a short period of time. What exciting and meaningful is that you can get a chance to make friends with people come around world. Never feel lonely there. That would be a good choice to study at AAA. Trust me bro!
John Splinzter ; from Bangkok, Thailand
(2014-05-21  03:51:29)
I tried this school out for a Thai course and was very disappointed. I feel like they need to learning materials and teachers.
Yuka ; from Japan
(2011-06-15  02:51:53)
 (Highly Recommended)
I studied at AAA last year from beginner until Advanced courses for about 1 year. I think AAA is the best Thai language school. Before I cannot speak Thai at all but now I can speak, read and write. I now can work in a Thailand. All teachers are very professional, friendly and the atmosphere is very good.

When I studied there, I had ED visa. AAA can give an ED visa so there is no problem to stay in Thailand.
Stephan ; from Switzerland
(2011-05-07  21:47:43)
 (Highly Recommended)
My expirience Speaking 1 and 2. I learned a lot while I had great fun.

Absolutley recommended. Moderate pricing, great ambiance, good learning methodology.
I would book again...
Stephan ; from Switzerland
(2011-05-07  21:44:35)
 (Highly Recommended)
My experience: Speaking 1 and 2. I learned a lot while I had a lot of fun.

Absolutley recommended. Moderate pricing, great ambiance, good learning methodology. Rating 9 of 10.
Dan Williams ; from USA
(2011-04-21  07:29:47)
A great place to learn Thai! Prices are good and the staff has always treated me well. What's also nice is that they are located neat a BTS (skytrain) stop. My only complaint is that there is only one branch. Hopefully that will change and there will be more locations in the future. Having said that; AAA is a place I highly recommend. Lonely Planet recommends it as well
Ben Pongpipat ; from Bangkok, Thailand
(2011-04-20  09:56:49)
 (Highly Recommended)
AAA Thai Language School (Pasawes) is the best Thai language school that I have experienced. My name is Ben, I come from New York. I have been attending classes at AAA in Chitlom on and off for the past three years. Due to work and university life, my opportunities to improve my Thai language skills come and go. This school has provided me with much more than the ability to speak with Thai people. Their price is very fair, the location is fantastic, the curriculum is encouraging and the staff are simply pleasant and knowledgable.

Since and while studying at AAA, I have met many interesting people and my daily life in Thailand is so much easier and fun! I enjoy speaking with the locals, although my pronounciation isn't close to perfect yet haha. Thai can be a difficult language, but Thai can also be a fun conversation starter. As I became comfortable with my speaking ability, I began to feel comfortable living in Thailand as well.

AAA is a school that leads new-comers in the best direction, and they even offer coffee, water, tea, clean bathrooms, and a relaxing learning environment. Next time you are in Bangkok, don't forget to visit AAA Thai Language School in Chitlom!
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