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Thai Language Classes in Bangkok, Thailand

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AAA Thai Language School (Pasawes), Bangkok:
The AAA Thai Learning Center in Bangkok offers courses are designed to help foreigners understand and communicate in Thai proficiently. The atmosphere at AAA is relaxed and teaches the students to be confident and comfortable with spaeking Thai to Thais.

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The small group learning (6-10 persons per class) encourages class participation by all the students. The greatest advantage is in the place where students with different nationality, age, career etc. come to talk and understand Thai language. It also removes apprehension in the use of Thai language outside the class. With the system, tPhoto of Thai Language Classes in Bangkok, Thailandeachers will make students study Thai and exchange their opinions in Thai according to the lessons. Different backgrounds create different fruitful class discussions and it extends the practice. Students have to express their way of thinking in Thai and only Thai, step-by-step as desired.


AAA Thai Learning Program was designed into 3 sections in order to suit the needs of foreign students. The steps start from the Basic courses to the Advance courses as follows:-

Basic Speaking Course:
This course consist of 3 levels:
Level 1 : Starting with phonetics, the students will learn how to pronounce all Thai alphabets sounds correctly and basic vocabularies and structures along with basic conversation which they can use in the daily basis.
Level 2 : The students will learn more broad situations for daily conversation, and be able to make use of more vocabulary and structures appropriate for the situatioImage of Thai Language Classes in Bangkok, Thailandn. It will give the students more confidence in speaking Thai.
Level 3 : The student’s vocabulary becomes larger and will be able to make use of more complicated expressions. Additional practice will help the students learn faster and be able to speak more fluently. Some of students were given complement by Thais… “You speak Thai as though you are Thai”.

Basic Reading and Writing Course:
This course has 3 levels as well:
R&W 1 : This level is very important for the students who want to learn Advanced Thai, because it is the basis of Thai Language foundation. The students will learn how to read and write, also the rule of tones. With AAA system, the students will be able to memorize and differentiate all alphabets quickly.
R&W 2 : This level continues from R&W 1, the students will learn all Thai special letters and practice in reading and writing Thai words, sentences and the short stories which will improve the students ability in writing Thai.
R&W 3 : Short stories about Thai life style, Thai customs & culture and some of Thai history will be learned at this level. The students will gain more knowledge and understanding of Thai social norms.R&W 3/2 : After study Basic Reading & Writing for 3 courses, the students will encourage to speak more by learning on Thai dialogue which include some Thai idioms and phases.

Advanced Course:
There are 5 subjects, the students can select from that suit them or they are interested in.
Thai Social norms
Thai culture & customs
Thai Newspapers I and II
Thai for business
Health and Hygiene
The advanced course will be improved or developed depending on the needs of students and any social changes.

P. 6 Examination Course:
To pass the P.6 government examination is a challenge for students who can read & write Thai. This course is opened only once a year around in September since the exam. is always at the beginning of December. Of course, the lesson is not so easy but with the teachers’ experience, the students will enjoy their study, be confident and ready for the exam.

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Address: 29 Vanissa Bldg. 6th Floor, Chidlom Rd. Patumwan, Bangkok, Thailand
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