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Reviews of Sage Education, Bangkok

Sage Education is an English language tutorial center located in Bangkok, Thailand that specializes in helping children and young students develop their internal abilities that enable the students to make wise career decisions in the future. Our teaching medium is through the English language, but our course designs are based on subjects that will help develop childrens' minds at a young age through modules such as: architecture, science, engineering, statistics, economics and much more.
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Programs / Courses:
- English for Early Learners (up to age 10) ; - English for Success (ages 10 - 15) ; - Custom English Classes ; - English Grammar ; - Exam preparation courses including; SAT; GMAT; GCSE; GED; TOEFL; IELTS; TOEIC ; - Cognitive Development in: Architecture; Statistics; Economics; Science; Engineering ; - Study Tours
Marcus Lertkomolsuk ; from Bangkok, Thailand
(2011-05-19  01:38:16)
 (Highly Recommended)
After learning from Sage Education, I was able to get the GMAT score that was needed to apply to my graduate school. Sage Education has helped me improve my GMAT score incredibly. After going through both verbal and quantitative exercises, I was able to grasp the strategic approach to tackle the real questions on the GMAT test. The tutors were friendly and patient, and always provided extra help. What I found most helpful was the learning materials such as practice tests, homework exercise, and strategic approach notes.
Sumit Phlananthachai ; from Bangkok, Thailand
(2011-05-19  01:37:43)
 (Highly Recommended)
My name is Sumit Phlananthachai and I’m currently a senior at the New International School of Thailand (NIST). In the process of applying to universities, I was advised that universities look for all rounded students, and I was aware that I needed some help to prepare for the SATs, in order to maximize my chances of getting into the top schools. Many of my friends had recommended me to go to Princeton or Kaplan, but I felt that they were overrated. After speaking with representatives from Sage, I found out that this company was started by Joanne, who worked for both Princeton and Kaplan before. This fact was the main reason I chose to stick with Sage. If the founder had worked for two of the most ‘well known’ companies, that would mean that they would a lot of experience, and combine them in order to provide the best education. During my time at Sage, I had both one-on-one sessions, as well as, group sessions, and found that it was the best atmosphere and way for everyone to learn. I was taught by both Joanne and Andrew, and felt that over the course I developed a strong bond with them. They were my teachers, as well as, my friends. Therefore, in an environment like this, I feel it is essential to have a good relationship, and Sage provides that with all their teachers.
Rawewan Sutichavengkul ; from Bangkok , Thailand
(2011-05-19  01:37:04)
 (Highly Recommended)
“Studying here at Sage education with Joan is such a great experience and really helps me improving my English skill. Joan pays attention to students and makes sure that her students understand the whole concept of the class. Many materials Joan gathered from different resources to teach in class provides many examples of tests. Apart from the teacher and materials, the environment enhance the chance to speak English. Sage education is the best choice to study English for test preparation and improving English skill.
 Thanks Joan ^^ I really have a great time studying here.''
Anjalika Madduri ; from Bangkok , Thailand
(2011-05-19  01:36:27)
 (Highly Recommended)
“Hi Joan, I am writing to you because today i received my IGCSE math results. I am really happy to tell you that i received an A* thanks to Sage Education providing me with a very good teacher.
Thank you so much for supporting me through my IGCSEs. I am really thankful to you and Jasmeet for your help and guidance.”
Lookmoo ; from Bangkok Thailand
(2011-05-19  01:35:36)
 (Highly Recommended)
SAGE education is the best place to learn many techniques about how to handle SAT test. Greatly improve your score from experienced teacher, who gives you both knowledge and tips in a relaxing way.
I would definitely recommend anyone to study at SAGE education.
My score improved a lot in a short time and without any stress.
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