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Thailand's best value course held in beautiful Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand. Join our 4-week 125-hour course to train as an English teacher and start a new career that can take you around the world.
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4-week 125-hour TEFL Course
Yasmin Inaram ; from Borås, Sweden
(2012-05-23  05:57:21)
 (Highly Recommended)
My decision to do my TEFL course at Patong Language School is definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Not only was I given the chance to fresh up on my grammar, but I also learned how to teach and I was able to improve my skills throughout the course since we had teaching practice every day the last two weeks. On top of that I also met some amazing people and had a great time, both inside and outside the classroom! And if you are not native, don’t be afraid to enroll! The amazing staff is going to make sure that everyone has a chance to complete the course successfully. And being bilingual can actually be an advantage. For example, there are a lot of Swedish schools situated in Thailand. Taking the course is definitely going to open up a lot of doors. I feel absolutely confident when I say that if you choose to do your TEFL at PLS, you will not get disappointed.
DougG ; from USA
(2012-04-28  03:59:13)
 (Highly Recommended)
I want to begin by saying I highly recommend this TEFL course. I completed the 120 hour TEFL certificate course this March and have to say it was everything I had heard it was and more. I had been researching extensively online before coming here and quickly realized that, especially for teaching in Thailand; a simple TEFL/TESL online course without any actual teaching practice with students wasn’t going to open up the better paying and more respectable teaching jobs. I looked at several programs but was impressed at how many positive reviews that the TEFLPlus program had received. I was also pleased with how responsive and helpful the staff was with the questions I had before arriving in Thailand.
Stefan, the methodology teacher is amazing. He has years of experience teaching English and his classes are not only extremely informative, well taught but also contain invaluable teaching and cultural insights and are also very entertaining. It’s hard to imagine from your first day in class that you will be teaching in four weeks, but with the quality of the classroom instruction, extensive teaching practice with actual students, and yes, hard work, you will be fully prepared. You get 10 hours of teaching actual students who represent a wide variety of skill levels which will better prepare you for the different types of classes you will experience in the teaching world.
Likewise Kim, the grammar teacher, does an excellent job of teaching a subject that is more difficult than you would think, being a native English speaker, but makes it interesting and is always available to help students with any questions or problems. She is also very willing to answer any job application questions as well as general issues that may arise about teaching, and is always willing to take the time needed to make sure everyone is grasping the grammar concepts.
Both Stefan and Kim were always full of enthusiasm about the classes and never showed any signs of “just going through the motions,” even though they have taught this course countless times. I think this speaks volumes about the professionalism at this school. They are both dedicated to giving you the tools and knowledge you will need to be a successful teacher. The Thai lessons during the first two weeks were also very helpful and Tin was a very enthusiastic teacher as well. The friendly and helpful atmosphere also extends to the rest of the staff, from the front desk to the coffee shop, including Li, Nadia, and Vanessa, to name just a few. Li was especially helpful in assisting with accommodations, resume preparation and other general questions that arose.
In summary, I believe this school really does provide a family type atmosphere. The teachers here are truly invested in their students and I never felt like just “a number”. This even applies after you graduate as I have dropped by to ask additional questions or advice and everyone is always willing and ready to help. If you are looking for a quality TEFL course with a solid history, excellent teachers, friendly and helpful staff, and practical teaching practice to help you get the more desirable teaching jobs; look no further than the TEFLPlus program at Patong Language School. I highly recommend this course.
Black Garrett ; from USA
(2012-02-28  05:32:15)
 (Highly Recommended)
This was an amazing course. Just to give you all an idea, this is a letter I wrote to the staff at TEFLplus upon completion of the course:

Dear PLS staff,

I had been researching Thailand and millions of different TEFL courses for about 3 years before I came her on Jan. 13th. When all the stars aligned, I finally pulled the trigger and paid for the TEFL course at PLS and bought my plane ticket. I figured that I could do research till I was blue in the face, but it was time to stop talking and take the plunge.

What a relief it was to walk into PLS. I felt it my first day. I had made the right choice. I wish I had words to describe how amazing each and every one of you are and what a pivotal role you all play at PLS. Warm, helpful, kind, smart and family oriented are all words that come to mind, but they are all understatements. It is no mystery why PLS is the huge success that it is, because of all of you and all of the students that we observe and teach, and even the ones we do not. I couldn’t believe how professional, educational, helpful, and beneficial the entire process was in every way.

You can guarantee that I will sing the praise of TEFLplus and PLS to anyone interested in making a successful journey or anyone pondering the thought. And if ever, you need any type of review, just let me know. Also, let me know of any openings that come about at PLS in the future if any!

Without more babbling, thank you ALL for all of your hard work and dedication, and making my transition into this journey a smooth, memorable, and amazing one!

Fred Landers ; from Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
(2012-02-23  09:35:07)
 (Highly Recommended)
This course was exactly what I came half way around the world to find: Valuable practice in a rigorous method for teaching English effectively, serious work on the necessary grammar, and instruction by committed teachers who enjoy their work. I found our instructors' high expectations for us, passion and intelligence in addressing the challenges that arise in English teaching, and senses of humor very supportive and inspiring. I found the course very challenging, but very rewarding.
Arthur Hall ; from USA
(2012-02-22  05:07:47)
 (Highly Recommended)
I had a great experience here and found it to surpass my expectations. The class is intensive and I fear that I am now a grammar nerd. Patong is fun but dangerous. You are 2 blocks from the beach and party central so it is quite easy to get lost in the fun. I had no problem balancing both though. I highly recommend this course.
Kyle Gromel ; from New York
(2012-02-21  09:03:53)
 (Highly Recommended)
The TEFL Plus course was pivotal in preparing me for teaching English as a second language. The staff were passionate about the course materials covered and about preparing skilled ESL teachers. I've learned more about the English language and the methods of teaching from this course than from anywhere or anyone else. I highly recommend taking this course if you want to be well prepared to teach any language to students of any skill level.
Tjuana Williams ; from from Mobile, Alabama
(2012-01-03  07:34:06)
I attended a four week course in Phuket, Thailand. I really enjoyed the instructors, the hands-on experience, and the food and cultural experiences. The others students were also helpful and friendly, so it was easy to develop a supportive, nurturing environment. I use the skills and techniques along with my own techniques and get results while teaching everyday. Stefan was a great instructor. When I get to talk about Germany with my students, I get to share the things that I learned from him with them. Thanks for a friendly, fun, supportive environment. The program really gave me the confidence to teach in front of many students and how to deal with many obstacles that one will face during teaching from lesson planning, classroom management, and impromptu teaching. It is intense, but well worth it. Best of all, I got to do what I loved relaxing and traveling on the weekends.
Mark shallcross ; from Uttaradit, thailand
(2011-12-24  03:00:02)
 (Highly Recommended)
I completed the Tefl course nearly five years ago and have been teaching english ever since. It was a fantastic course, very well organised. I found the trainers or teachers to be excellent and so expierienced and knowledgeable. I highly reccomend this course and after talking to many other teachers that have done a tefl course there seems to be a lot of courses that aren't very good. I think this would be up there with the best in thailand.
Michael Roberts ; from Las Vegas, NV USA
(2011-12-23  12:41:13)
 (Highly Recommended)
A better education than most schools. You will feel confident and prepared to look for work once class is over!
Paul Cowling ; from UK
(2011-12-23  06:42:09)
The course was good but if you want a job afterwards you need a degree, just a TEFL cert and you cant get a job anywhere, I know I have tried in Thailand and the went to Vietnam, reccomended by a Patong staff member! Even tried back in UK, but no go!
You should not sell courses to people if they dont have degree, I feel quite aggreived that I wasted a lot of money on this venture and feel I was mis sold this course.

Paul Cowling
Martin ; from UK
(2011-12-22  22:45:37)
 (Highly Recommended)
Did my TEFL course at the PLS about two years ago. Found it very enjoyable and thorough. All of the trainers were extremely professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Nadia Hawi ; from Phuket
(2011-09-19  06:22:40)
 (Highly Recommended)
One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. A full on course covering everything you need to know about basic and mid level grammar and how to teach it. Extensive practice at teaching with real Thai students, insights into things that can go wrong in the classroom and what causes them and tips on how to overcome the pronounciation and cultural interferences we’re sure to encounter. Stefan and Kim among the other teachers at the school are a complete inspiration and taught us far more than just the basics. Everyone at the school is clearly passionate about what they do and were never too busy to help out or answer our endless questions. Plus you get 10 hours of Thai Language and Culture with the mot adorable Thai teachers thrown in for good measure!
Steve Jenkins ; from Phuket, Thailand
(2011-06-28  22:10:26)
 (Highly Recommended)
I only just completed the full TEFL course and am still in Phuket looking for work. The school was terrific, as were all the staff and trainers. They have a brand new building in the middle of Patong - and the coffee shop opened just as my course was finishing. Training was thorough and we got plenty of observation and teaching practice classes. I know I would have struggled without this practical part of the course. The teaching theory and English grammar modules were both well taught and kept us interested in what could otherwise be a boring subject. The trainers made it fun from start to finish and we all got through and received our certificates.
If you are shopping around for a course in Thailand, I highly recommend this one.
Andy Hollings ; from Samui, Thailand
(2011-06-18  02:24:59)
 (Highly Recommended)
Did the teflplus 4-week course just over a year ago and have been working in Samui ever since. Loved the course, the school and trainers, and really learnt a lot. The course prepared me well for working here as an English teacher and I know my course was as good or better than others now I've had a chance to compare notes with other teachers who took courses elsewhere.
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