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Westwind English Academy:
Westwind English Academy is a new and exciting ESL school, located in British Columbia, Canada offering a variety of English language courses including preparation for the IELTS & TOEFL exams. Our focus is on giving every student a Truly Canadian Experience while learning and practicing their English skills. At Westwind English Academy we believe that quality education is essential in creating an exceptional school. This means we employ only qualified teachers, those with a University Degree and who hold a TESL recognized certification, and staff to educate and assist our students. Our curriculum is carefully developed and monitored to ensure that all students receive the best possible experience here at Westwind English Academy. We promises to give students a truly Canadian experience through immersion. Immersion into Canadian language, culture, and experience.

Photo of English Courses in CanadaGENERAL ENGLISH
You will learn and practice all the skills you need to understand and communicate in English – listening, speaking, reading, writing, pronunciation, as well as vocabulary, idioms, and grammar. You will be taught “real” English and how to use common phrases and words in the right situation. You will gain increased confidence in various social settings.
Full-time – 20 hours/week 8:45-2:00
Intense – 25 hours/week 8:45-3:10

Westwind offers an integrated Work Experience: students complete a 4 week study period and switch to a combined program in which they study 20 hours a week and work 20 hours per week unpaid.

Duration: Minimum 5 hours
Features: One-to-one private English lessons with a Westwind instructor designed to meet the specific needs of the student. Accelerate your learning by combining afternoon/weekend private lessons with morning group lessons.

Minimum Age: 12 for children
Duration: Offered in July and August – 2,4, or 6 weeks
Features: Parents attend adult classes while teenagers take part in the Westwind Variety Pack Summer Program. Families live together with a host family or a self-arranged accommodation. Contact us for more details and fees.

Minimum Age: 6 years old for children
Duration: 1, 2, 3 School Terms
Features: Parents attend any of our adult programs while their child receives 10 hours of ESL instruction and 25 hours of school immersion. Children will attend a local K-9 school (see our English + School Experience Program).

Duration: Offered ONLY in January – March
4 week program
Minimum Age: 17+ (minimum 4 students; maximum 10)
Learn to ski or practice your ski skills on Mount Washington in Courtney, British Columbia and study English in the gorgeous Powell River. This unique program takes you on a 5 day ski adventure staying in a chalet on the ski mountain with your ESL teacher and ski Instructor. During your stay on the mountain you will receive 3.5 hours a day of ski instruction by one of the leading ski instructors in British Columbia, Heather Bilodeau and 1.5 hours of formal ESL instruction. You will return to Westwind English Academy on the second week to resume full-time ESL classes. What an opportunity!

Duration: Offered October – March
4 week program
Minimum Age: 17+ (minimum of 8 students; maximum of 32)
20 hours/week of Fundamental English combined with curling.
Be a part of our local athletic culture and learn to Curl. No experience necessary – just a willingness to have fun and experience Canada the way it was meant to be experienced!
• 4 hours each week of curling instruction and playing – 14 hours total
• On the last Friday all students will participate in a Curling Bonspiel (tournament).
• Each student will receive a final medal of completion

Duration: OffImage of English Courses in Canadaered September – March
4 week program
Minimum Age: 17+
Option 1 – Beginners: Learn to Play
Designed for individuals who have never been on the ice before and who want to learn about Canada’s National Sport – Hockey. You will receive 6 hours of classroom instruction. You will learn the history of the game and taught the basics of how to play the game. You will also be given 12 hours of ice time and instruction.
Option 2 – Moderate: Improve your Skills
Designed for individuals who have experience ice skating and have a moderate understanding of the game. You will go over the basic rules and strategies of the game. You will receive 6 hours of classroom instruction. As well, you will be given 12 hours of ice time and instruction.

Duration: Offered May – September
4 week program
Minimum Age: 17 +
20 hours/week of Fundamental English combined with Option 1 or Option 2

Option 1 - Learn to play golf, while studying English. Receive 2 lessons a week with a golf professional at Myrtle Point Golf Club and enjoy two 9-hole rounds each week and take part in a final 18-hole tournament as part of your program.

Option 2 – Improve your golf game while studying English. Receive practical strategies while golfing with golf professionals. You will enjoy 2 personalized rounds each week as well as two 9-hole rounds each week. On the final Friday, take part in a final 18-hole tournament.

ENGLISH + KAYAKING (Paddle Canada Flat Water Certification)
Duration: Offered May – Oct
4 week program
Minimum Age: 17+ (minimum 4 students; maximum 12)
20 hours/week of Fundamental English combined with 32 hours of kayaking.
Paddle Canada Flat Water Certification
Come and enjoy the beauty of Desolation Sound and escape in the wonders of the Pacific Ocean. Receive full instruction and experience and gain your Paddle Canada Flat Water Certification.
• 8 hours of classroom and practical instruction
• 2 half day kayaking tours
• 2 full day kayaking tours

ENGLISH + DIVING (Open Water Dive Certification)

Duration: Offered Year-RPhotos of Westwind English Academyound (best visibility in winter)
4 week program
Minimum Age: 17+ (minimum 4 students; maximum 12)
20 hours/week of Fundamental English combined with 32 hours of diving.
Come and enjoy the beauty of Desolation Sound and escape in the wonders of the Pacific Ocean. Receive full instruction and experience and gain your Open Water Dive Certification.
• 8 hours of classroom instruction
• Confined water dives (4)
• Open water dives (4)

Duration: Offered May – September
4 week program
Minimum Age: 17+
20 hours/week of Fundamental English combined with activity.
Are you ready to enjoy the outdoors! With this fantastic program you will experience fishing in style. You will take part in two different four hour fishing charters around Desolation Sound. As well, you will enjoy a full day out on the ocean taking in the beauty of the ocean and the surrounding mountains.

Duration: Offered May – October
4 week program
Minimum Age: 17+ (minimum 2 students; maximum 8 students)
20 hours/week of Fundamental English combined with 32 hours of Quad riding.
Enjoy guided quad riding in the back country of Powell River where you will witness some of the most spectacular views that this country has to offer; Giovanni Lake, Eldred River, Mount Mahone, Theodosia .
• 4 hours of classroom instruction and safety orientation
• 1 – 4 hours tour
• 3 – full day tours


Duration: One school term - 3 months
1. September – November
2. January - March
Ages 12 – 16

Receive exclusive hockey skills training by our local Junior A Hockey Team and Coaches.

Option 1 – Moderate - Improving your Game
Designed for individuals who have experience ice skating and have a moderate understanding of the game. You will go over the basic rules and strategies of the game. Spend a term (3 months) in one of our local Private Schools – ESL instruction – classroom experience – hockey training.
Option 2 – Advanced – Elite Hockey Academy
Designed for individuals who play hockey in their home country. They wish to spend three months improving their hockey skill level and learning English. Spend a term (3 months) in one of our local Private Schools – ESL instruction – classroom experience – hockey training. Individuals in this elite training group must bring their full equipment.

Offered September – June
Duration: Minimum of one school term (3 months)
Ages 6 – 15 (Students under 12 must be accompanied by a parent)
Parents Fee (see fee schedule) – will be dependant on the program choice.
Student fees based on 10 hours/week English study and 20 hours/week Canadian Classroom experience.
Students receive 10 hours each week of intensive ESL study; as well they are immersed into the school community for 20 hours each week. Assumption School is a small family-centered school (population 200; grades K-9), that has high academic and athletic standards and is rich in artistic and dramatic expression. Students become an active member in the school community and are welcome to take part in any afterschool program that they desire. This is an excellent opportunity to learn English through a combined ESL study and full English immersion!

IELTS International English Language Testing System – Prep Course
Our IELTS Preparation course has been designed to prepare you to successfully complete the IELTS examination. This course focuses on each of the four modules of the IELTS test and will discuss strategies to better prepare for the final examination.
This test is intended for candidates planning to use English for academic purposes or for immigration purposes.

TOEFL Test Prep
This full-time TOEFL/University Preparation course leads to the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).
Students are prepared for the three main components of the TOEFL exam:
Listening Comprehension
Grammar and Written Expression
Vocabulary Building
The course also covers test-writing strategies with frequent practice examinations. The program includes academic readings, essay-writing and seminar-style discussions.  Thematic units are based on courses that students will encounter at college or university as well as subjects that are of interest to high-level students.

Youth Summer Programs
Westwind camps are designed for kids ages 12 through 17. They provide students with 15 hours of English Classes, a half-day excursions and a full-day excursion each week they are with us.  We offer three fantastic summer programs in July and August. Students can join us for 2 – 6 weeks, depending on their level of adventure.

Email: Contact Us

Address: #205-7385 Duncan Street, Powell River, BC , Canada
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Situated just 12km north of Downtown Toronto, in North York ON, Omnicom School of Languages has been providing quality English language courses to students from all over the world for forty years. We also have a campus in Calgary, Alberta. Our high-quality academic programs are available for beginner to advanced level English learners, and include complete English immersion experiences, Business English courses, specialized ESL exam preparation such as IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, college preparation pathway programs, a Homestay program, and more.

Students can choose from short to long-term study options, with courses ranging from 2 to 48 weeks in length. We also provide a range of Summer & Winter ESL programs at our schools.

We have a variety of programs to suit all your needs, including a homestay program for you to experience North American culture and lifestyle, and exciting and fun activities to guarantee a rich and fulfilling experience. Upon arrival, a complete placement test (listening, speaking, reading, writing, structures and grammar) is administered to each student to ensure that he or she starts at the correct level. Certificates are awarded upon successful completion of studies.

Our dedicated staff have the skills and experience to help you succeed in your language goals. There is no substitute for personalized instruction from recognized experts. This is why so many people from around the world choose Omnicom School of Languages.
Beginner to Advanced Level English Language (ESL) Courses:
- Intensive English Programs
- Private English Lessons
- Summer/Winter Language Activity Courses

Level-Specific English Courses:
- English Exam Prep (IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL iBT, Cambridge FCE/CAE, CAEL, GRE, GMAT)
- Study & Work in Canada
- Academic/College Prep Pathways
- Business English
- English for Tourism & Hospitality
- English for Nursing
- Power English for Life
- Focus on Communication
- TESL Teacher Training (Calgary only)
- Homestay Program
Kaplan International Toronto
Courses / Programs
• Kaplan International is a world leader in English education and has been teaching English as a foreign language to students and professionals since 1967.

• Our modern English language school is located in Downtown Toronto, and offers a wide range of exam preparation and English courses for students of all levels. University placement services are also available to help you advance your academic or professional career.

• Choose from a comprehensive selection of English courses in Toronto at our English school. We welcome students of all levels, and have courses of varying lengths and levels of intensity. You can also personalise your courses to match your language goals through electives and supplementary study sessions.

• Kaplan International’s language school in Toronto is accredited by Languages Canada. Join Kaplan International Toronto, and achieve your language goals today.

Student Review:
”When I got to Toronto two months ago I couldn't understand anything and today my listening is so much better! I can speak with people from all over the world and understand them.”
- Diogo
English Language Courses:
Beginner to Advanced Levels

• General English
• Intensive English
• General & Intensive English Academic Year or Semester
• Vacation English
• Business English for professionals
• Cambridge Exam Prep (FCE, CAE, CPE)
• IELTS Exam Preparation
• TOEFL & Academic English courses
• Homestay program with local Canadian host family
NSL Mondial, Ottawa
Courses / Programs
• Learn English in Ottawa - the capital city of Canada! A leading provider of English language courses in Canada, NSL Mondial offers quality ESL programs to adult and junior international students from around the world.

• With an excellent mix of international students from over 20 countries worldwide, our Ottawa school provides a professional environment in which to study English.

• We provide English language immersion for adults in small group classes. This ensures that you receive the personalized attention that you need to improve your English quickly.

• We teach English at 7 levels - from complete beginner to advanced. On your first day, we will test your English level, and place you in the class that best meets your learning needs.

• Our comprehensive English classes cover the key language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. You can start your course on any Monday throughout the year (with the exception of public holidays).

• All of our English language teachers are university educated and hold TESL certification (Teaching English as a Second Language).

• The capital city of Canada, Ottawa possesses interesting architecture and history. It has a very youthful population, which helps to make it one of Canada's favourite destinations.

• Visitors can enjoy the rivers, canals, bike paths, and numerous other tourist attractions.
English Courses for Adults
For Beginners to Advanced Students

• Full-time & part-time English courses
• Intensive English course
• IELTS exam preparation
• Business English classes
• Homestay program / live with Canadian family
• Fun activities & excursions

University Preparation Program (UPP)
• Intensive 12 week program focusing on developing your critical thinking skills & preparing you for academic study in one of 16 partner college & universities in Canada.

Summer ESL Programs
• English language camps for children & teenagers (ages 8 to 19)
ILSC Vancouver
Courses / Programs
Medical English Diploma now available at ILSC - Vancouver.

Designed for Medical Professionals
Learn Medical English Terminology
Communicate Effectively in Medical Situations
Practice by Exploring Medical Case Studies and Describing Patient Conditions
Gain the Ability to Describe and Explain Medical Symptoms and Procedures in English

Medical English Program Overview
The Medical English Diploma Program is made up of 3 individual 4-week certificates. Students can complete individual certificates or take all 3 to earn the diploma. The certificates can be taken in any order (not necessarily sequentially) so students can enter the program at the start of any ILSC session.
Pharmacy, Examination Results, and Systems of the Body
Emergency Care, Surgery and Systems of the Body
Personal and Specialty Care, and Systems of the Body
International House Vancouver
Courses / Programs
Study English in beautiful Vancouver, Canada at International House Vancouver (IHV)!

We provide quality English language courses to international students (adults, teenagers, and children) from around the world. Taught by highly qualified and experienced professionals, our accredited programs are truly unique in the flexibility that we offer to our students.

In addition to our English courses for beginners to advanced learners, we offer ESL teacher training programs.

The school is accredited by the International House World Organisation and Languages Canada, both quality organizations assuring that their members adhere to the highest standards in teaching English as a foreign language.

Our wide range of ESL programs includes General English, IELTS & TOEFL test preparation, university pathway program, Business English classes, private English lessons, working holiday programs, and junior programs for children and teenagers.

With its scenic views, mild climate and friendly people Vancouver is consistently ranked as one of the top places to live in the world.

It offers outstanding outdoor adventures and while the city itself, located at sea-level, is known for temperate climate, the surrounding mountains are covered in snow making it perfect for winter sports and breath taking views.

Student Testimonial:
"It`s the perfect place to learn English! Definitely the best school in Vancouver!!!"
- Vivi
• General English (beginner to upper advanced levels)
• Elective English courses
• Exam Preparation for IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, PET, FCE, CAE & CPE
• Business English
• Private & semi-private tutoring
• University Pathway Program / English for Academic Purposes
• Programs for Working Holiday Visa Holders
• Junior Summer & Winter Programs
• Programs for adults 50+
• Homestudy Program (Live and study in your teacher’s home)
• TESL Certificate & CELTA English Teacher Training...