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Language Studies Indonesia - Jakarta & Online Classes:
Language Studies Indonesia (LSI) is a government-accredited school in Jakarta providing Bahasa Indonesia courses and language immersion programs to adults and expats living in Indonesia, as well as international students and organizations. Language courses are delivered through private tutoring (for individuals or small group/family). We offer on-site Indonesian classes at our language center in Cilandak in South Jakarta, at our satellite classrooms in Central Jakarta, as well as private lessons at your home or office. Our Indonesian language courses are also available via Skype to online learners throughout Indonesia and in 122 countries worldwide.

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Photo of Learn Indonesian in Jakarta, Indonesia & Online Globally• Language Studies Indonesia is licensed by the Indonesian government to provide specialised certificate courses in Bahasa Indonesia, in accordance with the Council of Europe's Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and the Indonesian Education Code. 

• Successful completion of each course level leads to Certification in the Council of Europe's CEFR standard.

• LSI is the only education institution in Jakarta devoted solely to the study of Bahasa Indonesia, and our step-by-step course program is arguably the most scientifically-based and effective Indonesian language programme available in the world today.

• While there are many options available for informal Indonesian training, LSI is the obvious choice for international professionals and university students seeking “serious” Bahasa Indonesia education and rapid language acquisition.

Indonesian and International Awards:

Image of Learn Indonesian in Jakarta, Indonesia & Online Globally• BEST EDUCATION PROGRAM OF THE YEAR, 2015, 2016, 2017 - awarded by Bapak Muhadjir Effendy (Indonesian Minister of Education and Culture), and Bapak Muhammad Nasir, Indonesian Minister of Higher Education 


• INTERNATIONAL STAR FOR LEADERSHIP, PARIS 2015 awarded by the BID Organisation

University-Accredited Instructors

• LSI’s world-class teaching faculty is comprised wholly of university-accredited Indonesian language instructors. All are multilingual native-speakers of Bahasa Indonesia who have held positions of responsibility for many years prior to joining the organisation.

• LSI’s careful selection process and ongoing development programmes ensure that clients receive the highest level of professional, friendly and helpful service from an Indonesian tutor with solid teaching skills.

Our Students:
We provide customised Indonesian language courses for three categories of students.

• Local Expatriates living and/or working in Jakarta (Beginner through Advanced levels)
• Visiting Students staying in Jakarta for a short time (Beginner through Advanced levels)
Online Students in 122 countries worldwide (Beginner through Advanced levels)
Language Immersion Students: For students seeking a "study abroad" experience, we offer two-, three- and four-week Language Immersion. 

Programs, all-inclusive of airport transfer, language instruction, accommodation, meals, laundry,     activities/excursions, and transporation to all venues (including domestic flights in some packages).

We also offer accommodation for visiting students, as well as excursions in Jakarta and West Java.

Bahasa Indonesia Language Classes:

Photos of Language Studies Indonesia - Jakarta & Online Classes• Private tutoring sessions (for individual students or small groups / family) at six levels from absolute beginner to advanced.. 

• Each course can be entirely customized to the needs of each student and adapted to their rate of progress. Our programmes are tailored for expatriates from all over the globe, using resources that reflect the world’s best practices in modern language education.

• Successful completion of each level generally requires 13 two-hour sessions (26 hours). LSI clients design their own regular weekly lesson schedules in accordance with their lifestyles, studying as extensively or intensely as they wish - from two sessions per week to two sessions per day.

• Bahasa Indonesia Classes for Beginners (in Jakarta or Online)
New arrivals to Jakarta quickly realise the need for at least basic conversational Bahasa Indonesia study. Our Beginner Courses introduce the key vocabulary and structures necessary for everyday communication, both at home and in the workplace.

• Indonesian Language Classes for Intermediate & Advanced Speakers (in Jakarta or Online)  
Long-term residents often feel that their Bahasa Indonesia language studies have reached a plateau and that they need to improve their ability to communicate on a wider range of subjects. LSI’s Intermediate and Advanced Courses assist them in meeting their needs.

Benefits of Private Bahasa Indonesia Lessons:

Picture of Learn Indonesian in Jakarta, Indonesia & Online Globally• LSI Indonesian courses can be delivered in private tutorial sessions which means that each course can be entirely tailored to clients’ needs and adapted to their rate of progress.

• LSI welcomes individuals, couples, families and collegial groups to partake in its course offerings, and tuition fees are contingent on the number of clients participating in a given course. To ensure effectiveness, however, groups should not exceed four persons (although exceptions are occasionally made for families and organisations).

• The private tutorial is a particularly beneficial setting for language learning, as it allows a private instructor who understands the needs of their students to tailor the training methods, material and pacing to meet those specific needs.

• The tutor is able to create relevant, practical and enjoyable Indonesian lessons that serve the needs of her or his clients, and provide clients the practice time necessary to gain confidence and competence in Bahasa Indonesia.

• Modern educational research has shown that mastery of a given language requires active use of the language. LSI methodology emphasises the constant practicing of Bahasa Indonesia through one-on-one interaction.

Online Bahasa Indonesia Classes:

Images of Language Studies Indonesia - Jakarta & Online Classes• The LSI Online Outreach Programme makes our high-quality Bahasa Indonesia training accessible online to language students throughout Indonesia and in 122 countries worldwide.

• All of our online Bahasa Indonesian courses are taught through Skype in 90-minute classes. You can design your own weekly class schedule according to your availability.

• Classes can be scheduled between 9am and 8.30pm (Jakarta time: GMT + 7 hours) from Monday through Friday.

Examples of our Clients & Students 

Embassies, Universities, Foundations and Companies currently served:                     

• Embassies of Australia, Chile, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, United States  

• Cambridge University, Boston University, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, University of Amsterdam, Australian National University, Jakarta International School, Australian International School.

• United Nations Development Programme, Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS,  World Health Organization, USAID, Greenpeace, Sampoerna Foundation; Lippo Group, Citibank, Exxon-Mobil, Arnotts, Kraft Foods, Starbucks, Samsung, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Google, Johnson and Johnson.

• LSI students include diplomats, university students, and business professionals. Over the years, the LSI student-body has come from a diverse range of backgrounds and sectors.

Student Reviews / Testimonials:

•  "In the Dec/January time frame I had a great experience learning Bahasa from one of your teachers Ibu Gisela. I would like to know if/when I could restart more lessons with her. Please let me know. Thanks for your help!!"

•  "It is a really good course. I hope to pick it up again at the next level when I get some more time."

•  "My experiences so far have been fantastic, I can't tell you how impressed I am with Pak Bayu and his teaching approach. I am very keen to continue on to do the next level."

•  "...As I am based in Jakarta for business I was interested in learning the grammar well so I could take my Bahasa Indonesia to the next level and conduct more sophisticated conversations as well as communicating in writing in Bahasa Indonesia in a business setting. LSI did just that!

Teachers were really knowledgeable of the foundations of the grammar and adapted the course to my needs and schedule in a very flexible manner.

If one is interested in learning Bahasa Indonesia well, LSI is definitely the best place I have found in Jakarta...It is the only place I have found with the capacity to cover both the needs of casual learners as well as the needs of more serious students."


•  "I took lessons with LSI from early 2010 until early 2012 completing their entire program, from beginner to advanced, as well as a post advanced course. Every teacher I had was excellent. The course was well designed, and I liked that from the beginning, the teachers spoke almost entirely in Indonesian.

As the course progressed, I enjoyed the unique lesson plans which included reading news articles, watching Indonesian movies, listening to Indonesian pop songs, etc.  

Administratively, LSI always responded to my emails promptly and politely. They allowed me to have a very flexible schedule and never had a problem if I had to change or cancel my lesson time. I highly recommend Language Studies Indonesia."

•  "I have taken lessons from LSI for 2 years and it has been one of the highlights of my time in Indonesia. Your company is first-class and always professional. LSI has allowed me to learn Bahasa Indonesia in a very structured, consistent, and logical manner and I have found the curriculum to be extremely well-thought out and effective.

Additionally, the LSI tutors I have had a chance to work with are the best out there and made learning Bahasa fun and enjoyable.

I have gone from knowing not a single word in Bahasa, to being able to have steady conversations with my friends, coworkers, and colleagues in a short time. I have learned so much from LSI. Thank you!"

Luxury Accommodation / Homestay Option:

LSI's Official Guest House for visiting students

• Students have the tempting option to stay at LSI's official guest house, the luxurious PESONA GUEST HOUSE JAKARTA. Located just 2 city blocks from the LSI language center, our exquisite guest house is one of the world's truly unique lodgings.

• It offers you a "homestay" experience, while providing a level of quality and service comparable to a five-star hotel. Room rates are inclusive of a lavish Indonesian or American breakfast. Lunch and dinner is available for a small extra charge.

• Your hosts, Ibu Nana (a native Indonesian) and her husband, Pak Mel (a Canadian), genuinely enjoy entertaining foreign students. This is immediately apparent from the moment you are greeted at the front door. In this opulent setting, students find a truly social setting where they can interact as freely and as casually as they would in the humblest of homestays.

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Address: Jalan RS Fatmawati No. 28D, Cipete Selatan, Cilandak, Jakarta Selatan 12430, Jakarta, Indonesia
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