Reviews of Language Studies Indonesia - Jakarta & Online Classes

• Language Studies Indonesia (LSI) is a government-accredited school in Jakarta that provides private Bahasa Indonesia classes to adults, expats, international students & organizations. • LSI is Jakarta's leading school for the study of Bahasa Indonesia - the only language training organisation in the Indonesian Capital devoted solely to Indonesian language instruction.Programs / Courses:
Private Indonesian lessons (for 1-4 learners) with one dedicated instructor ; • 6 course levels - from absolute beginner to advanced ; • Certification in the Council of Europe's CEFR Standard  • Daytime and evening Indonesian classes  ; • Study Indonesian in Jakarta at one of our schools, or at your home, office or guest house ; • Customized corporate and individual training programs ; • Study Indonesian online via Skype with a Jakarta faculty-member ; • Native, multilingual and university accredited language instructors ; • Free trial lesson available 
Anna ; from In Ende but from Barcelona
(2020-06-11  04:32:06)
 (Highly Recommended)
have studied Bahasa Indonesia for 6 months three sessions a week, and I am really happy because I have improved a lot. Now I am able to write a text with more or less correctness and be able to develop a topic with certain security.
For me, being able to study online has been an opportunity, because in Ende, Flores island in Indonesia, it is difficult to follow a course regularly.
At LSI they are interested in the personal needs of the language and its future use; they also start from the previous knowledge that each one may have. It is true that you have to dedicate time to personal study, but that strengthens learning and allows you to advance.
Likewise, the school and the teachers are professionals in language teaching and dedicate themselves seriously and kindly to the students. Before signing up, I read the excellent recommendations that other students had made. Now I am the one who recommends this center.
John ; from United States
(2019-12-03  03:42:42)
 (Highly Recommended)
The curriculum is a great mix of teaching, discussion, and homework. The staff were always very helpful and friendly. My pelatih, Pak Meizar was excellent, knowledgeable, approachable, and patient with me. Highly recommend!
Cheryl ; from Manila, Philippines
(2019-11-26  07:59:08)
 (Highly Recommended)
My learning experience with LSI has always been very pleasant and productive. Teachers are professional, patient and pays attention to the learning phase of the student. My sessions were handled by different teachers and the consistency of teaching approach in this school is impressive! I also like the learning content itself. I can see that the program was well thought of and written with the human cognitive process in mind. Very well done!

Thank you to my teachers and the whole of LSI team for the good service and support in my journey to learn Bahasa Indonesia as my third language :)
Mat L ; from Singapore
(2019-09-24  09:05:02)
 (Highly Recommended)
I studied under Ibu Yulian and Pak Aji for the A2 course. Both instructors were professional, punctual, and patient. They were quite simply excellent tutors!

The course is very well structured and the materials provided complement the teaching methodology well. The instructors give you honest feedback about your progress and give you time to express what you want to say in Bahasa Indonesia without judgment. They also speak English fluently which makes it easy to clarify any doubts no matter how complex. Good job also to the school administration who are hospitable and responsive on email and text.

Terima kasih banyak Ibu Yulian, Pak Aji dan semua orang di LSI! Sampai bertemu lagi :)
Mark Yager ; from USA
(2019-09-18  08:33:18)
 (Highly Recommended)
I received training from Bu Dian and Pak Meizar for a solid week. It was outstanding! I can't speak highly enough of their patience and kindness as I mangled Bahasa in every way possible. However, I'm comfortable now with getting around the country via bis, sepeda motor, and kareta api. Thanks, Bu Dian and Pak Meizar!
David Arcelus ; from Spain
(2019-08-29  23:52:05)
 (Highly Recommended)
I really enjoy the classes dengan Ibu Dian!!!
Very professional and nice, a pleasure to learn with her
Pierre-Alexandre Le Clerc ; from France
(2019-08-26  07:13:45)
 (Highly Recommended)
Very flexible organization willing to adapt to your schedule when planning lessons which is a top-requirement for expats.
I took lessons for a whole year with Bapak Greg and Ibu Yulian, both being amazing teachers. They know when to be patient and when to push you working on your weaknesses.
I highly recommend LSI 👌🏽
Dane Elliott ; from United Kingdom
(2019-08-22  00:36:01)
 (Highly Recommended)
I had a really fantastic time learning from two great teachers - Pak Desmond and Pak Meizar. As an aspiring autodidact, I was skeptical about going down the school route at first, but LSI's material is really well thought through and perfect for beginners. Better yet were the two exceptional teachers I had the opportunity to be taught by - both very patient and supportive. I look forward to continuing lessons as soon as I get a chance!
Donat E. ; from Switzerland
(2019-08-13  05:04:39)
 (Highly Recommended)
I have taken a one week-intensive private course (level A1-A2) with Pak Greg and Ibu Dian.
I can highly recommend the school as well as their teachers.
- Intensive and well structured lessons
- Highly motivated teachers
- Very good didactic setup

Hopefully LSI will develop in future also internet-based courses to be able to follow-up from abroad.

I'm looking forward to continue my studies with them. Terima kasih!
Mike ; from USA
(2019-08-07  04:36:43)
 (Highly Recommended)
LSI really helped me develop my Bahasa Indonesia skills. Thanks to the skilled instructors there, especially Ibu Tantry dan Pak Desmond, I have achieved my goals and then some. Terima kasih.
Yuka Hashimoto ; from Japan
(2019-08-06  03:08:44)
 (Highly Recommended)
Saya Yuka. Saya berasal dari Jepang. Saya ke Indonesia untuk berajal bahasa Indonesia. Guru saya ibu Yurian dan ibu Ifa. Saya pikir mereka bagus. Saya suka LSI. Saya pikir LSI baik. Saya suka jalan-jalan dengan pak Bayu ke Monasu dan musium.
Shivaji ; from India
(2019-08-01  20:26:19)
 (Highly Recommended)
I have been taking Bahasa classes from Ibu Zafira of Language Studies Indonesia and it has been nothing short of exceptional. Ibu Zafira has been very patient and understanding through my learning sessions and tought me the foundation courses with lot of attention and detail. I have tried learning Bahasa Indonesia from other sources but never has it been so effective! The program courses are designed to the unique requirements and pace of learning of the individual and it is a very efficient way of learning a language. The classes are well paced and allows one to learn and apply the language in practice.

I can easily recommend LSI classes to anyone interested in learning the language as it provides great value for money. My sincere gratitude to Ibu Zafira and LSI for helping me pick up the language with so much of ease. Thank you.
Morteza Daneshvar ravari ; from Iran
(2019-07-26  09:55:19)
 (Highly Recommended)
I have been in Jakarta about 2 months
And I passed level A1 in LSI
Until now it was so good with two great teachers,Bu tantry and Bu Ain , I have learned a lot of things and I can speak and understand for a little
It was very good
haribabu ; from jakarta
(2019-07-24  00:27:03)
 (Highly Recommended)
I took Bahasa 1 from Tantry teacher, she teached very good, We can sincerely recommend LSI to any foreigner who wants to learn Bahasa Indonesia. Thank you LSI and Tantry...
Diego ; from France
(2019-07-16  12:59:42)
 (Highly Recommended)
I took the fast program with LCI, the teacher I had was very good as well as the administrative team. Learning a language with an professional teacher definitely saves you a lot of time. LCI organises meetups every two months witch is great also.
Manabe ; from Jakarta
(2019-07-09  22:55:28)
 (Highly Recommended)
I have learned Bahasa from this April with Ain san. She is an excellent and kind teacher, and I enjoy the lessons with her. I wish I could read and write business documents in Bahasa in the near future.
Daniel Tranter-Santoso ; from Sydney, Australia
(2019-07-02  06:21:27)
 (Highly Recommended)
My experience with LSI has been fantastic. From first meeting Ibu Chitra and Ibu Mita at reception, who greeted me with warmth (and patience with my attempts at speaking Bahasa Indonesia) to all my learning experiences with various teachers - Ibu Tantry, Pak Greg, Ibu Ifa, Pak Maezar, Ibu Dian - they all conducted themselves with the utmost professionalism, but more importantly, they taught me skillfully and with passion for their job. They took an interest in my life and made me feel like I was a part of the LSI family. After only a few lessons, I felt comfortable using the language outside the classroom, and the teaching methods ensured I was able to remember my vocabulary. I highly recommend learning Bahasa Indonesia with Language Studies Indonesia.
Maruska Pinares ; from Peru
(2019-06-21  00:18:13)
 (Highly Recommended)
Highly recommended. They have great teachers, flexible schedules according to your needs. They did a great Job with me and after a short time I was ready to speak and understand the local language. They also provide print and online academic material, there is no way you can't learn with them, really amazing!
Jonathan J. ; from Montreal, Canada
(2019-05-26  03:18:52)
 (Highly Recommended)
Thanks to the help of Ibu Dian and Bapak Meizar, I've progressed to a level of Indonesian language proficiency that allows me to use the language effectively at work and in the street. The school's curriculum is well designed, and the teachers have been professional and friendly. They've also been willing to help me out with my specific questions outside the regular curriculum, including the difficulties caused by the notorious diglossia of Bahasa Indonesia. Definitely recommended.
Hisako ; from Japan
(2019-05-25  21:34:31)
 (Highly Recommended)
I have learned bahasa for 2 yrs with Ibu Dian. She is a great teacher. She always encourages and support me to learn bahasa. I hope i can continue studying bahasa with her, becaise I really enjoy studying with her.
Ravi ivaturi ; from Jakarta
(2019-05-16  10:59:07)
 (Highly Recommended)
I took my Bahasa Indonesia training with LSI and the experience was great. Especially I would rate my tutor Ibu Ain 5 star, as she was very patient in making me learn the language and supported the entire process with practical examples. I would strongly recommend Ibu Ain for anyone looking to learn Bahasa Indonesia.
伊藤通啓 ; from 日本
(2019-05-09  00:07:07)
 (Highly Recommended)
I really enjoy Bu Zafira’s Bahasa class!Since she always try to motivate me!Thank you!
Aishah Brice ; from Wales
(2019-05-03  09:14:17)
 (Highly Recommended)
I’ve been studying Indonesian with LSI for approximately five months and the progress has been crazy! I started the course learning in person then switched to online classes—LSI’s a programme accessible to anyone across the world.
Since starting, my Indonesian has noticeably improved. I’ve gone from knowing simple phrases to holding entire conversations with people my own age! This development is all thanks to LSI and my teacher, Yunisa, who ensures our sessions are just like meeting up with any other friend. Though the educational aspect is important, LSI also values the customer’s personal comfort—something rare in professional businesses. I’d definitely recommend LSI to anyone of any age with whatever reason wanting to learn Indonesian!
Ian Wilson ; from Switzerland
(2019-05-03  01:11:37)
 (Highly Recommended)
I am setting up some business in Jakarta and was staying for a couple of month in Hotel. I reached out to LSI to see if they could provide me some basic knowledge of Bahasa and as I am very busy with work I needed a tailored program and teacher attending my hotel.
I can only highly recommend LSI to anybody wanting to learn Bahasa. The program that was offered to me was excellent, the teachers were friendly and extremely talented and professional. My knowledge of Bahasa has increased incredibly within 36 hours tutorial , thanks to Desmond, Monalisa and Meizar. For sure if I return to Jakarta I will contact LSI again for next steps.
Terima kasih!
Pang Xue Kai ; from Singapore
(2019-04-29  06:51:54)
 (Highly Recommended)
My experience with learning Bahasa Indonesia from Pak Desmond (LSI) was excellent and highly professional. Pak Desmond's teaching approach by relating the contents of the lessons to relatable real life experiences was extremely helpful and my progress has been very satisfactory. I would recommend LSI and Pak Desmond to anyone who wish to develop a profound command over Bahasa Indonesia.
Jack Brazel ; from Australia
(2019-04-27  06:24:35)
 (Highly Recommended)
Highly Recommend LSI and Bu Ifa , I am a very incompetent student when comes to the learning of any Language but Bu Ifa was able to patiently take me through some core concepts which had real application to my expat life here in Jakarta. I highly recommend LSI and Ifa in terms of the teaching quality and instructional design. In Indonesia any effort you put into the learning of Bahasa is rewarded with respect and appreciation from locals. LSI are ones to make it happen.
Shawn ; from China
(2019-04-25  09:10:47)
 (Highly Recommended)
I found LSI in Google search two years ago and join the private lessons. It is a local institution teaching Indonesia language. The teachers are very kind and professional. I am now studying the Advanced level. I think with the help of Pak Desmond, I will be able to communicate naturally with local people and read local books. l think LSI is the best institution in Indonesia for learning Indonesia language. There are also very good activities in LSI such as Potluck, city tour and so on. I really like it!
Nicolas Olivera ; from Jakarta Indonesia
(2019-04-25  01:38:11)
 (Highly Recommended)
I really like the experience of learning bahasa Indonesia with LSI. Desmond, my teacher, gives very good explanations and makes sure I understand before advancing with new material. This class gives me great tools to learn. I would recommend it to anyone!
Larissa ; from Australia
(2019-04-14  23:08:45)
 (Highly Recommended)
LSI provided me with engaged, interested, professional teachers who were focused on improving my Bahasa.

The whole organisation is effective; management are responsive and helpful, and the teaching program provides a structured process to learn Bahasa at your own pace.

I particularly want to mention Bapak Bayu who is passionate, super smart and engaged. He addressed my particular learning challenges and always gave 100%. Thank you LSI for all the support last year!
Daniel Stephen ; from Singapore
(2018-08-09  23:12:49)
 (Highly Recommended)
Never have I come across a language school as professional and dedicated to helping expats learn Bahasa Indonesia as LSI. My teacher Bapak Desmond has also been a true revelation. Over the course of the past three months he has not just been a passionate Bahasa tutor but rather has also become a mentor for me. Classes with him are always refreshing and at times enlightening.

Despite my short stay in Indonesia of 3 months for an internship, I was still able to cover level A2, B1 and even had a bit of spare time to cover some bonus content from level B2. All of this because Bapak Desmond encouraged me to push my limits. Now I take great pride in saying that I am a fairly effective speaker of the language.

Rest assured that joining LSI will be the best decision you can make to enhance your life here in Indonesia. In addition, if you are committed and work closely with them you can get great bang for buck as well.
Nicolas ; from Jakarta
(2018-06-04  03:05:59)
 (Highly Recommended)
For anyone interested in learning Bahasa Indonesia, I would highly recommend taking a course or two with LSI. They went to great lengths to build a customized program for my unique learning needs. As a result, the class content was engaging and insightful in terms of both learning the language and understanding important cultural nuances. The instructors are experienced and really invested in seeing their students learn.
Amal Kahwaji-Janho ; from Lebanon
(2017-09-14  04:29:27)
 (Highly Recommended)
Since I first started the communication with LSI in order to book my course, Ibu Anissa always showed a prompt and effective response.
Following an advanced intensive course, I was highly impressed with the teaching method adopted by LSI. My amazing teachers (Pak Bayu and Ibu Anila) were very supportive and very creative to give me a great challenging experience through a CUSTOMIZED CURRICULUM which meets my learning interests.
The dedication showed by Pak Bayu and Ibu Anila always succeeded to keep my class always active and brought me day by day into a higher level of challenge and proficiency, which supported my educational process and significantly improved my skills.
Learning Bahasa Indonesia with LSI made me longing to seek for more linguistic discoveries through the post advanced level that I have already started, and brought new language added values. I genuinely commend LSI for any Bahasa Indonesia’s learning seeker; a great investment and experience to be acquired at the VERY PROPER school.
David West ; from Barossa Valley South Australia
(2017-01-10  17:25:46)
 (Highly Recommended)
My experience with LSI was a pleasure from start to finish.
My booking process with Ibu Anissa was efficient and straightforward while my lessons with Ibu Meli and Ibu Riris were challenging, fun and invaluable.
While the professionalism and dedication of my teachers was beyond doubt the flexibility of the format was the most impressive aspect.
After each lesson my process and abilities were assessed and the course aligned to suit my individual needs.
I intend to continue my language education with LSI and I am most grateful for their dedication and enthusiasm.
Joyce ; from Jakarta
(2016-10-09  06:31:52)
 (Highly Recommended)
My tutor, Ibu Meli, really helped my Bahasa Indonesia skills improved a lot. Many of my officemates noticed that my Bahasa Indonesia skills are getting better and better. I highly recommend her for anyone who wants to enrol in LSI. LSI administration is also professional. I didn't have any problems in payment and starting my course. Now I'm on on my 2nd course with LSI! Thank you guys!
Hannah ; from Bern, Switzerland
(2016-08-08  05:34:21)
 (Highly Recommended)
I would 100% recommend LSI. I took part in their immersion programme for 2 weeks and came away from it really impressed with the school's ethos, teaching quality and organisation. Ibu Gisela, my teacher, was so patient, friendly and fun, that what could have been a very intense and challenging process turned out to be a wonderful two weeks.
The materials and content are excellent, and exactly what you need as a beginner.
I stayed at a nearby guesthouse that is linked to the school which meant I got the all-round experience and could practice what I'd learnt each day at school once I returned home. I would encourage those wishing to get the most out of the learning experience to actually go to Jakarta.
Megan ; from Australia
(2016-05-16  09:22:23)
 (Highly Recommended)
As previous Beginner student at university a few years ago, I had reservations about tutoring found from an online source. However, I enroled in LSI's private intermediate 1 classes and can now highly recommend LSI, their curriculum, professionalism and schedule flexibility. I also highly recommend my tutor Ibu Meli as she is very kind, patient and able to adapt content to ensure understanding as well as set goals that are attainable yet still stretch my ability.
From this course I have gained more confidence to speak in formal Bahasa Indonesia and gain a better understanding on how to express details and exact ideas clearly.
Thanks Ibu Meli and the LSI team. I hope to continue learning in the near future.
Azadeh ; from Canada
(2016-05-15  00:52:20)
 (Highly Recommended)
The program (a1 and a2) was really good and practical. It covered all the useful vocabularies and basic grammar needed to converse daily. My teacher, Ibu Meli was excellent! She was so patient, sweet and knowledgable that I wanted to keep learning! I would recommend the program and Ibu Meli to my friends anyone interested in learning bahasa Indonesia in Jakarta!
Ron Brooks ; from USA
(2016-05-12  11:09:00)
 (Highly Recommended)
LSI stands heads and shoulders above all other Bahasa Indonesia language schools that I have attended over the past 8 years while living in Jakarta. The course is well structured with a coherent syllabus, graduated levels to encourage learning for the student and a fair price. Of particular note is Ibu Meli, one of the teachers I have had in my intermediate level 2 classes. She is friendly, supportive and sets stretch targets for me to attain. Her understanding of English is very good as is her knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia. This enables her to add a lot of value to me in each lesson as I learn the language and also the culture and background of Indonesia. I would strongly recommend this school and Ibu Meli to any who have a serious desire to learn more about Indonesia and Bahasa Indonesian.
Taylor Preston ; from Toronto, Ontario, Canada
(2015-11-27  05:10:19)
 (Highly Recommended)
I have been learning Indonesian online through LSI's "ONLINE BAHASA INDONESIA "Program, and have just finished 20 weeks of study / 2 classes per week. This is an amazing program - highly recommended for anyone seeking a serious, no-nonsense course of study. Although I have only completed 3 course levels (78 hours), I am already carrying on fluent conversations with my Instructor via Skype. I will be transferred to Jakarta shortly and hope to complete the remaining 3 course levels in-person with my Instructor Pak Hamdin (who has now become like a friend to me). One note of caution though : If you are thinking of enrolling with this school, make sure you are a serious student who really wants to learn the language quickly. This School is not a joke. They do expect a lot from their students as they issue certification in Europe's CEFR standard. As I was told by my Instructor, "Learning language is a participatory process which requires both a dedicated Instructor AND a dedicated learner." Classes are face-to-face, conducted over Skype using lots of great lesson materials. Very impressive and highly recommended! Terima kasih banyak. Selamat belajar!
Kim Goodwin ; from New Zealand
(2015-04-10  09:25:13)
 (Highly Recommended)
I really enjoyed studying at LSI. The teacher Ibu Gisela was great and the curriculum is well organized. I live outside of Jakarta but the satellite location is just 5 mins from the train station. The flexible option for choosing class times was helpful for my travelling schedule.
Diaa ; from Lebanon
(2015-03-24  00:50:06)
 (Highly Recommended)
As an expat who recently moved to Jakarta, I learned about LSI by searching through the web for Bahasa Indonesia courses. The LSI website and its content were convincing enough to make me subscribe to Private sessions starting at Beginner 1 class.
Learning a new language is made easy with the structured method adopted by the LSI team. The level of flexibility to adapt to a student's schedule/location/preference/culture, and the progress that gets achieved are both impressive!
The admin staff is friendly and very helpful while the teaching team is very professional making the whole experience flawless.
I continue to be a student in Intermediate Class, and I definitely recommend LSI for everyone who wishes to learn Bahasa Indonesia in an effective and convenient way. Thanks
Rémy Sironneau ; from France
(2015-03-16  01:06:24)
 (Highly Recommended)
Very professional staff and good teacher. My experience with LSI was great. I really recommend it if you want to learn Bahasa Indonesia.
Ron Brittain ; from Brentwood, California
(2015-03-03  12:44:36)
 (Highly Recommended)
I had bought some online courses but I wasn't making much progress. I realized that I needed live instruction to advance more quickly. After looking for many weeks for professional live Bahasa Indonesia Instruction I found LSI. I have now been a student with LSI for the last 3 months. LSI is an outstanding company. The administration office was very responsive to all my inquires and helped me design a custom program that fit into my busy schedule. We agreed on an schedule and I was assigned an instructor, Ibu Riska. I started with an online schedule studying from my home office in California. I first met with a technician who tested the bandwidth in my office and Skype connectivity. Then I met with my instructor. My instructor, Ibu Riska, is amazing! She was patient and very consistent, always punctual. We followed a proven path for learning. After a couple weeks on online training (I met with my instructor for 3 sessions a week) I was on my way to Jakarta! When I arrived there we picked up where we left off but this time face to face. My instructor met me at my office in Jakarta twice a week. Again my instructor was amazing. I really enjoyed learning Bahasa Indonesia and my associates at work were really impressed with my progress. I would recommend LSI for anyone wanting to learn Bahasa Indonesia.
Daniel Savas ; from Vancoiuver, BC Canada
(2014-12-23  15:17:38)
 (Highly Recommended)
I visited Indonesia (Jakarta and Bali) in December 2014, for 3 weeks. Having been here frequently over the past few years, I finally decided it was time to learn Bahasa Indonesia; I love the country, the people, the culture, so it really was time. I was referred to Language Studies Indonesia from a friend/work colleague, and it could not have been a better recommendation!!

I have been so very well treated by all staff; they've been incredibly flexible in meeting my schedule, my teacher came to my apartment for individual private lessons, which were absolutely what I had hoped for. I was very fortunate to have had Ibu Riska for my "guru" for Beginner's 1 Lesson. Very friendly, quick to smile, and very knowledgeable, she visited me each day for 11 days, and walked me through the many, many different aspects of the languiage, from grammar to vocabulary to situational phrases, etc. I have learned an incredible amount in the short time she had to teach me. Having studied other languages, I was quite intrigued and impressed with the LSI approach to language learning - a combination of written, listening, and oral teaching, review, and testing. And, while English was needed most days to explain concepts/vocabulary, Ibu Riska was quite conscious of not using it too much, instead consistently speaking to me in Bahasa Indonesia to test my ear, and to get me accustomed to speaking the language. Each day, she would start the lesson off with a conversation that involved examples from the previous day's lesson. It was great, because then I'd know what I'd learned, and what needed more work. Then, there was assigned homework - a combination of review and work to show I'd understood what I'd learned. I even had to tape myself speaking the language for one homework. This was great, because it helped me think about the tone and the intonation of the language.

Further, I have to say that the staff at LSI - Ibu Anissa in particular - was extremely efficient, responsive, and helpful in providing me with the details of all that was going to occur for my lessons, from sending me the dates and times of the lessons, to confirming the booking and the payments. It was all seamless and effortless.

I will definitely be taking more lessons with LSI. My goal is to become fluent in the language so that when I travel/live in Indonesia in the coming years, I'll be able to speak with the locals in their language.

In fact, I just learned that I could do classes online!! So, I may well enroll in Beginner 2 Lessons from Vancouver instead of waiting to get back to Jakarta!

I would absolutely recommend Language Studies Indonesia to anyone seeking to learn Bahasa Indonesia.

Erika and mother ; from Japan
(2014-08-21  08:30:50)
 (Highly Recommended)
My daughter and I came to Jakarta in April, and my daughter started learning Bahasa from May, and I just started this month at LSI. Here's a mail I sent to LSI to express my appreciation・・・

Thank you very much for your assistance at the school.
I really enjoyed the lessons everyday for 2 weeks.
Actually, my friends were traveling around for this 2 weeks, but I was here studying Bahasa Indonesia.
I envied them a little, but I think it was the best choice I have ever done.
For sure, we will go back to study Bahasa soon.
Well, Erika is having some Indonesian friends at school now, and seems enjoying her school life. And we both have more time to watch Indonesian TV pro, and try harder to communicate in Bahasa Indonesia out side. All of changes in our life are brought from LSI.
Again, I would like to say, Terima kasih and sampai bertamu lagi.
dalla ; from kenya
(2014-05-06  02:34:11)
 (Highly Recommended)
Firstly the application process and the feed back was wonderfully informative, it made it smooth to understand everything i needed to know, i got to jakarta and studied 2 courses which have helped me alot in learning the Indonesian language, i feel confident i can ask questions and understand the answers or vice verca, the teachers are wonderful and know how to work with the students, the material given is very organized and easy to skim through ,
it was a good experience for me and a very quick and educational one, i would truly suggest Lsi to anyone who would want to study the language, only thing now is for LSI to open up in other areas so that the students wouldnt be tied down to one certain area especially for international students. Terema kasi!
Shoura Zehetner ; from Jakarta
(2014-01-30  05:22:19)
 (Highly Recommended)
I have been living in Jakarta for almost 2,5 years and as I was working for an Embassy here it was expected from me to speak at least basic or intermediate Bahasa Indonesia (the formal language, not any kind of slang). I was looking for a professional language institute that would offer private language classes and I am really happy to have been able to find LSI and to study here. My teacher, Ms. Dhara, was great! She was always on time, highly qualified, very motivated, kind and funny. I enjoyed our sessions (twice a week) very much and I really started to admire the Indonesian language for its playfulness! In the end of my language cycle I was even able to read the paper (of course I needed a dictionary sometimes).
I recommend LSI Jakarta highly to everyone who is seriously interested in learning the Indonesian language. The teachers are qualified and disciplined, the administration is very well organised and the prices are sensible. Kudos to LSI Jakarta!
Abdullah aldosari ; from Riyadh, saudi arabia
(2013-11-28  06:50:31)
 (Highly Recommended)
It is the best school for learning indonesian language ,,
Really i am very lucky to find this school ,, !!
Andrea DiGiorgio ; from Boston, MA, USA
(2013-11-03  13:01:54)
 (Highly Recommended)
I most highly recommend LSI for anyone who wants to learn Bahasa Indonesia! I live in Boston, where language study opportunities abound, but it was very difficult to find Indonesian lessons here. I need Indonesian for my graduate field work, and stumbled upon LSI as an option. I took both Beginner modules by Skype online, and the experience was phenomenal! LSI takes advantage of several modes of learning, including speaking, writing (homework, and messaging during the lessons), and listening comprehension. Pak Ian is an excellent instructor, he was very aware of points that I was missing, and able to help me understand through parallels in English. The lessons moved along at a perfect pace, and I feel that I gained tremendously from the LSI format. I know several people who have taken Indonesian via local and abroad opportunities, and none have had the excellent experience that I had with LSI - I would definitely make LSI my first choice when investigating potential Bahasa classes. I plan to take a refresher in person before I start my fieldwork!
Adam K. ; from Houston, TX
(2012-08-08  04:02:45)
 (Highly Recommended)
I have taken lessons from LSI for 2 years and it has been one of the highlights of my time in Indonesia. Your company is first-class and always professional. LSI has allowed me to learn Bahasa Indonesia in a very structured, consistent, and logical manner and I have found the curriculum to be extremely well-thought out and effective. Additionally, the LSI tutors I have had a chance to work with are the best out there and made learning Bahasa fun and enjoyable. More than tutors, they are people I am proud to call my friends. Their thoughtful, creative approach allowed me to learn Bahasa while also learning about Indonesian culture as well. I have gone from knowing not a single word in Bahasa, to being able to have steady conversations with my friends, coworkers, and colleagues in a short time. I have learned so much from LSI. Thank you!
Marie Chung ; from Melbourne, Victoria
(2012-02-20  05:13:29)
I was fortunate enough to get a great tutor (Pak Ian) for my classes. The idea of these classes is to promote social conversations in Bahasa, however, I think I got more from it. It seems the institute is well equipped with teachers that have a greater understanding of Indonesian culture- this allowed me to better interact with the locals and even gain social, cultural and political knowledge. The technical parts of the course were very well structured, and also filled in the gaps of my Bahasa Indonesian. Overall, it was thoroughly enjoyable and I was able to gain a greater confidence in speaking the language, and interacting with the locals. LSI is a great course, it definitely propelled me to live and indulge in the Indonesian culture. Go for it.
Lindsey ; from Jakarta, Indonesia
(2012-02-09  04:06:50)
 (Highly Recommended)
I took lessons with LSI from early 2010 until early 2012 completing their entire program, from beginner to advanced, as well as a post advanced course. Every teacher I had was excellent. The course was well designed, and I liked that from the beginning, the teachers spoke almost entirely in Indonesian. As the course progressed, I enjoyed the unique lesson plans which included reading news articles, watching Indonesian movies, listening to Indonesian pop songs, etc. Administratively, LSI always responded to my emails promptly and politely. They allowed me to have a very flexible schedule and never had a problem if I had to change or cancel my lesson time. I highly recommend Language Studies Indonesia.
Margo Arnold ; from Toronto, Canada
(2011-08-16  09:42:38)
 (Highly Recommended)
I live in Toronto, Canada, and I recently took two online Indonesian language courses with Language Studies Indonesia. I studied Bahasa Indonesia two evenings per week for 13 weeks, and completed LSI’s two Beginner levels (in preparation for a permanent move to Bali, Indonesia).

I’m so pleased that I chose Language Studies Indonesia to learn Bahasa Indonesia. These guys are amazingly organized and they are unbelievably good at what they do.

From my very first inquiry, their email responses were immediate and their instructions were clear. I never had a moment of stress when I was setting up my courses. They set up a free half-hour trial session before my first course even began (just to make sure we had a good internet connection), and I wasn't required to pay my tuition until they had confirmed that everything would work out well.

The Courses themselves were superb. The materials were systematic and logical, and my teacher was so kind and encouraging that I quickly became very confident. By the end of my Beginner I course, my teacher and I spoke only in Bahasa Indonesia - no English at all! By the end of my Beginner II course, I had really developed my speaking skills, and now I can’t wait to get to Indonesia and use my new language every day.

If you want to learn Bahasa Indonesia online, and you want to learn quickly, LSI is great. I highly recommend them. Everything they say about these guys is true! I wish them every success, and I look forward to studying with them further when I arrive in Indonesia.

Thanks for everything, LSI. You’re the best!
Steve D. ; from Philadelphia, PA
(2011-06-02  07:50:28)
 (Highly Recommended)
I took introductory Bahasa Indonesia lessons from LSI online using video Skype and email. The method was surprisingly efficient and effective overall. The administration and teaching of the course was very professional and extremely comprehensive in approach. Like another reviewer said, the teachers are patient, professional, friendly native Bahasa Indonesia speakers with good English language skills. This is very important to note, as I have taken other language courses elsewhere (French, for example), and this was not always the case. LSI employs a variety of learning techniques that are quite structured yet allow for flexibility when needed. Taking courses online are generally not as good as being in an actual live classroom, but the methods used by LSI come pretty close, especially considering I was more than 10,000 miles (16,000 kilometers) away! I very much recommend LSI to any foreigner who wants to learn Bahasa Indonesia.
Tim Klappe ; from Jakarta
(2011-05-24  05:24:38)
 (Highly Recommended)
My wife and I have taken Bahasa Indonesia lessons from LSI since the day we arrived in Indonesia. We completed the full program. The lessons took place at home. The teachers are patient, professional, friendly native Bahasa Indonesia speakers with good English language skills. Not only have they taught us Bahasa Indonesia, but as well a lot about the Indonesian culture, history and country side. The course materials that LSI provides are excellent reference books. We read them often when sitting in the Jakarta traffic jams. We can sincerely recommend LSI to any foreigner who wants to learn Bahasa Indonesia.
Tim Klappe
MIke Wilding ; from Jakarta Indonesia
(2011-05-13  01:45:18)
 (Highly Recommended)
I took the Beginners 1 and 2 courses at Language Studies Indonesia and found the courses to be very clear and comprehensive. The material was well presented, it moved forward at a good pace which was challenging but not so fast that it was hard to keep up. The printed course material that is given to each student was very well done and it is an excellent resource for continued study of the material. My instructor Ibu Yuyun was prompt, friendly and conducted herself very professionally. She was well qualified to teach the course material, was always well prepared for class and made learning the material presented interesting and enjoyable. In addition she was always helpful in answering any questions I had. From my experience I would highly recommend Language Studies Indonesia as an excellent beginner course in learning the Indonesian language. I hope to take LSI’s more advanced courses in the future.
Carrlos Cuellar ; from Houston Texas
(2011-04-25  20:39:13)
 (Highly Recommended)
I have been living in Indonesia for almost four years now as of April 2011. The first two years in Indonesia, I took Indonesian language courses at various language schools in Jakarta but I always found the courses focused on casual conversation and skills to get you by on a day to day basis. I found most Bahasa Indonesia language schools in Jakarta focus very little on writing skills and foundations of grammar. Most of the Bahasa Indonesia language courses seem geared towards the casual student/expat passing by through Jakarta and are intended to only give you a quick exposure to the language. Enough to order your food in a restaurant, buy your groceries at the local supermarket, etc. As I am based in Jakarta for business I was interested in learning the grammar well so I could take my Bahasa Indonesia to the next level and conduct more sophisticated conversations as well as communicating in writing in Bahasa Indonesia in a business setting. LSI did just that! Teachers were really knowledgeable of the foundations of the grammar and adapted the course to my needs and schedule in a very flexible manner. Furthermore, I realized if I had started learning Bahasa Indonesia with LSI upon arrival to Jakarta it would have taken me half the time it took me with other schools to achieve the level of fluency needed to get by on a daily basis and hence, if desired and needed, build a platform for advanced Bahasa Indonesia skills. If one is interested in learning Bahasa Indonesia well, LSI is definitely the best place I have found in Jakarta. Alternatively, if one is only interested in casually studying Bahasa Indonesia (maybe enough to get you by on a day to day basis and find the proper spot for your next weekend of surfing somewhere in Indonesia), studying with LSI will shorten significantly the time you will require to do so. It is the only place I have found with the capacity to cover both the needs of casual learners as well as the needs of more serious students. Just make sure to explain the teachers what your goals are.
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