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Florence Culinary Arts School:
Learn to cook authentic Italian food in the heart of world-renowned Tuscany! Conveniently situated in the city centre of Florence, Florence Culinary Arts School (FCAS) provides a range of year-round and summer chef training programs (with long-term and short-term study options), professional restaurant internships, Italian home cooking classes, and short cooking courses for beginner to advanced level. We welcome international students & culinary tourists and enthusiasts from around the globe. Learn specialized techniques from highly experienced top-level Italian chefs on how to carefully prepare and cook Italian food that tastes delicious and has a very appetizing appearance on the plate! Our graduates are now playing active roles in diverse fields in the Italian culinary business worldwide. Our students gain hands-on culinary experience in Italy, which could prepare them for opening up their own establishment serving Italian cuisine.

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Italian Cuisi​ne Professional Chef Courses:

Italian Cuisine Chef Training Course:
Course Duration: 8 weeks. On completion of this course, you will be awarded a Diploma-level Certificate.
Photo of Italian Cooking Courses in Florence, Italy
Designed to thoroughly train professional chefs, this course gives you the opportunity to study Italian dishes by region and category.

You will acquire an all-round knowledge of Italian cuisine, as well as high-level cooking skills to bring out the taste of each selected ingredient to its best.

Cooking classes are held in a large kitchen, equipped with restaurant kitchen facilities. All students will actually practice cooking at every class. Classes are taught in Italian with English and Spanish interpreters available.

It is possible to complete a Restaurant Internship Program on completion of this course.

Image of Italian Cooking Courses in Florence, ItalyCourse Content:
- Cooking Practice
- Pizza, Bread, Focaccia lesson
- Handmade Pasta lesson
- Italian regional cuisines
- Mediterraneancuisine and seafood
- Specialized dishes and restaurant training
- Dessert lesson
- Salsiccia (Sausage) lesson
- Home cooking for professionals
- Table coordination lesson
- Sommelier training
- Visit to the central food market
- Visit to cheese production factory
- Visit to meat processing facility
- Visit to food wholesaler
- Visit to ham (prosciutto) production factory
- Visit to Agritourism
- Italian language course (15 classes per week)

Italian Cuisine Quick Learning Course
Course Duration: 6 weeks. On completion of this course, you will be awarded a Diploma-level Certificate

This culinary program is a short version of the 8-week course, with cooking classes for 4 hours per day. It places equal focus on learning about the Italian culinary world globally, as well as acquiring skills and knowledge in the kitchen.

During the 6 weeks, you will enjoy more day-trip excursions including visiting other cities such as Siena and Pisa and Siena. Through this course, you can learn and enjoy Italian culinary art as much as possible. 

Classes are taught in Italian with English and Spanish interpreters available. 

It is possible to complete a Restaurant Internship Program on completion of this course. 

Chef Training + Restaurant Internship
Internship Duration: 3 months - 36 months

Photos of Florence Culinary Arts SchoolThe majority of the students who successfully complete the Chef Training course choose to continue their study through a Restaurant Internship program.

The internship program aims to put into practice the techniques you have learned during the chef training course, and to be able to master them.

The restaurants in which you will be doing the internship are first-class restaurants, and you can complete work experience in more than one restaurant.

This is an ideal combined program for all those who want to brush up their skills and reach a higher career level, through practice and challenges.

Restaurant internships can also be taken independently of our chef training programs.

Italian Language + Restaurant Internship
Duration: Italian language program - 2 months & Restaurant Internship - 3 months - 36 months

Those who have prior skills and experience as culinary / restaurant staff can complete a restaurant internship after they have learned the Italian language skills they need for communication in the restaurant kitchen.

Your Italian classes will teach you the language that is especially usedin the field of gastronomy, and prepare yourself to work in a restaurant. 

Italian Home Cooking Classes
Course Duration: 1-week, 2-weeks, up to 6 months
Picture of Italian Cooking Courses in Florence, ItalyTaught by a recognized culinary professional, our Italian home cooking courses provide quality training in authentic Italian recipes and cooking techniques.

Taught in small groups of around 5 students, our lessons are held 4 days per week for 3-4 hours each day. In just 1 month, you can learn as many as 64-80 recipes!

Lessons are followed by lunch or dinner together as a group, in a very friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. You will also visit the central market of Florence with instructor to get familiar with Italian ingredients.

Optional Additional Lessons:
Florence Culinary School has various optional lessons, that aim to enrich your culinary experience in Italy.

- Wine and olive farms (including a light meal) 
- Wine Cellar Training (including a light meal) 
- Pizza/Foccaccia
- Italian Pastry Course
- Bread (3 types) 

Sommelier Course:
Images of Florence Culinary Arts SchoolIn this course, you will learn from a professional sommelier how to choose wines, how they are made, about the different varieties of grapes, how to taste wine, how to handle them etc.

You will also learn how to combine wine with foods, visit the winery in Tuscany, and other activities that will help you  to gain a comprehensive knowledge on Italian wine. 

Interpreter available in English or Spanish.

Course Content:
- Sommelier training
- Winery Visit
- Agriturismo Visit
- Italian language lessons (2 hours)

Italian Gelato Course - 2 Week Course:
In your first week, there are training sessions on gelato where you will study the skills of making gelato, and the secrets to the tastes. 

In the second week, you will gain practical experience (internship) as a clerk at an actual Gelateria. 

You will learn about the preferences of the local citizens, and about the workings of an ice-cream shop. Interpreter available in English or Spanish.

Barista (Coffee Specialist) Course - 1 week or 2 week course:
Learn how to make the perfect coffee! This one-week or two-week course is taught in Italian with an interpreter in English or Spanish. It can be combined with an internship at a bar.

Summer Course – Italian Home Cooking:
2, 4, 6, 8, or 12-week study options

Learn home cooking in summer from an expert trusted by food buffs throughout Florence. You can learn Italian way of life as well as cooking recipe.

All lessons are taught with free English interpretation service (other languages also available).

Italian Cooking Christmas / Winter Course:
Study options: 1 week to 5 weeks

Enjoy a wonderful Italian Christmas time while learning how to prepare some of Italy’s most delicious traditional dishes. 

In each lesson, you learn dishes with 4-5 home cooking recipes including special dishes. The course will include appetizer, first dish (pasta, risotto, etc.), second dish (main dish), side dish, and dessert. 

1-Day Short Courses:

You can take a large variety of courses in units of 1 day. We recommend these short courses to those who want to experience lessons in a number of fields.

• Home Cooking - Full Course
• Home Cooking - Fresh Pasta
• Home Cooking - Dessert
• Home Cooking - Pizza
• Lunch with Home Cooking Teacher
• Table Coordinate
• Visit to tableware shop
• Visit to the central food market
• Practical training in a restaurant
• Winery Visit
• Wine/Olive Farm Visit
• A day trip to the Mediterranean resort
• Home-made Gelato course (1 day or 3 days)

Group Training for foreign culinary schools on a flexible basis.

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