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1. Florence Culinary Arts School
Courses / Programs
• Learn to cook authentic Italian food in the heart of world-renowned Tuscany!

• Florence Culinary Arts School (FCAS) welcomes international students & enthusiasts from around the world, and provides a range of professional chef training programs (with long-term & short-term study options year round and in summer), restaurant internships, Italian home cooking classes, & short cooking courses for beginner to advanced level.

• In our culinary programs, you learn how to cook Italian food that both tastes delicious and has a beautiful appearance on the plate. You will learn this techniques from Italian top-level chefs.

• You will cover a range of recipes - from traditional to modern dishes. In addition, you will be exposed to the latest international culinary trends, as well as acquiring up to date information on culinary business practice.

• Our graduates are now playing active roles in diverse fields in the Italian culinary business worldwide. Our students gain hands-on culinary experience in Italy.

• Florence is renowned as a gourmet city, with the mission of spreading outstanding Italian cuisine cooks all over the world.

• One of Italy's most popular tourist destinations, it is home to numerous globally recognized restaurants, markets full of fresh ingredients, and special experiences. Immerse yourself in the world of Italian cuisine!

• FCAS can organize comfortable and safe accommodation for our students, in order that they can enjoy Italian life with the greatest possible ease.
Italian Cuisine Professional Chef Courses:
• Chef Training + Restaurant Internship
• Italian Cuisine Chef Training Course (8 weeks)
• Italian Cuisine Quick Learning Course (6 weeks)

Further Food & Beverage Courses:

• Italian Home Cooking classes
• 1-Day Short Cooking courses
• Restaurant Internship course
• Italian Language + Restaurant Internship
• Barista course
• Gelato course
• Sommelier course
• Italian Cooking Summer course
• Italian Cooking Christmas course
• Group training for Foreign Culinary Schools

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2. Italian Culinary Institute, Southern Italy
Courses / Programs
• Located in the beautiful Calabria region of Southern Italy, the Italian Culinary Institute (formerly the Italian Institute for Advanced Culinary and Pastry Arts) is a professional cooking school recognized as Italy's top culinary academy, and considered among Europe's finest.

• We offer full immersion culinary, baking, pastry and gelato programs for professional chefs, patissiers, culinary instructors, advanced students & home gourmets from around the world.

• ICI was established to constantly update cooking techniques and menu development for chefs, pastry chefs, bakers & gelaticians in Italy's increasingly competitive cooking environment.

• Our programs are based in Copanello, 5 minutes from the picturesque seaside town of Soverato, situated at the tip of the Italian peninsula just north of Sicily.

• Each program includes quality hotel accommodation, meals with wine, course materials, culinary travel, market visits, and more!

"Hands down! The best place to learn and develop yourself as a chef and at the same time enjoy the southern hospitality and more importantly the best ingredients I've ever seen in the world!!"
- Siddhanth, India

"I find myself constantly referring to my time at ICI when I am trying to relate to other chefs and my students a standard of excellence. I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone to make the time and monetary investment to pursue a continuing education at ICI if they are truly interested in Italian cuisine and culture."
- Geoff, USA
Professional Italian Cooking Courses / Chef Training (in English & Italian)

3-month course:
• Master of Italian Cuisine

2-week course:
• The Evolution of Italian Cuisine

1-week courses:
• Traditional Italian Charcuterie: Curing Meats, Sausage Making & Artisanal Salumi
• Foundation of Italian Regional Cuisine: Curing, Pickling & Sun-drying
• Italian Culinary Exploration (Gourmet course)
• Advanced Mediterranean Cuisine
• Pastry, Desserts & Specialty Breads
• Artisan Italian Gelato: Ice Cream Making Technique & Production
• Artisan Italian Cheese Making

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3. Mami Camilla, Sorrento
Courses / Programs
Enjoy the sunshine welcome of Italy at a family run Culinary cooking school in Sorrento, close to Naples in the South of Italy. Discover the healthy secrets of Italian cuisine with chef Biagio and his use of fresh grown ingredients for creating the simple local Mediterranean dishes. Our way of cooking has evolved over the centuries.

The south of Italy has always been a Mediterranean base through which many civilizations have passed, giving to our land and likewise to our plates a touch of their traditions. Our mission is to teach our students the art of traditional southern Italian cooking, specifically those dishes rooted in our culture and way of life. In this way we not only offer cooking classes, but a piece of our historical heritage.
Cooking classes begin in the late morning or afternoon to cook a different full 4 course meal every day, which is then served for lunch or dinner at Mami Camilla.

The chef, provides each student with a book of recipes so that you could follow each day's menu and take notes and ask any questions that you may have. We always give the students the opportunity to have hands on experiences with every dish we make, that's why we limit our class size to no more than 5/6 students.
4. Let's Cook in Umbria
Courses / Programs
Spend a fabulous cooking holiday in Umbria, close to the Tuscany region in Italy. Let's Cook in Umbria offers 1, 2, 4, and 7-day culinary classes country farm"La Volpe e L'uva" in the heart of Umbria. Learn to cook authentic Italian dishes in an informal and friendly environment where you will learn the passion of the Italian kitchen and have fun doing it.

Our culinary teacher is a native Umbrian and speaks English, so understanding won't be a problem. We will teach you to make splendid Italian four course lunches/dinners covering all the basic Italian cooking techniques and using quality local ingredients. Umbrian cuisine is incredibly rich and varied, famed for its heady olive oil; the wines are among the best produced in Italy.
Short-term Cooking Classes in Umbria:

- 1 Day Cooking Class
- 2 / 4 / 7-Day Cooking Courses
- Olive Harvest Class
- Christmas Cooking in Italy

We also offer unique package itineraries for groups from 2 up to 10 persons in Central Italy.
5. CIBO- Culinary Institute of Bologna For Foodies
Courses / Programs
Based in Bologna in Northern Italy, The Culinary Institute of Bologna For Foodies (CIBO) offers year-round, hands-on cooking classes and culinary programs.

Taught by English speaking, professional restaurant chefs, CIBO provides a wide-range of short-term pasta courses, half-day, one-day, as well as week long foodie culinary vacations. Our classes are not demonstrations, but participants actively take part in all phases of the food preparation. Get ready for the ultimate Italian cooking and dining experience.

Bologna is a lively cosmopolitan city in Northern Italy, famous for its history, culture, cuisine, art, and music. With a population of about 1 million people, Bologna has a large student population attending a number of leading colleges and universities.

CIBO classes cater for beginner to advanced level food lovers. We also have special courses for culinary professionals and chefs who wish to advance their knowledge and skills of preparing authentic Italian cuisine.

Using our state-of-the-art professional kitchens, our cooking lessons will improve your cooking skills and make you an expert in the kitchen.
Year-round beginner to advanced level cooking classes in Bologna:

- Short-term Pasta Classes
- Half / Full Day Classes
- 4/5 Day Cooking Courses
- Week-long Culinary Vacation Programs
- Fresh Pasta Making
- Meat Dish Preparation
- Italian Dessert-Making Courses
- Cooking Classes for Advanced Culinary Professionals
- 4 Days Deluxe Foodie Adventure in Bologna/Countryside
- 5 Days Culinary Adventure in Bologna and Ravenna
- Full Week Gala Foodie Adventure in Bologna Program
6. Fabiolous Cooking Day, Rome
Courses / Programs
Fabiolous Cooking Day offers day-long Italian cooking courses in Rome, Italy and in Mazzano Romano, a medieval village approximately 30 minutes drive from Rome.

Chef Fabio gives individualized cooking lessons in his own home and teach you the culinary secrets behind creating classic Italian pastas. Chef Fabio has a passion for cooking that you too will walk away with!
- One-day Italian cooking classes in Rome
7. Vesuvio International School of Hospitality
Courses / Programs
Study culinary arts in the heart of south-west Italy!

Situated in the historic city of Naples, Vesuvio International School of Hospitality (VISH) provides a range of specialized Culinary Arts programs taught in English to local and international students.

We provide long-term (1-3 years) and short-term (1 month) culinary arts courses taught by experienced and professional tutors. We also provide programs in Hospitality Management and Travel / Tourism.

VISH is an international school and we pride ourselves on diversity. Each semester we welcome students of many different nationalities and social backgrounds.
Programs taught in English:

Long Term Culinary Arts Programs:
- Academic Course in Culinary Arts (3 years)
- Masters Degree in Culinary Arts (1 year)
- Intensive Course in Culinary Arts (1 year)

Short-Term Culinary Arts Courses:
- Basic Course of Italian Cuisine (1 month)
- Pizzaiolo Course (1 month)
- Pastry Making (1 month)

Further Hospitality Programs:
- Academic Course in Hospitality Management
- MBA in Hospitality Management
- Academic Course in Travel & Tourism Management
- MBA in Travel & Tourism Management
8. Casa Gregorio - Cooking School in Italy
Courses / Programs
Located just 100 kilometers from Rome, Casa Gregorio is a cooking school that provides a hands-on Cooking Program and Culinary Tour to students from around the world. Our cooking classes take place at an historical house in the charming medieval Village of Castro dei Volsci, set on the top of a hill in the heart of Ciociaria in Central Italy. Enjoy an extraordinary cooking experience in a traditional Italian family environment!

Gregory, your Italo-American host, will be your guide in the discovery of authentic Italian cuisine with culinary tours, cooking lessons and delicious meals at home and in local restaurants. You will be given the unique opportunity to enjoy the taste of true Italian dishes made according to traditional recipes while you are immersed in the meal preparation.

Our beautiful kitchen is the set of our informal and friendly "Italian Cooking Classes" where you learn to prepare the homemade recipes, sip on a glass of some great wine while listening to background music and experiencing many laughs! Accommodation is provided in Casa Gregorio.
One-Week Italian Cooking Program and Culinary Tour includes:

- Seven day, six night stay at Casa Gregorio
- Roundtrip airport transfers
- Food and beverages
- Hands-on cooking classes
- Tours of local culinary-related locations
9. stile Italiano
Courses / Programs
stile Italiano is a professional training centre for chefs and aspiring chefs who wish to receive a specialized training in Italian cuisine in Italy. We are located in Cercenasco in the Province of Turin in the Piedmont Region in Northern Italy, approximately 25 km south-west of Turin.

We offer a wide range of courses, from one-day courses during your holiday trip around Italy, to the 6-month master's course. We have a special package for experienced chefs only who wish to follow their courses with work experience in highly recognized restaurants in Italy. The courses are taught by Italian chefs in Italian. Some courses are taught in English.

Italian cuisine is a cuisine rich, varied, healthy and expresses all the qualities of Italy from the sea of ​​Sicily to the mountains of Piedmont. You can receive the authentic training in Italian cuisine only in Italy, where you can come into direct contact with Italian culture and products of the Mediterranean diet.

You can receive the best training only in schools that offer fully-equipped facilities, high level programmes and high-qualified personnel, together with a real-life experience in prestigious Italian restaurants.
Culinary arts training programs for chefs & students specializing in Italian cuisine:

- Master training course in Cooking, Pastry & Italian Wines: 2 months at the school & 4-month internship in haute cuisine Italian

- Basic course in Italian Cooking: 3 weeks of teaching & 8 weeks of work experience in typical Italian restaurants

- Pastry & Ice Cream training courses: 3-week pastry course & 2-week ice-cream course

- Bread, Pizza & Focaccia course

- Professional Wine course for Sommeliers
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