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Chicago, Illinois
Language Classes Ad Opportunity here - Further Foreign Language Ad Opportunities: • Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, French and German
Brooklyn, New York
Little Language Italian School, Brooklyn - Quality Italian Language Programs for Kids Ages 0-12: - Infant/Little Toddler Italian Playgroup (Mommy & Me) (6 months - 3 years) - Independent Toddler Italian Playgroup (3-4 years) - Children's Italian Class (5-7 years) - Kids Italian Class (8-12 years) Our methodology emphasizes on auditory, visual tactile learning. Through the usage of music, props, toys,...
New York City, New York
Collina Italiana, New York City - Italian Language Immersion Programs for Kids Ages 2-12: - Girotondo: Year-round kids' program (ages 2-5) - Giardino Dei Bambini: Morning drop-off playgroup (ages 2-5) - Homework Help in Italiano - Teatro Italiano: Make an Italian Show! - Teatro Italiano: Go on Stage in Italian! - Italian Summer Camps
New York City, New York
ABC Languages, Manhattan - - Group Italian language classes for K-12 kids - Private Italian lessons / one-to-one tutoring for kids & teenagers - After-school Italian programs for elementary, middle & high school students - High school study assistance - We also work with schools who wish to offer an Italian language program as part of their curriculum. Further Language...
Washington, Dist of Columbia
The Italian Cultural Society of Washington, DC, Inc. - - Beginning Italian for Kids (ages 6-10) - Italian for ages 4-6 (non-beginners) - Italian for ages 7-10 (non-beginners) - Italian for Middle School Students (ages 11-13) - Italian for High School Students We also provide a wide variety of Italian language courses for adults.
Long Island, New York
Camp Italia, Nassau County - Year-Round & Summer Italian Language Programs: - For children ages 5-12 - Italian Language Summer Camps - Theme-based Italian programs - Italian Weekend lessons - After-school Italian classes - Private Italian tutoring - Adult Italian classes
Bethesda, Maryland
Language Classes Ad Opportunity here - French Language Immersion Programs: • Parents and Tots Italian programs for kids ages 1-3 • Italian for kids ages 3-5 (Kids Only) • Italian for kids ages 5-8 (Kids Only) • Italian for kids ages 8-10 (Kids Only) • Italian for kids ages 10-12 (Kids Only) • Private / One-on-one Italian classes • Italian immersion summer camps