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EBC Servicios Lingüísticos, Buenos Aires:
EBC, the largest independent provider of accredited TEFL courses, offers an intensive, 4-week TEFL / TESOL teacher training course in the centre of Buenos Aires that will give you all the skills you will need to get an entry level job teaching English as a foreign language.

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This is a practical and thorough course designed for candidates that have no previous experience in English teaching or for those who have some experience but no formal training in the TEFL / TESOL field.

EBC is a specialist TESOL TEFL training organisation that runs the same course in all its locations worldwide, which include - Buenos Aires, Argentina; Madrid, Spain; Chania, Greece (Crete); Boracay, Philippines and Amman, Jordan.

4-week TEFL / TESOL Course:

Photo of EBC TEFL Certificate Course in Buenos Aires, ArgentinaEBC offers an intensive, top-quality, accredited and externally moderated TESOL / TEFL certificate teacher training course.

The course comprises 150 hours, with a significant part spent on supervised group teaching practice, peer group and individual teaching sessions.

TEFL / TESOL Course Content:
During the 4 week course you will become familiar with the principles of successful EFL teaching and start developing the practical skills that you will need to teach effectively.

The EBC course is "hands-on" and practical and features a high proportion of teaching practice hours with non-English speakers. The EBC course will qualify you to teach English in Buenos Aires, the rest of Argentina or just about anywhere else in the world. 

You will study all the areas you need in order to enter the EFL/ESL teaching profession.

The course includes: phonology, English grammar, learning by observing experienced teachers in action, how to effectively plan, run and manage your lessons, course material preparation, see how foreign students learn to use a language and finally rehearse and teach to groups of non-English speaking students.

EBC also offers other special discounts for example a discounted TEFL + Spanish package featuring EBC and two of the oldest, most established Spanish language training companies in Argentina.


The TEFL course is written to English national curriculum standards, QCF level 4. The Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) is the national credit transfer system for education qualification in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

To maintain a high level of quality and due diligence regarding quality control, EBC’s 4-week TEFL course is also externally moderated and validated by the Academic Advisory Board (AAB), which is completely independent from EBC.

AAB members (4 of whom are PhDs) are ESL, EFL, linguistics and study abroad experts; All AAB members are recognised authors in their field of expertise - teaching English as a second and foreign language, English language learning and study abroad programmes.

The 1st role of the AAB is to ensure the quality of the course, content, delivery, etc. The 2nd role of the AAB is to ensure that the quality of all trainees course work meets standards.

EBC is also an accredited centre of Anglia Examinations and a registered centre of Chichester College.

Written Testimonials from our TEFL Course Graduates:

"I feel I have gained a lot from the four weeks, especially in regard to planning lessons. Also, I feel much more confident to continue than I did before I came. There have been some great people on the course. This was such fun!"
- Roz

"EBC is a very cozy place to get your TEFL. The classes are small and intimate and the staff are friendly and helpful."
- Matthew

"I have found all members of the staff at EBC very helpful, friendly and extremely approachable. They have made it very easy to relax in class and build friendships. It is also clear that the tutors have a genuine interest and love for teaching students and seeing them progress."
- Rae

Teaching Support:

- The "Introduction to TEFL" e-book that explains the different types of TEFL/TESOL areas and skills that you'll need to learn. You get this e-book FREE just by applying for our course!

- The "Practical guide to teaching business English" e-book that gives you a strong foundation for teaching business English (lesson constructions, needs analysis, example lessons etc.) You get this e-book FREE when you have signed up for a course!;

- The "English Grammar" distance learning course, a self-study course that is a must for anyone planning on teaching English. You get this course FREE when you have signed up for a course

EBC Training & Support Programme:

Image of EBC TEFL Certificate Course in Buenos Aires, ArgentinaEBC operates a full service training and lifetime support programme that includes job placement, accommodation options, lifetime job help and much more.

Our Buenos Aires teaching staff and support staff have many years of TEFL experience and invaluable local knowledge to help you get to know the city from the ground up.

Job Placement Program:
EBC is possibly unique in its approach towards job placement. We provide you with 2 seminars during the course that explain the job market, how to prepare for it and what to expect.

We also provide a pro-active job placement assistance programme that will get you working in Buenos Aires within a week, or less, of finishing the course.

We make sure that your CV/resume is sent to around 200 schools in Buenos Aires and all you have to do is answer the phone when they call you for interviews.

Our placement programme also applies to other areas of Argentina and the rest of the world. Your membership is for life and you can come back to us at anytime to ask for placement help.


Photos of EBC Servicios Lingüísticos, Buenos AiresThe huge metropolis of Buenos Aires is one of the most exciting, charming and fascinating of all South American capitals. It is the country's gastronomic centrepiece and boasts a frenzied nightlife that makes it one of the world's great round-the-clock cities.

Add to this, the Andes, Patagonia and its glacial region, the huge Igazu Falls, gauchos, skiing in the southern lake district and not to mention miles of beaches to the south of Buenos Aires and you've got a very interesting location to explore.

Our training centre is located in central Buenos Aires on the border of the San Nicolas and Recoleta districts, within a 3 minute walk from the Tribunales Subte (Metro) stop.

It is on the corner of Avenida Cordoba and Talchuano in front of the Plaza Lavalle, a beautiful park stretching for 3 blocks up to the Palacio de Tribunales.

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