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Aat Media College:
Access Atlantech (AAT) is one of the leaders in integrated media education in India, and was established with the motive to bring in a unique, world-class educational system to cater to the needs of the Indian Media and Entertainment Industry. We have a number of locations throughout the country including New Delhi in Delhi, Chennai in Tamil Nadu, Mumbai in Maharashtra, Bangalore in Karnataka, Kochi, Kozhikode and Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala and Dibrugarh in Upper Assam. We are also based in London (UK).

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Courses / Programs:
Diploma, Bachelor's degree and Master's degree programs offered in the following fields:

Audio Engineering:
- Diploma in Recording Arts:
Listening to music is great, but what about actually helping to create it? Learn everything you need to know to start a career in recording and audio postproduction with our 18 months Recording Arts Programme.

From acoustic principles, amplification technology, and signal flow, to interactive audio, MIDI techniques, and sound effect design, the Curriculum covers the many different procedures, formats, and applications found in the recording arts world.

* Course Objective:  Our goal is to provide you with the focused knowledge and understanding of audio needed to qualify for entry-level industry positions as assistant engineers, music recording engineers, postproduction audio engineers, MIDI/digital audio workstation operators and programmers, music/ effects/dialogue editors, live production engineers, assistant maintenance technicians, and a variety of other positions in the audio industry. In addition to technical proficiency and creative

- Certificate in Electronic Music Production:
If you are passionate about music and think you have the potential for music career, then maybe it’s time you signed up for our Electronic Music Production course. It’s your ticket to enter the world of jingles, music videos, ring tones and mobile entertainment. EMP trains you in the production of different genres of music using various technology and software. Comprehensive knowledge of music, mixing on a console, EFX and more are imparted, both theoretically and practically in three stages.


- Diploma in Animation Arts:
Visual effects involve integration of live-action footage and Computer generated imagery which look realistic, which is simply impossible to capture on film. Diploma in VFX is the course which meets the growing demands from the industry for creative Artists who have a complete understanding of the pipeline for production process. You will be studying in a well developed, time tested, up-to-date, and industry oriented media curriculum focusing on industry specific concepts, techniques and tools to achieve the highest level of learning outcome.

* Aims of the Course
:  The main aim of Diploma in VFX is to provide theoretical and practical education designed to prepare the student for a career in visual effects generation and CG compositing for the media industry. The objective of the course is to provide graduates with operational knowledge and creative skills with profound product conceptualization suitable to gain professional employment in the related media industry both in India and internationally.
Area of Study

- Film-Making:
Diploma in Digital Film Making:
Filmmakers have always been on the cutting edge of technology. Early days it was colour and sound and now CGI, virtual sets, and high-definition cameras are opening doors that were once unimaginable. Yet with all these, the nucleus of our films still remains the people whose drive, passion, and creativity bring these ideas to life on the big screen. The curriculum is designed in such a way that will have you planning productions, writing scripts, creating storyboards, and learning how to shoot on a variety of cameras.

* Course Objective
:  The aim is to provide you with the focused knowledge and understanding of film theory and craft needed to qualify for entry-level, industry positions as independent filmmakers, camera operators, production assistants, editors, sound designers, assistant directors, unit production managers, art directors, video editors, lighting technicians, director’s assistants, dialogue editors, and a variety of other positions in the film and video industry. This program will also help you develop team building skills necessary for the film industry and instruct you in the professional presentation of film projects.

- BSc. Visual Communication:
The growth of mass communications is inextricably linked with the development of the modern world. Developments in media technology have had a major impact, and an understanding of these powerful forces is vital to our understanding of the political and cultural world today. The B.Sc program in Visual Communications would be your ideal choice if you are interested in the dynamics behind the production, distribution and delivery of content across various media & entertainment platforms.

* Course Objective
:  Our Viscom Program helps you to become a professional media designer capable of producing high quality visual/graphic designs, video and audio media content and to contribute to studio teams that create innovative online and offline digital media solutions. The tailor-made curriculum that the creative acumen that you possess while joining the program gets augmented by aesthetic thinking and contemporary technology. This will stand to give you an unassailable stature when you complete the program and join the industry.

Media Management:
- International MBA: MSC - MBA in Media Management:
The Media & Entertainment industry is seeing an unprecedented growth due to the advent of newer formats of content and the emergence of digital technologies. Globalization, fragmentation of audiences, new markets, new business models, re-engineered processes and new ways of interacting with customers are pervasive features of the Media industry today. Naturally, the key to success for any media enthusiast would be to stay in tune with the rapidly changing dynamics.

The Msc.- MBA in Media Management is a rigorous two-year program that demands the best of your abilities. It is holistic, forward-looking and is of high practical relevance. It has been tailor-made to create the next generation of thought leaders in the Media & Entertainment industry.

* Course Objective:

Our unique program complements the creative and aesthetic thinking you have acquired at the undergraduate level with a set of relevant management skills to prepare you for a strategic leadership career in the Media & Entertainment industry. The program combines traditional theoretical learning with contemporary practices to help you accelerate the growth of your career in any entertainment platform.

- MBA in India:  MBA in Media & Entertainment:
With the Media & Entertainment Industry set to grow big time in years to come, there is an acute shortage of managers with necessary industry knowledge and orientation. This management program will help the industry find the managers needed to support growth and give the right career opportunity to candidates looking forward to joining the Media & entertainment industry.

Access Atlantech Edutainment (I) Ltd (AAT)., India’s largest media Education provider in the technology arena has tied-up with Hindustan University, UGC & AICTE approved, deemed institution, which has sprawling campus in Chennai. The first year of the programme will be conducted on the Hindustan University campus in Chennai & the programme’s second year will be held on the Access Atlantech (AAT) campus in Chennai.

* Course Objective:

The course objective is two fold – it gives an overall view and total grasp on management subjects used in governance as in Business, finance, production and general management. Secondly, it focuses on core industries as in Media, entertainment, online, design and lifestyle. An unique course as it combines practical, hands-on and theory based knowledge alongside international case studies from the industry. A Management grad from this program will possess working knowledge of the industry at unparalleled levels giving him a cutting edge over his contemporaries.

- Post Graduate Diploma in Media & Entertainment (PGDME)

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Address: Haddows Road, Jayalakshmi Estates, 29/8,, Chennai, India
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Indian Board of Alternative Medicine (Department of Distance and Continuing Education)
Courses / Programs
• Earn an internationally-recognized qualification in the field of natural health / holistic healing with the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines (IBAM)! Based in Kolkata, we provide a wide range of online / distance learning courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level to students from throughout India and worldwide.

• IBAM offers diploma, bachelor degree, postgraduate diploma, paramedical courses, master degree & doctorate courses in a range of alternative medicine therapies including Naturopathy, Medical Herbalism, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, & Reflexology.

• We also provide paramedical diploma courses, as well as 1-year specialization diploma courses ideal for registered medical practitioners who would like to incorporate alternative medicine and natural therapies into the treatment of their patients.

• Distance learning gives you the opportunity to learn from the comfort of your own home or office, and to schedule your studies around your professional and personal commitments. All of our courses are taught in English.

• The largest organization of Alternative Medicines in India, we are a Government registered institution with many international affiliations.

Student Testimonial:
"It was very nice to complete my education with you. I applied for board certification as a naturopathic doctor. Please note that your diploma was accepted in order for me to sit for that exam, and is held in high regard by the board examiners. Thank you."
- John, Pennsylvania, USA
Online / Distance Learning Courses

• Diploma in Alternative Medicine
• Bachelor Degree in Alternative Medicine
• Masters in Psychotherapy & Counseling
• Paramedical Diploma courses
• 1-Yr Specialization Diploma courses

Doctoral Courses
• Doctor of Naturopathy / Natural Medicine
• Doctor of Holistic Medicine
• Doctor of Oriental Medicine
• Doctor of Medicine in Alternative Medicines
• Doctor of Philosophy in Alternative Medicines
• Doctor of Science in Alternative Medicines
• Doctor of Medicine in Acupuncture
• Doctor of Medicine in Electro Homeopathy
Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies, Bangalore
Courses / Programs
Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies (AIGS) provides undergraduate degree courses and postgraduate programmes in fields that include journalism, mass communication, economics, commerce, psychology, English among many others.

AIGS is affiliated to Bangalore University and recognised by the Government of Karnataka. In addition, we are accredited by the NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council).

We provide a placement service for our students, which is proactive, inclusive and ambitious. Our placement process is constantly updated based on industry need and feedback. We have successfully placed 100% of its students from our professional programmes.

Conveniently situated in the outskirts of Bangalore, the 120-acre Acharya Campus nestles in a green environment. Students and visitors alike enjoy the beautiful gardens, water ponds, flower beds, fruit and flower bearing trees, park furniture, and fountains.
Bachelor Degree Courses:
- Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Journalism, Psychology, Marketing or English
- Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)
- Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)
- Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.)
- Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
- B.Sc. in Fashion & Apparel Design

Postgraduate Degree Courses:
- Master of Science (MS) in Mass Communication, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics
- Master of Arts (M.A) in English, Economics
- Master of Commerce (M.Com.)
- Master of Finance & Accounting (MFA )
- Master of International Business (MIB)
Rachnoutsav Events Academy, Hyderabad
Courses / Programs
Situated in the upmarket business district of Banjara Hills, in the heart of the India's Pearl city, Hyderabad, Rachnoutsav Events Academy provides professional undergraduate and postgraduate event management programs, including foundation and Masters courses in Event Management, as well as a Masters program in Wedding Planning.

Founded in 1996, Rachnoutsav is today poised to translate its vast experience and expertise into a world-class Events Academy, with an aim to develop expert individuals in the field of Event Management and empower them with cutting-edge training.

Event managers are in great demand, due to the rise in corporate and personal events needing professionals to manage them. The growing need of skilled professionals in managing the increasing number of events in the corporate and media sectors is driving the event management industry. The courses offered by our Academy have an international appeal, with a practical-oriented training methodology. From day one, the innovative, skill focused and management driven programs at undergraduate and postgraduate level will mould the Rachnoutsav Events Academy students to excel in the event management world.
Professional Foundation Course in Event Management (1 Year - Full-time)

- Event Marketing
- Event Planning
- Logistics
- Financial Management
- Communication

Advanced Masters in Event Management (2 Years - Full-time)

- Special Events Management
- Event Sponsorships
- Press Conferences
- Political Events
- Sporting Events

Advanced Master in Wedding Planning (1 Year - Full-time)

- Introduction to Weddings
- A 'Dream Wedding'
- Evaluating
- Personality Development
- Entrepreneurship
Indian Dental Academy, Hyderabad -India
Courses / Programs
Indian Dental Academy (IDA) is a dental training school located in Ameerpet in the north-western part of Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh. Indian Dental Academy offers certified dental courses in dental implants, orthodontics, endodontics, cosmetic dentistry and prosthetic dentistry, as well as a wide range of short term dental courses.

Indian Dental Academy will help you to take your practice to a higher level. Our team is comprised of caring and dedicated professionals, who have extensive teaching and training talents, and have presented workshops and trained dentists nationally and internationally.

We have developed a unique program and curriculum that provides students with exceptional skills and will help drive your practice forward. Experience extensive hands-on training with IDA. Our innovative training meets the specific needs of all dental professionals, enabling them to return to their office with high levels confidence so they can start treating patients immediately.

- State of the art comprehensive training
- Faculty of world-wide repute
- We help you to increase your revenues, new skills and promises to bring new outlook to your clinic
Dental Certified Courses / short term courses in:
Dental Implants
Fixed Orthodontics hands on training
Endodontics training
Crown & Bridge course
Cosmetic Dentistry course
Periodontology for daily practice
Laser Dentistry
Dental Technology
Invisible Aligners
Diagnosis and second opinion for general dental practioners.
School of Journalism & Mass Communication, Gurgaon
Courses / Programs
Apeejay Stya University is a liberal arts university in Gurgaon in the state of Haryana in North India. Our School of Journalism & Mass Communication (SJMC) provides Journalism & Mass Communication degrees taught at bachelor, masters and PhD level.

While studying at SJMC, you will develop your creative skills and a strong aptitude for writing – be it for print or web. You will be encouraged to develop the critical thinking skills necessary for a successful career in the Entertainment and Media industry.

We aim to provide an excellent learning environment that allows you to discover your true creative potential. Whether you aspire to a career in television, radio, advertising, PR or events management, we groom future professionals across media platforms.

SJMC organises internship programs with reputed media organisations to provide you with hands-on, practical experience. Students also get involved in organising film festivals and other such activities.

Close to New Delhi, our thriving residential campus includes 75 spacious, well-lit, and airy classrooms, state-of-the-art lT-enabled lecture rooms, library, computer and science labs, conference halls, hostels, cafeteria, sports facilities, and green areas.
- BA (Hons.) in Journalism & Mass Communication - 4 years
- MA in Journalism & Mass Communication - 2 years
- Ph.D. in Journalism & Mass Communication
Tulip International Institute for Cosmetology & Wellness, Mumbai
Courses / Programs
Based in Mumbai, India, Tulip International is an affiliate of Gold Coast Training Academy (GCTA) Australia – a 30 year old reputed college with campuses in Queensland & New South Wales. We provide a comprehensive range of Diploma courses in a range of beauty and healthcare-related topics such as Skin Aesthetics, Nutrition & Diet Planning, Massage Therapy, and Spa Therapy among others.

Due to our international course content, expertise, and excellent reputation, Tulip Diplomas are internationally-recognized, and well-accepted throughout the industry.
Cosmetology Diploma Courses:
- Diploma in Skin Aesthetics
- Diploma in Trichology
- Diploma in Obesity Management

Health Care Diploma Courses:
- Diploma in Nutrition & Diet Planning
- Diploma in FItness Training
- Diploma in Massage Therapy
- Diploma in Spa Therapy